[Federal Register Volume 62, Number 14 (Wednesday, January 22, 1997)]
[Page 3277]
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[FR Doc No: 97-1508]


[Docket No. RM95-3-000 and Docket No. RM95-4-000]

Filing and Reporting Requirements for Interstate Natural Gas 
Companies Rate Schedules and Tariffs; Revisions to Uniform System of 
Accounts Forms, Statements, and Reporting Requirements for Natural Gas 
Companies; Notice of Data Availability for Working Groups

January 10, 1997.
    Take notice that the draft specifications for filing rate cases 
electronically is available on the Federal Energy Regulatory 
Commission's (Commission's) bulletin board system (BBS) for review by 
the Working Group--Filings. The draft rate case filing instructions are 
available under the Gas Pipeline Data (GPD) option of the BBS under the 
Order 581/582 Working Group Menu under the topic, ``Rate Filings--
Working Group'' in a file entitled RATESJ.EXE.
    The Commission invites comments on the draft specifications for 
filing rate cases. Such comments may be uploaded to the Commission's 
BBS or addressed to Richard A. White, Office of General Counsel, 
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street, NE., 
Washington, D.C. 20426. Comments may also be e-mailed to 
[email protected], [email protected], or 
[email protected] or uploaded to the GPD portion of the 
BBS. Comments should be received by January 22, 1997. We encourage 
commenters to submit written comments also on a 3\1/2\'' diskette in 
ASCII so they can be posted on the Commission's bulletin board. It is 
preferable for comments uploaded to the Commission's BBS to be in ASCII 
format so files may be viewed on-line and easily converted to other 
software formats.
    The upload option, available under the Order No. 581/582 Working 
Group Menu, is designed to permit members of the public to upload a 
file to the BBS. To do so, select upload from the Working Group menu. 
You will be prompted for the File Mask. Enter the Drive, directory, if 
applicable, and the filename. For example:

File Mask? C:FERC Rate__com.txt
    You will be prompted to enter a file description. A file 
description must accompany every file. The basic file description can 
be no more than 70 characters. An option exists which permits you to 
enter a more detailed description. After typing the detailed 
description, select send to associate it with your file. Other menu 
features are explained under the help option.
    The system will not allow you to upload a file with the same name 
as a file already on the bulletin board. It is preferable to 
incorporate your company initials or some other unique identifier in 
the file name to distinguish your files from others' files.
    Files uploaded to the Commission's bulletin board will not be 
immediately available for download. The party uploading the file may, 
however, check the file list to ensure the file uploaded properly.
    This document is available for inspection or copying by accessing 
the Commission Issuance Posting System (CIPS). CIPS and GPD are part of 
the Commission's electronic bulletin board service providing access to 
documents issued by or available electronically from the Commission. 
CIPS and GPD are available at no charge to the user and may be accessed 
using a personal computer with a modem by dialing (202) 208-1397, if 
local, or 1-800 856-3920, if long distance.
    To access the Commission's bulletin board system, set your 
communications software to 19200, 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400, 
1200, or 300 bps, full duplex, no parity, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit. 
The full text of this document will be available on CIPS for 60 days 
from the date of issuance in ASCII and WordPerfect 5.1 format.
    The Commission's bulletin board system can also be accessed through 
the FedWorld system directly by modem or through the Internet.
    By modem:
    Dial (703) 321-3339 and logon to the FedWorld system. After logging 
on, type:

/go FERC

    Through the Internet:

Telnet to: fedworld.gov
Select the option: [1] FedWorld
Logon to the FedWorld system
Type: /go FERC


Point your Web Browser to: http://www.fedworld.gov
Scroll down the page to select FedWorld Telnet Site
Select the option: [1] FedWorld
Logon to the FedWorld system
Type: /go FERC
Lois D. Cashell,
[FR Doc. 97-1508 Filed 1-21-97; 8:45 am]