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Notice of Intent To Modify Resource Management Plans and Other 
Planning Documents and To Prepare and Environmental Assessment or 
Environmental Impact Statement To Adopt Standards for Rangeland Health 
and Guidelines for Grazing Management in Nevada

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management.

ACTION: Notice of Intent to Modify.


SUMMARY: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada intends to 
modify, if necessary, existing land use plans, including Resource 
Management Plans (RMPs) and Management Framework Plans (MFPs) and to 
prepare appropriate National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis 
for the adoption of Standards for Rangeland Health and Guidelines for 
Grazing Management as provided for in the BLM's grazing regulations (42 
CFR Part 4100). Public comment is sought on the issues to be analyzed, 
the alternatives that may be considered, the standards and guidelines 
to be addressed, as well as the level of analysis which would be 
appropriate under the NEPA.

DATES: Comments will be accepted throughout the process of modifying 
plans and preparation of NEPA analysis. However, comments received 
after April 30, 1995 may not be reflected in the alternatives 
considered in any draft NEPA analysis document.

Daniel C. B. Rathbun, Nevada Rangelands Standards and Guidelines 
Coordinator, Bureau of Land Management, 850 Harvard Way, Reno, NV 
89520; Telephone (702) 785-6767.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The BLM's new grazing administration 
regulations (43 CFR Part 4100), which became effective August 21, 1995, 
provide for the development of Standards of Rangeland Health and 
Guidelines for Grazing Administration. In Nevada, BLM intends to 
develop these standards and guidelines in consultation with the BLM's 
Resource Advisory Councils. Implementation of Standards and Guidelines 
may require some form of planning modification, ranging from simple 
plan maintenance to plan amendment. RMPs and MFPs possibly requiring 
modification are: Wells RMP, Elko RMP, Sonoma-Gerlach MFP, Paradise-
Denio MFP, Lahontan RMP, Reno MFP, Walker RMP, Egan RMP, Schell MFP, 
Esmerelda-Southern Nye RMP, Caliente MFP, Shoshone-Eureka RMP, Tonopah 
MFP, Clark County MFP and Nellis Resource Plan. Simultaneous 
modification of Nevada BLM's planning documents is intended to 
streamline efforts and to provide for a broader view of rangeland 
    At this point, it is uncertain what level of plan modification will 
be needed, if any. Similarly, the level of environmental analysis 
appropriate under the Council on Environmental Quality's regulations 
implementing NEPA (40 CFR Part 1500) may vary. Should it be determined 
that no environmental impact statement is needed, NEPA, analysis will 
be accomplished through an environmental assessment or an 
administrative determination.
    Public input on Standards and Guidelines for Nevada was received at 
a series of workshops conducted in early September 1995. Input is also 
being obtained from Nevada BLM's Sierra Front-Northwestern Great Basin, 
Mojave-Southern Great Basin and Northeastern Great Basin Resource 
Advisory Councils.
    This notice invites additional public comment on the proposal to 
modify the affected Resource Management Plans. Public comment is 
invited on the issues to be addressed and alternatives considered in 
the proposed environmental impact statement or other NEPA analysis.
    Preliminary issues identified include: the effect adoption of 
standards will have on all uses and users of public lands, the effect 
adoption of the proposed guidelines will have on grazing management and 
livestock operations, and the need for flexibility in standards and 
    Three preliminary alternatives have been identified: (1) The 
continuation of current management as provided for in existing land use 
plans; (2) the adoption of the fallback standards and guidelines 
contained in the regulations; and (3) the adoption of standards and 
guidelines developed locally and in consultation with Nevada BLM's 
three Resource Advisory Councils.

    Dated: January 24, 1996.
Ann J. Morgan,
State Director, Nevada.
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