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47 CFR Part 90

[General Docket Nos. 89-573 and 90-7; DA 96-2066]

Addressing Amendments for the 821-824/866-869 MHz Bands as 
Submitted by the Regional Planning Committees of the Washington, DC and 
Philadelphia, PA Metropolitan Areas

SUMMARY: This action addresses amendments for the 821-824/866-869 MHz 
bands as submitted by the regional planning committees of the 
Washington, DC Metropolitan Area (``Region 20'') and the Philadelphia, 
PA Metropolitan Area (``Region 28''). Such action is required by 
procedures established by the Commission for the development of 
regional plans under the Public Safety National Plan (National Plan) 
for the public safety radio services. The National Plan was developed 
to ensure that channels allocated in the 821-824/866-869 MHz bands were 
used effectively and efficiently for important public safety functions 
such as crime control, fire fighting, and emergency medical services. 
This decision furthers the Commission's goal of promoting efficient and 
effective public safety communications. The effect of the action 
conditionally accepts the Region 20 amendment to modify its respective 
regional plan subject to the finding of additional information and to 
return the Region 28 amendment for further coordination with adjacent 
regions as provided by the National Plan.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: William Cross of the Commission's 
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau at (202) 418-0680 or wcross@fcc.gov 

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This is a summary of the Commission's Order, 
DA 96-2066, adopted and released December 9, 1996. The complete text 
may be purchased from the Commission's copy contractor, ITS, Inc., 2100 
M Street NW., Suite 140, Washington, DC 20037, telephone (202) 857-
3800. The unofficial text of this Order is available on the Internet 
at: http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Wireless/Orders/da962066.txt. This Order 
is also available for inspection and copying during normal business 
hours in the FCC Reference Center (Room 239), 1919 M Street, NW., 
Washington, D C 20554.
    1. This Order addresses amendments submitted by the regional 
planning committees of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area (``Region 
20'') and the Philadelphia, PA Metropolitan Area (``Region 28''). In 
separate amendments, each committee proposes to modify their respective 
regional plans for the 821-824/866-869 MHz bands as provided by the 
Public Safety National Plan (``National Plan''). See Report and Order, 
3 FCC Rcd 905; 53 FR 1022 (January 15, 1988).
    2. Oppositions have been filed against both amendments. Both 
amendments concern the manner in which public safety spectrum governed 
by the National Plan is allocated among adjacent regions to meet the 
mobile communications requirements of public safety and special 
emergency entities.
    3. In reviewing Region 20, the Commission noted that there are 
three elements of the Region 20 amendment that cause concern: (1) The 
lack of coordination with adjacent regions, (2) the licensing of 
stations prior to plan approval, and (3) a channel designation to an 
individual. Although the Commission has clearly stated that inter-
regional coordination is mandatory, the lack of consensus between the 
parties appears to have inhibited the expansion of public safety 
telecommunications in these bands for these critical metropolitan 
areas. Region 20 points out that a review of the record affirms that 
the channel assignments cited by Region 28 and other parties as 
potential problems all pertain to channels contained in plans 
previously approved by the Commission. The Commission also found that 
the channels under consideration at this time have already been 
licensed by the Commission.
    4. For these reasons, Region 20's amendment is accepted subject to 
the following conditions: (a) A detailed statement that establishes 
satisfactory inter-regional coordination procedures (See paragraph 11 
of Order)--to be filed with Acting Secretary of the Commission and with 
copies to the Private Wireless Division of the Commission's Wireless 
Telecommuncations Bureau by March 30, 1997; (b) a list denoting the 
current status of construction and operation of stations licensed on 
the new channels set forth in the Region 20 amendment (See paragraph 15 
of Order)--to be similarly filed by January 30, 1997; and (c) a change 
from ``MCT Medical Services'' to an appropriate channel designation 
(See paragraph 18 of Order)--to be similarly filed by January 30, 1997.
    5. Regarding Region 28, the Commission found that Region 28 had not 
coordinated its amendment in advance as required; and has not yet 
obtained concurrence from the adjacent regions. Consequently, Region 
28's amendment is returned for further coordination so that discussions 
can commence between the interested parties.

List of Subjects in 47 CFR Part 90

    Public safety, Radio.

Federal Communications Commission.
William F. Caton,
Acting Secretary.
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