[Federal Register Volume 61, Number 25 (Tuesday, February 6, 1996)]
[Page 4495]
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[Docket No. 40-3453]

Notice of Issuance of Amendment 26 to Source Material License 
SUA-917 Amending License Condition (LC) 55 for Atlas Corporation's 
(Atlas') Uranium Mill Facility at Moab, Utah

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

ACTION: Amendment 26 to Source Material License SUA-917, issued January 
22, 1996, amends LC 55 to show that interim cover placement has been 


SUMMARY: By letter dated October 25, 1995, Atlas Corporation (Atlas) 
submitted a request to amend condition 55 (LC 55) of Source Material 
License No. SUA-917. LC 55 lists the completion dates for reclamation 
milestones established as targets in the Memorandum of Understanding 
(MOU) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (56 FR 55432, 
October 25, 1991). Atlas requested that the license date for completion 
of placement of the interim cover in LC 55A.(2), be changed from 
October 31, 1995 to November 30, 1995. By letter dated November 13, 
1995, Atlas notified NRC that it completed placement of the cover on 
November 10, 1995. Atlas' failure to complete the interim cover on the 
tailings impoundment by October 30, 1995, was due to unanticipated 
problems in actually placing cover over areas of the pile that had 
previously been covered by water. Atlas had been placing the interim 
cover since October 4, 1995, and at the time of its license amendment 
request, had completed 60 percent of this final phase and 92 percent of 
the entire pile. On January 22, 1996, the license was amended to show 
that placement of the interim cover was complete.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Myron Fliegel, Office of Nuclear 
Material Safety and Safeguards, Washington, DC 20555, Telephone: 301-

    Signed at Rockville, MD, this 30th day of January 1996.

    For the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Joseph J. Holonich, Chief,
High-Level Waste and Uranium Recovery Projects Branch, Division of 
Waste Management, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards.
[FR Doc. 96-2441 Filed 2-5-96; 8:45 am]