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Office of Hazardous Materials Safety; Notice of Applications for 

AGENCY: Research and Special Programs Administration, DOT.

ACTION: List of Applications for Exemptions.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the procedures governing the application 
for, and the processing of, exemptions for the Department of 
Transportation's Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR Part 107, 
Subpart B), notice is hereby given that the Office of Hazardous 
Materials Safety has received the applications described herein. Each 
mode of transportation for which a particular exemption is requested is 
indicated by a number in the ``Nature of Application'' portion of the 
table below as follow: 1--Motor vehicle, 2--Rail freight, 3--Cargo 
vessel, 4--Cargo aircraft only, 5--Passenger-carrying aircraft.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before September 15, 1995.

ADDRESS COMMENTS TO: Dockets Unit, Research and Special Programs 
Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 
20590. Comments should refer to the application number and be submitted 
in triplicate. If confirmation of receipt of comments is desired, 
include a self-addressed stamped postcard showing the exemption 
application number.

Copies of the applications are available for inspection in the Dockets 
Unit, Room 8426, Nassif Building, 400 7th Street, SW. Washington, DC.

                                                 New Exemptions                                                 
    No.               Applicant             Regulation(s) affected            Nature of exemption thereof       
11442-N      Union Tank Car Co., East     49 CFR 173.31.............  To authorize an alternative retesting     
              Chicago, IN.                                             schedule for DOT 111A100W-6 tank cars.   
                                                                       (Mode 2.)                                
11443-N      Hercules Inc., Wilmington,   49 CFR 173.225(e).........  To authorize the transportation of        
              DE.                                                      Division 5.2 organic perodixes           
                                                                       intermediate bulk containers equipped    
                                                                       with the same pressure releases system as
                                                                       DOT-57 portable tanks. (Mode 1.)         
11513-N      Thiokol Corp., Brigham       49 CFR 172.101............  To authorize the transportation           
              City, UT.                                                cyclotetramethyle tetranitramine (HMX)   
                                                                       dry, Division 1.1D containing less than  
                                                                       10 percent water transported in non-DOT  
                                                                       specification 25 lb. plastic bags        
                                                                       overpacked in 21-C or UN approved        
                                                                       container. (Mode 1.)                     
11518-N      Petroleum Marketers Assoc.   49 CFR 180.405(b), (c),     To authorize an alternative testing and   
              of America, Arlington, VA.   (g), (h), (j),              inspection procedure of small cargo tanks
                                           180.407(c), (d)(1), (e),    of 3,500 gallons or less carrying        
                                           (g), (h), (i).              petroleum products. (Mode 1.)            
11519-N      B&R Specialities Inc., Hyde  49 CFR 172.101, Column      To authorize the transportation of        
              Park, NY.                    8.c, 173.197.               regulated medical waste in polyethylene  
                                                                       carts mounted on bases with roller       
                                                                       coasters transported in specifically     
                                                                       designed trucks. (Mode 1.)               
11520-N      Albemarle Corp., Baton       49 CFR 173.249(b).........  To authorize the one-time shipment of a   
              Rouge, LA.                                               partial load of bromine, Class 8, PIH    
                                                                       (approximately 754 gallons) in a 1788    
                                                                       gallon capacity nickel-clad DOT          
                                                                       Specification MC-312 cargo tank. (Mode   
115121-N     City of Cincinnati,          49 CFR 174.67(i) and (j)..  To authorize a tank car to stand with     
              Cincinnati, OH.                                          unloading connections attached after     
                                                                       unloading without the physical presence  
                                                                       of an unloader. (Mode 2.)                

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11522-N      The American Waterways       49 CFR 176.905(k).........  To authorize battery cables in (self-     
              Operators, Seattle, WA.                                  propelled) vehicles to remain connected  
                                                                       and stowed in closed freight containers  
                                                                       and transported on unmanned open-deck    
                                                                       steel barges. (Mode 3.)                  
11523-N      Bio-Lab, Inc. Conyers, GA..  49 CFR 172.407............  To authorize the transportation of        
                                                                       palletized non-DOT specification high    
                                                                       density polyethylene bottles of 5 pound  
                                                                       capacity, containing calcium             
                                                                       hypochlorite, hydrated, Division 5.1     
                                                                       (Mode 1.)                                

    This notice of receipt of applications for new exemptions is 
published in accordance with Part 107 of the Hazardous Materials 
Transportations Act (49 U.S.C. 1806; 49 CFR 1.53(e)).

    Issued in Washington, DC, on August 10, 1995.
J. Suzanne Hedgepeth,
Chief, Exemption Programs, Office of Hazardous Materials Exemptions and 
[FR Doc. 95-20310 Filed 8-15-95; 8:45 am]