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Notice of New Program

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

SUMMARY: The Environmental Protection Agency is pleased to announce its 
Small Business Compliance Assistance Centers Program. This program is 
one of 25 regulatory reinvention initiatives proposed by President 
Clinton on March 16, 1995.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Lynn Vendinello at 202-564-7066. You 
may also forward your questions via the Internetto: 
[email protected].

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Developed by EPA's Office of Compliance in 
partnership with industry, academic institutions, environmental groups, 
and other federal and state agencies, Compliance Assistance Centers are 
intended to help small and medium-sized businesses nationwide better 
understand and comply with federal environmental requirements. The 
centers also provide state and local government officials with 
industry-specific information on federal rules and pollution prevention 
technologies to help them improve their services to small businesses 
and to avoid duplication of effort among technical assistance 
    Four Compliance Assistance Centers are currently up and running, 
serving the printing, metal finishing, automotive services and repair, 
and agriculture industries. Over the next year, four additional 
compliance assistance centers will be opened for transportation, local 
government, printed wiring board manufacturers, and chemical 
manufacturers. In addition, EPA is expanding its metal finishing center 
to cover organic coatings.

I. Why Compliance Assistance Centers

    Some industry sectors are populated with small businesses many of 
whom have fewer than 10 employees. It is often very difficult for these 
businesses to keep on top of their environmental requirements, 
especially since historically the EPA has produced regulatory guidance 
on a media-specific basis (e.g., air, solid wastes, water) rather than 
on a industry-specific basis. Recognizing this, EPA and states have 
begun to produce industry-specific compliance guides and tools. 
Facilitating the transfer of information to small businesses about 
these industry-specific regulatory guides and enabling them to get 
answers to their questions about regulatory requirements is a goal of 
the Compliance Assistance Centers. By offering access to information 
via the communications medium that small businesses are most 
comfortable with (i.e. telephone, fax/back, e-mail or the Internet), 
small businesses can readily access the information they need to better 
understand their environmental requirements.
    Similarly, state and local technical assistance providers and 
regulators are increasingly aiming to better understand

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their business clients. They too are developing industry-specific 
compliance guides; however, an essential first step in developing 
industry-specific guides is knowing what has already been developed and 
what is underway. By serving as a focal point for the distribution and 
notification of sector-specific activities throughout the nation, the 
compliance assistance centers can potentially prevent the duplication 
of efforts of state and local assistance programs.

II. What Do the Centers Provide

    Compliance Assistance Centers function as communication centers 
rather than physical ``walk-ins.'' Each center provides some or all of 
the following services via the Internet and toll-free telephone 
     Easy access to industry-specific, multi-media federal 
regulations, interpretations, and compliance guides; also, certain 
state and local information;
     Compliance tools that can be used by small business, 
regulators, inspectors, and technical assistance providers to audit, 
determine emissions and wastes, and calculate the costs of compliance;
     Process-specific training for regulators and technical 
assistance providers who seek more in-depth knowledge of the businesses 
they regulate;
     A place to ask questions and get answers, through 
specialized conferences and forums, and access to experts who can 
answer compliance and technical questions;
     Databases of technologies and techniques that can help 
small businesses come into compliance, with an emphasis on pollution 
prevention methods that save money.

III. How To Reach the Centers

    Following are the Internet addresses and contact names and 
telephone numbers for the four existing centers:

a. National Metal Finishing Resource Center

    NMFRC provides technical assistance and information on 
environmental compliance and pollution prevention to the metal 
finishing industry.
    Internet: http://www.nmfrc.org
    Contacts: National Center for Manufacturing Science, Paul Chalmer, 
313-995-4911; U.S. EPA, Scott Throwe, 202-564-7013.

b. Printer's National Compliance Assistance Center

    PNEAC provides compliance assistance and pollution prevention 
information to the printing industry.
    Internet: http://www.hazard.uiuc.edu/pneac/pneac.html
    Contacts: Illinois Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center, 
Gary Miller, 217-333-8942; U.S. EPA, Doug Jamieson, 202-564-7041.

c. GreenLinkTM--the Automotive Compliance Information Assistance 

    GreenLinkTM provides compliance assistance to the automotive 
service industry. To obtain voice, facsimile, or mailed information, 
call the center's toll-free number, 1-888-GRN-LINK.
    Internet: http://www.ccar-greenlink.org
    Contacts: U.S. EPA, Everett Bishop, 202-564-7032; Coordinating 
Committee for Automotive Repair, Sherman Titens, 816-561-8388.

d. National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center

    This Center provides information to help producers of agricultural 
commodities and their supporting businesses meet their environmental 
requirements; prevent pollution before it occurs; and reduce costs by 
identifying flexible, common-sense ways to achieve compliance.
    Internet: http://es.inel.gov/oeca/ag/aghmpg.html
    Contacts: U.S. EPA, Ginah Mortensen, 913-551-7207 (fax: 913-551-

IV. How to Get Involved With Future Centers

    EPA has developed partnerships for the Transportation Compliance 
Assistance Center and the Printed Wiring Board Manufacturing Center. 
For more information, contact Virginia Lathrop (transportation) at 202-
564-7057 and Keith Brown (PWB manufacturing) at 202-564-7124. EPA is 
currently developing the Chemical Manufacturing and Local Government 
Centers. If you are interested in learning more about the Chemical 
Manufacturing Center please contact Emily Chow at 202-564-7071. For 
more information on the Local Government Environmental Network, which 
will provide a central location for state and local access to 
federally-developed compliance assistance information related to local 
governments, contact Wendy Miller at 202-564-7102 or John Dombrowski at 

    Dated: April 4, 1997.
Elaine Stanley,
Director, Office of Compliance.
[FR Doc. 97-9579 Filed 4-11-97; 8:45 am]