[Federal Register Volume 61, Number 130 (Friday, July 5, 1996)]
[Pages 35273-35274]
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[FR Doc No: 96-17069]


[Investment Company Act Release No. 22044; 811-5568]

BEA Investment Funds, Inc.; Notice of Application for 

June 27, 1996.
agency: Securities and Exchange Commission (``SEC'').

action: Notice of Application for Deregistration under the Investment 
Company Act of 1940 (the ``Act'').


applicant: BEA Investment Funds, Inc.

relevant act section: Order requested under section 8(f).

summary of application: Applicant requests an order declaring that it 
has ceased to be an investment company.

filing date: The application was filed on April 15, 1996, and amended 
on June 11, 1996.

hearing or notification of hearing: An order granting the application 
will be issued unless the SEC orders a hearing. Interested persons may 
request a hearing by writing to the SEC's Secretary and serving 
applicant with a copy of the request, personally or by mail. Hearing 
requests should be received by the SEC by 5:30 p.m. on July 22, 1996, 
and should be accompanied by proof of service on the applicant, in the 
form of an affidavit or, for lawyers, a certificate of service. Hearing 
requests should state the nature of the writer's interest, the reason 
for the request, and the issues contested. Persons may request 
notification of a hearing by writing to the SEC's Secretary.

addresses: Secretary, SEC, 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 
20549. Applicant, One Citicorp Center, 153 East 53rd Street, New York, 
N.Y. 10022.

for further information contact: Mary T. Geffroy, Staff Attorney, at 
(202) 942-0553, or Alison E. Baur, Branch Chief, at (202) 942-0564 
(Division of Investment Management, Office of Investment Company 

supplementary information: The following is a summary of the 
application. the complete application may be obtained for a fee from 
the SEC's Public Reference Branch.

Applicant's Representations

    1. Applicant is registered under the Act as an open-end investment 
company and is organized as a Maryland corporation. On May 26, 1988, 
applicant filed with the SEC a registration statement on Form N-1A 
registering an indefinite number of shares of its Institutional Money 
Market Fund (``IMM''). The registration statement was declared 
effective on July 22, 1988 and the initial public offering

[[Page 35274]]

commenced that same day. Applicant registered shares in three 
additional series: the Institutional Government Fund (``IGF''), the 
Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund (``TEMMF''), and the U.S. Treasury Money 
Fund (``TMMF''). IGF was declared effective on December 28, 1990, and 
TEMMF and TMMF were declared effective on March 1, 1993. As of January 
31, 1996, IGF was applicant's only outstanding series.
    2. On January 10, 1996, applicant's board of directors approved the 
liquidation and dissolution and authorized the officers of the 
applicant to sell all or substantially all of the securities held by 
the applicant and other properties of the applicant for cash at the 
fair market value of such assets and properties. The board of 
director's determination to liquidate the applicant was based upon the 
perceived inability to raise assets, lack of shareholder interest, and 
inefficiencies associated with investing limited funds. Also on January 
10, 1996, applicant's shareholders adopted and ratified resolutions 
approving and authorizing the liquidation and dissolution of the 
    3. As of January 31, 1996, there were 1,862,808.568 shares of 
common stock of IGF. These shares had an aggregate net asset value of 
$17,938,846.49 and a per share net asset value of $9.63. There were no 
other classes of securities of the applicant outstanding.
    4. Applicant sold all of the securities held by it on February 1, 
1996. The proceeds from the sale of these securities were 
$17,938,846.49. Such proceeds were fully distributed in cash to the 
shareholders on February 1, 1996. Each shareholder received the net 
asset value of its shares.
    5. Expenses consisting of accounting, administrative, and certain 
legal expenses were incurred in connection with the liquidation and 
termination of applicant. These expenses totalled approximately $4,200 
and were borne by BEA Associates, applicant's investment adviser. No 
brokerage commissions were incurred in connection with the liquidation.
    6. As of the date of the application, applicant had no 
shareholders, assets, or liabilities, and was not a party to any 
litigation or administrative proceeding. Applicant is neither engaged, 
nor does it propose to engage, in any business activities other than 
those necessary for the winding-up of its affairs.
    7. Applicant intends to file a notice of termination with the State 
Department of Taxation and Assessment of Maryland.
    For the SEC, by the Division of Investment Management, under 
delegated authority.
Margaret H. McFarland,
Deputy Secretary.
[FR Doc. 96-17069 Filed 7-3-96; 8:45 am]