[Federal Register Volume 62, Number 10 (Wednesday, January 15, 1997)]
[Pages 2199-2200]
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[FR Doc No: 97-899]



Issuer Delisting; Notice of Application To Withdraw From Listing 
and Registration; (Epitope, Inc., Common Stock, No Par Value) File No. 

January 9, 1997.
    Epitope, Inc. (``Company'') has filed an application with the 
Securities and Exchange Commission (``Commission''), pursuant to 
Section 12(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (``Act'') and Rule 
12d2-2(d) promulgated thereunder, to withdraw the above specified 
security (``Security'') for listing and registration on the American 
Stock Exchange, Inc. (``Amex'').
    The reasons alleged in the application for withdrawing the Security 
from listing and registration include the following:
    According to the Company, its Board of Directors unanimously 
approved resolutions on October 14, 1996 to withdraw the Security from 
listing on the Amex and instead, to list the Security on the National 
Tier of the Nasdaq Stock Market (``Nasdaq/NMS'').
    The decision of the Board followed a presentation made by the 
Company's investment advisor, Vector Securities International, Inc. and 
the Board's discussion and consideration of the matter. The Board's 
decision was based on the belief that listing the Security on the 
Nasdaq/NMS will be more beneficial to the Company's shareholders than 
the present listing on the Amex because:
    (a) The Nasdaq/NMS system of competing market makers should result 
in greater visibility and sponsorship for the Security of the Company 
than is currently the case under the single specialist system on the 
    (b) Greater liquidity and less volatility in prices per share when 
trading volume is light might be expected as a result of listing on the 
Nasdaq/NMS than is presently the case on the Amex;
    (c) Listing on the Nasdaq/NMS system might be expected to result in 
there being a greater number of market makers in the Security of the 
Company and expanded capital base available for trading in such stock; 
    (d) Because it might be expected that a larger number of firms will 
make a market in the Security, it might also be expected that there 
will be a greater interest in information and research reports 
respecting the Company and as a result there may be an increase in the 
number of institutional research and advisory reports reaching the 
investment community with respect to the Company.
    Any interested person may, on or before January 31, 1997 submit by 
letter to the Secretary of the Securities and Exchange Commission, 450 
Fifth Street,

[[Page 2200]]

N.W., Washington, D.C. 20549, facts bearing upon whether the 
application has been made in accordance with the rules of the exchanges 
and what terms, if any, should be imposed by the Commission for the 
protection of investors. The Commission, based on the information 
submitted to it, will issue an order granting the application after the 
date mentioned above, unless the Commission determines to order a 
hearing on the matter.

    For the Commission, by the Division of Market Regulation, 
pursuant to delegated authority.
Jonathan G. Katz,
[FR Doc. 97-899 Filed 1-14-97; 8:45 am]