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Consumer Advisory Council; Solicitation of Nominations for 

AGENCY: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The Board is inviting the public to nominate qualified 
individuals for appointment to its Consumer Advisory Council, whose 
membership represents consumer and community interests and the 
financial services industry. Eight new members will be selected for 
three-year terms that will begin in January 1997. The Board expects to 
announce the selection of new members by year-end 1996.

DATES: Nominations should be received by August 31, 1996.

ADDRESSES: Nominations should be submitted in writing to Dolores S. 
Smith, Associate Director, Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, 
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington, D.C. 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Deanna Aday-Keller, Secretary to the 
Council, Division of Consumer and Community Affairs, (202) 452-6470. 
For Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTD) users only: Dorothea 
Thompson, (202) 452-3544, Board of Governors of

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the Federal Reserve System, Washington, D.C. 20551.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Consumer Advisory Council was 
established in 1976, at the direction of the Congress, to advise the 
Federal Reserve Board on the exercise of its duties under the Consumer 
Credit Protection Act and on other consumer-related matters. The 
Council by law represents the interests both of consumers and of the 
financial community (15 USC 1691(b)). Under the Rules of Organization 
and Procedure of the Consumer Advisory Council (12 CFR 267.3), members 
serve three-year terms that are staggered to provide the Council with 
    New members will be selected for terms beginning January 1, 1997, 
to replace members whose terms expire this year.  Nomination letters 
should include information about past and present positions held by the 
nominee; a description of special knowledge, interests or experience 
related to community reinvestment, consumer credit, or other consumer 
financial services; and the nominee's address and telephone number. 
Individuals may nominate themselves.
    The Board is interested in candidates who have some familiarity 
with community reinvestment or consumer financial services and who are 
willing to express their viewpoints. Candidates do not have to be 
experts on all levels of community reinvestment or consumer financial 
services, but they should possess some basic knowledge of the area. 
They must be able and willing to make the necessary time commitment to 
prepare for and attend meetings (usually for two days, including 
committee meetings) three times a year.
    In making the appointments, the Board will seek to complement the 
background of continuing Council members in terms of affiliation and 
geographic representation, and to ensure the representation of women 
and minority groups. The Board expects to announce its selection of new 
members by year-end.
    Council members whose terms end as of December 31, 1996, are:

Katharine W. McKee, Associate Director, Center for Community Self-Help 
Durham, North Carolina
Alvin J. Cowans, President and CEO, McCoy Federal Credit Union, 
Orlando, Florida
Elizabeth G. Flores, Consultant, Laredo, Texas
Anne B. Shlay, Associate Director, Institute for Public Policy Studies, 
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reginald J. Smith, President, UMB Mortgage Company, Kansas City, 
John E. Taylor, President and CEO, The National Community, Reinvestment 
Coalition , Washington, D.C.
Lorraine VanEtten, Vice President and Community, Lending Officer, 
Standard Federal Bank of Troy, Troy, Michigan
Lily K. Yao, Chairman and CEO, Pioneer Federal Savings Bank, Honolulu, 

    Council members whose terms continue through 1997 or 1998 are:

Richard S. Amador, President and CEO, CHARO Community Development, 
Corporation, Los Angeles, California--December 31, 1998
Thomas R. Butler, President and Chief Operating Officer, NOVUS 
Services, Inc., Riverwoods, Illinois--December 31, 1997
Robert A. Cook, Partner, Venable, Baetjer and Howard, Baltimore, 
Maryland--December 31, 1997
Heriberto Flores, President and CEO, Brightwood Development 
Corporation, Springfield, Massachusetts--December 31, 1998
Emanuel Freeman, President, Greater Germantown Housing, Development 
Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--December 31, 1997
David C. Fynn, Regulatory Risk Manager, National City Corporation, 
Cleveland, Ohio--December 31, 1997
Robert G. Greer, Tangleword Corporation, Houston, Texas--December 31, 
Kenneth R. Harney, Journalist, Washington Post Writers Group, Chevy 
Chase, Maryland--December 31, 1997
Gail K. Hillebrand, Litigation Counsel, West Coast Regional Office, 
Consumers Union of U.S., Inc., San Francisco, California--December 31, 
Terry Jorde, President and CEO, Towner County State Bank, Cando, North 
Dakota--December 31, 1997
Francine Justa, Executive Director, Neighborhood Housing Services, of 
New York, New York, New York--December 31, 1998
Eugene I. Lehrmann, President, American Association of Retired Persons, 
Madison, Wisconsin--December 31, 1997
Errol T. Louis, Treasurer/Manager, Central Brooklyn Federal Credit 
Union, Brooklyn, New York--December 31, 1998
William N. Lund, Acting Director, Office of Consumer Credit, 
Regulation, State of Maine, Augusta, Maine--December 31, 1998
Ronald A. Prill, Vice President, Credit, Dayton Hudson Corporation, 
Minneapolis, Minnesota--December 31, 1997
Lisa Rice-Coleman, Executive Director, Fair Housing Center, Toledo, 
Ohio--December 31, 1997
John R. Rines, President, General Motors, Acceptance Corporation, 
Detroit, Michigan--December 31, 1997
Margot Saunders, Managing Attorney, National Consumer Law Center, 
Washington, D.C.--December 31, 1998
Julia M. Seward, Vice President and Corporate Community Reinvestment 
Officer, Signet Bank, Richmond, Virginia--December 31, 1997
Gregory D. Squires, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin--December 31, 1998
George P. Surgeon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Southern 
Development Bankcorporation, Arkadelphia, Arkansas--December 31, 1998
Theodore J. Wysocki, Jr., Executive Director, CANDO, Chicago, 
Illinois--December 31, 1998

William W. Wiles,
Secretary of the Board.
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