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Research and Special Programs Administration

49 CFR Parts 192, 193, and 195

[Docket No. PS-143; Amdts. 192-76; 193-11; 195-56]
RIN 2137-AC74

Periodic Updates to the Pipeline Safety Regulations

AGENCY: Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA), DOT.

ACTION: Corrections to the final rule.


SUMMARY: On May 24, 1996, RSPA published a final rule in the Federal 
Register (61 FR 26121) titled ``Periodic Updates to the Pipeline Safety 
Regulations.'' This final rule updated the references to voluntary 
specifications and standards to reflect more recently published 
editions of each document, enabling pipeline operators to utilize 
current technology, materials, and practices, thereby reducing costs 
and enhancing economic growth. The final rule also eliminated the 
requirement for odorization of hydrogen transmission lines in cases 
where the odorization interferes with industrial end uses. Consistent 
with President Clinton's Regulatory Reinvention Initiative, these 
actions eliminated unnecessary regulatory burdens without compromising 
safety. This document makes minor corrections to the final rule to 
provide consistency in the regulations.

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 14, 1996.

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Need for Correction

    The final rule did not make note of amendment numbers to properly 
revise the pipeline safety laws. The amendment numbers for Docket No. 
PS-143 are ``Amdt. 192-76; 193-11; 195-56.''
    In Section 192.63(a)(1) of the final rule, the word ``fitting'' is 
improperly used in discussing the marking of thermoplastic fittings in 
accordance with ASTM D 2513. The word ``fittings'' should replace the 
word ``fitting.''
    The final rule also updated two references to the address of the 
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). However, the correct 
address was not updated in the amended Section 195.3(b)(6). The address 
was listed as ``Conshohocken, PA'' not ``West Conshohocken, PA,'' as 
correctly noted in the amended Appendix A of Part 192. To provide 
consistency in the pipeline safety regulations, this document corrects 
section 195.3(b)(6) to reflect the accurate address for ASTM. The 
correct address is ``American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), 
100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA 19428.''
    Finally, the updated editions of voluntary consensus standards 
included in Appendix A of Part 192 were not updated in Appendix B--
``Qualification of Pipe.'' Appendix B lists the pipe specifications 
incorporated by reference in Part 192. For consistency, the 
specifications in Appendix B should accurately reflect the updated 
references in Appendix A. This document updates the specifications in 
Appendix B to match Appendix A.

Correction of Publication

    Accordingly, the publication on May 24, 1996, of the final rule (61 
FR 26121) is corrected as follows:

Sec. 192.63--[Corrected]

    On page 26122, in the third column, in Sec. 192.63, paragraph 
(a)(1), in line four, the word ``fitting'' is corrected to read 

Appendix B to Part 192--[Revised]

    On page 26123, in the third column, a new amendatory instruction is 
added following amendment 5.
    6. Appendix B to Part 192, section I, is revised to read as 

Appendix B to Part 192--Qualification of Pipe

I. Listed Pipe Specifications (Numbers in Parentheses Indicate 
Applicable Editions)

API 5L--Steel pipe (1995).
ASTM A 53--Steel pipe (1995a).
ASTM A 106--Steel pipe (1994a).
ASTM A 333/A 333M--Steel pipe (1994).
ASTM A 381--Steel pipe (1993).
ASTM A 671--Steel pipe (1994).
ASTM A 672--Steel pipe (1994).
ASTM A 691--Steel pipe (1993).
ASTM D 2513--Thermoplastic pipe and tubing (1995c).
ASTM D 2517--Thermosetting plastic pipe and tubing (1994).
* * * * *

Sec. 195.3--[Corrected]

    On page 26123, in the third column, in Sec. 195.3, paragraph 
(b)(6), in line three, the name ``Conshohocken'' is corrected to read 
``West Conshohocken.''
    These updates were incorporated in the final rule, so RSPA does not 
need further rulemaking action to correct the updated specifications in 
Appendix B of Part 192. The purpose of this Notice is to provide 
consistency in the pipeline safety regulations. RSPA regrets any 
confusion this error may have occasioned, and publishes this document 
to provide clarification to all affected parties of this rulemaking.

    Issued in Washington, DC, on July 3, 1996.
Richard B. Felder,
Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety.
[FR Doc. 96-17580 Filed 7-12-96; 8:45 am]