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Part VI

The President


Memorandum of August 10, 1995--Facilitating Access to Federal Property 
for the Siting of Mobile Services Antennas

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Federal Register / Vol. 60, No. 156 / Monday, August 14, 1995 / 
Presidential Documents


Title 3--
The President 

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                 Memorandum of August 10, 1995

Facilitating Access to Federal Property for the 
                Siting of
                Mobile Services Antennas

                Memorandum for the Heads of Departments and Agencies

                Recent advancements in mobile telecommunications 
                technology present an opportunity for the rapid 
                construction of the Nation's wireless communications 
                infrastructure. As a matter of policy, the Federal 
                Government shall encourage the efficient and timely 
                implementation of such new technologies and the 
                concomitant infrastructure buildout as a means of 
                stimulating economic growth and creating new jobs. The 
                recent auctioning and impending licensing of radio 
                frequencies for mobile personal communications services 
                presents the Federal Government with the opportunity to 
                foster new technologies and to encourage the 
                development of communications infrastructure by making 
                Federal property available for the siting of mobile 
                services antennas.

                Therefore, to the extent permitted by law, I hereby 
                direct the Administrator of General Services, within 90 
                days, in consultation with the Secretaries of 
                Agriculture, Interior, Defense, and the heads of such 
                other agencies as the Administrator may determine, to 
                develop procedures necessary to facilitate appropriate 
                access to Federal property for the siting of mobile 
                services antennas.

                The procedures should be developed in accordance with 
                the following:

                    1. (a) Upon request, and to the extent permitted by 
                law and where practicable, executive departments and 
                agencies shall make available Federal Government 
                buildings and lands for the siting of mobile service 
                antennas. This should be done in accordance with 
                Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, and 
                consistent with national security concerns (including 
                minimizing mutual electromagnetic interactions), public 
                health and safety concerns, environmental and aesthetic 
                concerns, preservation of historic buildings and 
                monuments, protection of natural and cultural 
                resources, protection of national park and wilderness 
                values, protection of National Wildlife Refuge systems, 
                and subject to any Federal requirements promulgated by 
                the agency managing the facility and the Federal 
                Communications Commission, the Federal Aviation 
                Administration, National Telecommunications and 
                Information Administration, and other relevant 
                departments and agencies.
                      (b) Antennas on Federal buildings or land may not 
                contain any advertising.
                      (c) Federal property does not include lands held 
                by the United States in trust for individual or Native 
                American tribal governments.
                      (d) Agencies shall retain discretion to reject 
                inappropriate siting requests, and assure adequate 
                protection of public property and timely removal of 
                equipment and structures at the end of service.
                    2. All procedures and mechanisms adopted regarding 
                access to Federal property shall be clear and simple so 
                as to facilitate the efficient and rapid buildout of 
                the national wireless communications infrastructure.
                    3. Unless otherwise prohibited by or inconsistent 
                with Federal law, agencies shall charge fees based on 
                market value for siting antennas on Federal 

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                property, and may use competitive procedures if not all applicants can 
                be accommodated.

                This memorandum does not give the siting of mobile 
                services antennas priority over other authorized uses 
                of Federal buildings or land.

                All independent regulatory commissions and agencies are 
                requested to comply with the provisions of this 

                This memorandum is not intended to create any right, 
                benefit or trust responsibility, substantive or 
                procedural, enforceable at law or equity by a party 
                against the United States, its agencies or 
                instrumentalities, its officers, or any other person.

                This memorandum shall be published in the Federal 

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                THE WHITE HOUSE,

                    Washington, August 10, 1995.

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