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Special Project Grants; Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services; 
Federal Set-Aside Program; Research and Training Grants

AGENCY: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

ACTION: Notice of availability of funds.


SUMMARY: The Health Resources and Services Administration is announcing 
the availability of fiscal year (FY) 1995 funds for a limited 
competition for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Special Projects of 
Regional and National Significance (SPRANS) research and training 
grants. Supplemental awards will be made under the program authority of 
section 502(a) of the Social Security Act, the MCH Federal Set-Aside 
Program. The MCH research and training grants improve the health status 
of mothers and children through: development and dissemination of new 
knowledge; demonstration of new or improved ways of delivering care or 
otherwise enhancing Title V program capacity to provide or assure 
provision of appropriate services; and preparation of personnel in MCH-
relevant specialties. 

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    The purpose of this limited competition is to support supplemental 
awards for Maternal and Child Community Health Science Consortia 
(MC2HSC). The central, defining characteristic of the MC2HSC 
concept is that this entity is to evolve out of the maternal and child 
health infrastructure and services systems already in place in the 
community or neighborhood where the Consortium is to be located.
    A joint research and training activity, the MC2HSC is part of 
the MCHB commitment to enhance essential public health functions and 
academic/community problem solving partnerships. The MC2HSC will 
contribute to the definition and advancement of MCH science and 
undertake applied community-based research regarding the content, 
organization and delivery of maternal and child health care, systems 
performance and outcome assessments. It will be an entity designed to 
undertake short and long-term, carefully designed, research and 
development efforts related to community-based problem solving 
regarding the content, organization, and delivery of maternal and child 
health care.
    Consortia are expected to establish relationships with existing 
service delivery units and/or, where necessary, develop program 
components that will be used independently, or in conjunction with 
other components, to form problem-specific solutions. These service 
program components will form the basis to explore, investigate, 
evaluate and modify standard public health practices and/or 
interventions in order to translate science into practice consistent 
with the Healthy Children 2000 objectives.
    Competition is limited to MCHB funded training programs in schools 
of public health. These programs are uniquely qualified by virtue of 
the faculty and resources available to them as a result of the training 
grants they receive, as well as the mission embodied in those grants to 
engage in research and scholarly activities relative to community-based 
MCH programs. The activities and results of these scholarly pursuits 
are expected to enhance the training supported through the extant 
training grants. Schools of public health not receiving MCH training 
grants have neither the extensive resources nor the mission to carry 
out these complementary research/training activities. The MC2HSC 
is intended to serve as a locus for the conduct of doctoral research, 
or employment of students to conduct studies or perform services 
necessary for accomplishment of the mission of the Consortium.
    Grants/Amounts: Up to $500,000 will be available to support up to 
two supplemental awards in the amount of $250,000 per award.
    Eligibility: Eligibility for funding is limited to the Maternal and 
Child Health funded training programs in thirteen schools of public 
health. The MCH-funded training programs at schools of public health 
are located at the following Universities: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, 
Columbia, Boston, California at Berkeley, California at Los Angeles, 
North Carolina, Minnesota, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alabama, Illinois, and 
DATES: All eligible applicants have received the materials necessary 
for development and submission of an application and were advised to 
notify the Research and Training Branch by July 21, 1995 of intent to 
submit an application. This notice will inform the public of this grant 
award competition.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For programmatic or technical 
information on MCH issues, contact Mr. James Papai, 5600 Fishers Lane, 
Room 18A-55, telephone: 301 443-2190. For information concerning 
business management issues, contact Ms. Dorothy M. Kelley, Grants 
Management Branch, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Room 18-12, 
Parklawn Building, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Maryland, telephone: 
301 443-1440.

Provision of Smoke-Free Workplace

    The Public Health Service strongly encourages all grant recipients 
to provide a smoke-free workplace and promote the non-use of all 
tobacco products. This is consistent with the PHS mission to protect 
the physical and mental health of the American people.

Public Health System Reporting Requirements

    This program is subject to the Public Health System Reporting 
Requirements (approved under OMB No. 0937-0195). Under these 
requirements, the community-based nongovernmental applicant must 
prepare and submit a Public Health System Impact Statement (PHSIS). The 
PHSIS is intended to provide information to state and local health 
officials to keep them apprised of proposed health services grant 
applications submitted by community-based nongovernmental organizations 
within their jurisdictions. Community-based nongovernmental applicants 
are required to submit the following information to the head of the 
appropriate State and local health agencies in the area(s) to be 
impacted no later than the Federal application receipt date:
    (a) A copy of the face page of the application (SF 424).
    (b) A summary of the project PHSIS, not to exceed one page, which 
    (1) A description of the population to be served.
    (2) A summary of the services to be provided.
    (3) A description of the coordination planned with the appropriate 
State and local health agencies.

Executive Order 12372

    The MCH Federal set-aside program has been determined to be a 
program which is not subject to the provisions of Executive Order 12372 
concerning intergovernmental review of Federal programs.

    The OMB Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number is 93.110.

    Dated: September 19, 1995.
Ciro V. Sumaya,
[FR Doc. 95-23686 Filed 9-22-95; 8:45 am]