[Federal Register Volume 61, Number 239 (Wednesday, December 11, 1996)]
[Proposed Rules]
[Pages 65190-65191]
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[FR Doc No: 96-31381]



Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Chapter I

[Summary Notice No. PR-96-8]

Petition for Rulemaking; Summary of Petitions Received; 
Dispositions of Petitions Issued

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION: Notice of petitions for rulemaking received and of dispositions 
of prior petitions.


SUMMARY: Pursuant to FAA's rulemaking provisions governing the 
application, processing, and disposition of petitions for rulemaking 
(14 CFR Part 11), this notice contains a summary of certain petitions 
requesting the initiation of rulemaking procedures for the amendment of 
specified provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations and of denials 
or withdrawals of certain petitions previously received. The purpose of 
this notice is to improve the public's awareness of, and participation 
in, this aspect of FAA's regulatory activities. Neither publication of 
this notice nor the inclusion or omission of information in the summary 
is intended to affect the legal status of any petition or its final 

DATES: Comments on petitions received must identify the petition docket 
number involved and must be received February 10, 1997.

ADDRESSES: Send comments on any petition in triplicate to: Federal 
Aviation Administration, Office of the Chief Counsel, Attn: Rules 
Docket No. ________, 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 
20591. Comments may also be sent electronically to the following 
internet address: nprmcmts@faa.dot.gov.
    The petition, any comments received, and a copy of any final 
disposition are filed in the assigned regulatory docket and are 
available for examination in the Rules Docket (AGC-200), Room 915G, FAA 
Headquarters Building (FOB 10A), 800 Independence Ave., SW., 
Washington, DC 20591; telephone (202) 267-3132.

Fred Haynes, (202) 267-3939, or Marisa Mullen, (202) 267-9681, Office 
of Rulemaking (ARM-1), Federal Aviation Administration, 800 
Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20591.
    This notice is published pursuant to paragraphs (b) and (f) of 
Sec. 11.27 of Part 11 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR Part 

[[Page 65191]]

    Issued in Washington, DC, on December 4, 1996.
Donald P. Bryne,
Assistant Chief Counsel for Regulations.

Disposition of Petitions

Docket No.: 26158
Petitioner: Everett W. Morris
Sections of the FAR Affected: 14 CFR 121
Description of Rulechange Sought: To add a new section that would 
require that each large turbine-powered airplane be equipped with a 
takeoff warning system that meets the requirements of 14 CFR 
Sec. 25.703.
Petitioner's Reason for the Request: The petitioner feels amending the 
operating rule can provide an earlier required compliance date, thus 
reducing the probability of future accidents caused by improper 
configuration of the airplane. Denial; November 15, 1996

Docket No.: 27371
Petitioner: Homeowners of Encino
Sections of the FAR Affected: 14 CFR 91.119(d)
Description of Rulechange Sought: To limit helicopter operations below 
the minimum altitudes prescribed in Sec. 91/119 (b) and (c) except for 
helicopters operated by any municipal, county, State, or Federal 
authority for emergency services, rescue operations, or police or fire 
Petitioner's Reason for the Request: The petitioner feels that the 
petition for reconsideration of a previous denial of petition for 
rulemaking was justified in that the FAA failed to make a reasonable 
determination of the facts and issues in the original petition for 
rulemaking. Denial; October 31, 1996

Docket No.: 27803
Petitioner: Air Transportation Association of America
Sections of the FAR Affected: 14 CFR 121, 135, and 145
Description of Rulechange Sought: To establish regulations requiring 
quality/inspection systems for all aircraft parts distributors, 
suppliers, sellers, brokers, and surplus dealers.
Petitioner's Reason for the Request: The petitioner feels that it is 
imperative that every step possible be taken to ensure no opportunity 
is available to introduce an unapproved part into the parts 
distribution/supply system and there must be regulations which help 
deter and remove unethical organizations from the aircraft parts 
business. Denial; November 25, 1996.

[FR Doc. 96-31381 Filed 12-10-96; 8:45 am]