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[Project No. 2389-012]

Edwards Manufacturing Company, Inc., City of Augusta, ME; Notice 
of Amendment of Application

February 6, 1996.
    On October 30, 1995, Edwards Manufacturing Company, Inc., and the 
City of Augusta, Maine (applicants) filed an amendment to their 
application for a new license for the Augusta Hydroelectric Project No. 
    In the application for new license, filed January 31, 1991, it was 
proposed to expand the project capacity from 3.5 to 11 megawatts (MW). 
The amendment reduces the proposed expansion to about 4.3 MW. Under the 
application as amended, the licensees propose only to replace the 
existing flashboards with an inflatable crest control system, install 
permanent upstream and downstream fish passage facilities, and upgrade 
turbine efficiency. The Applicants would forego constructing a new 
powerhouse and modifying the existing power canal and gatehouse, as 
originally proposed. There would be no increase in existing hydraulic 
capacity. The increase in generating capacity (between 0.5 and 1.0 
megawatts) would be directly attributable to increases in turbine 
    Applicants state that the remaining project improvements and 
upgrades are substantially the same as improvements and upgrades 
proposed in the original application. Although the fish passage 
facilities proposed in the amendment are not those proposed in the 
application, they are the same facilities that applicants proposed in a 
1990 application to amend the existing project license, and were 
designated in consultation with state and federal agencies and with 
other interested parties. The Commission approved the installation of 
these facilities, but the amendment was then withdrawn.\1\

    \1\ Edwards Manufacturing Company, Inc. and City of Augusta, 
Maine, 69 FERC para. 61,335 (1994). The Commission approved the 
facilities as an interim enhancement of fisheries only. On 
rehearing, the Commission granted the licensees' request to allow 
the withdrawal of the amendment application and vacated its order 
amending the license. 71 FERC para. 61.227 (1995).

    We are providing an opportunity for additional interventions and 
for entities to reconsider their terms, conditions, prescriptions, and 
comments submitted previously with respect to the Augusta Project 
application. A draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) evaluating 
the licensing or relicensing of 11 projects, including the Augusta 
Project, in the Kennebec River Basin was mailed to parties on January 
4, 1996. Notice of the DEIS was published in the Federal Register on 
January 26, 1996, setting a due date for comments of March 25, 1996. By 
letter of January 29, 1996, the Director, Division of Project Review, 
Office of Hydropower Licensing, extended the due date for comments to 
April 8, 1996. Comments on the Augusta Project amendment will also be 
due on April 8, 1996, with reply comments due 15 days later, on April 
23, 1996.\2\

    \2\ A further request for extension of time by the National 
Marine Fisheries Service was denied by letter of February 2, 1996, 
signed by Fred E. Springer, Director, Office of Hydropower 

    Copies of the application and amendment are available for 
inspection and reproduction at the Commission's Public Reference and 
Files Maintenance Branch located at 888 First Street, N.E., Room 2A, 
Washington, D.C. 20426 or by calling (202) 208-1371. A copy is also 
available for inspection and reproduction at 42A North Elm Street, 
Second Floor, Yarmouth, Maine, or by calling (207) 846-3991. The 
applicant contact for this project is Mark Isaacson.
    Contact Mr. John Blair (202) 219-2845 for questions relating to 
this proceeding.
Lois D. Cashell,
[FR Doc. 96-2938 Filed 2-9-96; 8:45 am]