[Federal Register Volume 62, Number 20 (Thursday, January 30, 1997)]
[Page 4570]
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[FR Doc No: 97-2283]



Internal Revenue Service

Quarterly Publication of Individuals, Who Have Chosen To 
Expatriate, as Required by Section 877(a)

AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: This notice is provided in accordance with IRC section 877(a), 
as amended, by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 
(HIPPA) of 1996. This listing contains the name of each individual 
losing United States citizenship (within the meaning of 877(a)) with 
respect to whom the Secretary received information during the quarter 
ending December 31, 1996.
    The following individuals have lost their U.S. citizenship during 
the quarter ending December 31, 1996.

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

Alger, Frederick Moulton
Anthony, Susan
Binder, Heide Marie
Brilioth, Margaret Joan French
Brown, Dolores Celia
Buck, Helen Smith
Carter, Wesley Anthony
Cattier, Mathieu Francois Felicien
Cha, Stephen Sungdeok
Chae, Soo Jung
Chastain, Heidi Keim
Choi, Jong Suk
Choi, Jeong Hyoun
Cheng, Wen Hon
Chu, Samuel Wai Tak
Churchill, Owen Paul
Clyde, Kyung Ja
Creeth, Patricia Marilyn
Davis, Sonja Elisa
Diamond, Monica Clara
Dimma, Katharine Louise
Dobmeier, Brigitte
Dworschak, Elisabeth
Eggers, Carsten Rolf
El Ouassil, Victoria Johanna
Exelby Nee Bergdahl, Shirley Yvonne
Feiner, Gideon
Fergusson, Barbara
Gaffney, Michael Terry
Garza, Caroline Ellen
Gerstner, Sylvia Grace
Getty, Mark Harris
Grlica, George
Guillon-Teruel, Francoise Laure
Gulya, Gabor Laszlo
Haas, Eric Michael
Hively, Ronald Andre
Hwang, Paul Philip
Johnson, Chris Norman
Keel, Yolinda
Kiang, David Tien Sik
Kim, Soo Hong
Kim, Jong Hwan
Knight, Louis Helmer
Kosta, Robert Stanley
Kraus, Ruth
Krimholtz, Michael John
Krupiak, Katharine Elfriede
Leathers, Christina Helene
Lee, Sung Soo
Lee, Jennie Mi
Lee, Hae Ree
Lee, Tse-Tah
Lim, Byung Ok
Manquen, Timothy Duane
Marti, Ruth Daniela
Martinez, Roland Joe
McMillan, Norman
Minz Geneen, Florence Rose
Moon, Steve Young Chang
Morris, Joan Marie
Mussells, Emily Layman
Olaussen, Tom Kaare
Parsons, Graham Turner
Patterson, Yong Tok
Phillip, Thomas William
Posey, Franklin Melvin
Priest, Francesca Louise
Pujals, Eduardo Fernandez
Roh, Young Jeung Woo
Rossing, Dennis Siegbert
Segewitz, Elise
Seto, John Gin Chung
Simonsen, Thomas Keith
Smith, Beverly Anne
Sofronas, Angelos
Sommerlad, Elizabeth Hale Winkler
Storjohann, Carol Ann
Su, Beyue Chen
Tanenbaum, Julie Lynn
Tanenbaum, Kenneth Michael
Tanenbaum, Lisa Ellen
Trihey, Timothy Patrick
Trotta, Robert Thomas
Tze, Lou Man Ping
Vourecas-Petalas, Tatiana
Wong, Michelle Nancy
Wong, Denise Angela
Wurtz, Patrick George
Yarnall, Alexander Coxe
    Approved: January 22, 1997.
Doug Rogers,
Project Manager, International District Operations.
[FR Doc. 97-2283 Filed 1-29-97; 8:45 am]