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Minority Business Development Agency

Solicitation of Business Development Center Applications for 
Charleston, SC and Brooklyn, NY

AGENCY: Minority Business Development Agency, Commerce.

SUMMARY: In accordance with Executive Order 11625 and 15 U.S.C. 1512, 
the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is soliciting 
competitive applications from organizations to operate the Minority 
Business Development Center (MBDC) listed in this document.
    The purpose of the MBDC Program is to provide business development 
services to the minority business community to help establish and 
maintain viable minority businesses. To [[Page 24839]] this end, MBDA 
funds organizations to identify and coordinate public and private 
sector resources on behalf of minority individuals and firms; to offer 
a full range of client services to minority entrepreneurs; and to serve 
as a conduit of information and assistance regarding minority business.
    Proper identification is required for entrance into any Federal 

DATES: The closing date for applications for each MBDC is listed below:

ADDRESSES: Completed application packages should be submitted on or 
before the closing date to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority 
Business Development Agency, MBDA Executive Secretariat, 14th and 
Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room 5073, Washington, D.C. 20230.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The following are MBDCs for which 
applications are solicited:

1. MBDC Application: Charleston
    Metropolitan Area Serviced: Charleston, South Carolina
    Award Number: 04-10-95013-01
    Closing Date for Applications: June 16, 1995
    For Further Information and an Application Package, Contact: Robert 
Henderson, Regional Director, (404) 730-3300
    Pre-Application Conference: May 31, 1995, at 9:00 a.m., at the 
Atlanta Regional Office, 401 W. Peachtree Street, N.W., Suite 1715, 
Atlanta, Georgia 30308-3516, (404) 730-3300.
    Cost of Performance Information: Contingent upon the availability 
of Federal funds, the cost of performance for the first budget period 
(13 months) from October 1, 1995 to October 31, 1996, is estimated at 
$198,971. The total Federal amount is $169,125 and is composed of 
$165,000 plus the Audit Fee amount of $4,125. The application must 
include a minimum cost share of 15%, $29,846 in non-federal (cost-
sharing) contributions for a total project cost of $198,971. Cost-
sharing contributions may be in the form of cash, client fees, third 
party in-kind contributions, non-cash applicant contributions or 
combinations thereof.
2. MBDC Application: Brooklyn
    Metropolitan Area Serviced: Brooklyn, New York
    Award Number: 02-10-95012-01
    Closing Date for Applications: June 19, 1995
    For Further Information and an Application Package, Contact: 
Heyward Davenport, Regional Director, at (212) 264-3262
    Cost of Performance: Contingent upon the availability of Federal 
funds, the cost of performance for the first budget period (13 months) 
from October 1, 1995 to October 31, 1996, is estimated at $343,676. The 
total Federal amount is $292,125 and is composed of $285,000 plus the 
Audit Fee amount of $7,125. The application must include a minimum cost 
share of 15%, $51,551 in non-federal (cost-sharing) contributions for a 
total project cost of $343,676. Cost-sharing contributions may be in 
the form of cash, client fees, third party in-kind contributions, non-
cash applicant contributions or combinations thereof.

    Standard Paragraphs--The following information and requirements are 
applicable to the above-listed MBDCs.
    The funding instrument for this project will be a cooperative 
agreement. If the recommended applicant is the current incumbent 
organization, the award will be for 12 months. For those applicants who 
are not incumbent organizations or who are incumbents that have 
experienced closure due to a break in service, a 30-day start-up period 
will be added to their first budget period, making it a 13-month award. 
Competition is open to individuals, non-profit and for-profit 
organizations, state and local governments, American Indian tribes and 
educational institutions.
    Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria: the 
knowledge, background and/or capabilities of the firm and its staff in 
addressing the needs of the business community in general and, 
specifically, the special needs of minority businesses, individuals and 
organizations (45 points), the resources available to the firm in 
providing business development services (10 points); the firm's 
approach (techniques and methodologies) to performing the work 
requirements included in the application (25 points); and the firm's 
estimated cost for providing such assistance (20 points). An 
application must receive at least 70% of the points assigned to each 
evaluation criteria category to be considered programmatically 
acceptable and responsive. Those applications determined to be 
acceptable and responsive will then be evaluated by the Director of 
MBDA. Final award selections shall be based on the number of points 
received, the demonstrated responsibility of the applicant, and the 
determination of those most likely to further the purpose of the MBDA 
program. Negative audit findings and recommendations and unsatisfactory 
performance under prior Federal awards may result in an application not 
being considered for award. The applicant with the highest point score 
will not necessarily receive the award. Periodic reviews culminating in 
year-to-date evaluations will be conducted to determine if funding for 
the project should continue. Continued funding will be at the total 
discretion of MBDA based on such factors as the MBDC's performance, the 
availability of funds and Agency priorities.
    The MBDC shall be required to contribute at least 15% of the total 
project cost through non-federal contributions. To assist in this 
effort, the MBDC may charge client fees for services rendered. Fees may 
range from $10 to $60 per hour based on the gross receipts of the 
client's business.
    Anticipated processing time of this award is 120 days. Executive 
order 12372, ``Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs,'' is not 
applicable to this program. Federal funds for this project include 
audit funds for non-CPA recipients. In event that a CPA firm wins the 
competition, the funds allocated for audits are not applicable. 
Questions concerning the preceding information can be answered by the 
contact person indicated above, and copies of application kits and 
applicable regulations can be obtained at the above address. The 
collection of information requirements for this project have been 
approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and assigned OMB 
control number 0640-0006.
    Awards under this program shall be subject to all Federal laws, and 
Federal and Departmental regulations, policies, and procedures 
applicable to Federal financial assistance awards.
    Pre-Award Costs--Applicants are hereby notified that if they incur 
any costs prior to an award being made, they do so solely at their own 
risk of not being reimbursed by the Government. Notwithstanding any 
verbal assurance that an applicant may have received, there is no 
obligation on the part of the Department of Commerce to cover pre-award 
    Outstanding Account Receivable--No award of Federal funds shall be 
made to an applicant who has an outstanding delinquent Federal debt 
until either the delinquent account is paid in full, repayment schedule 
is established and at least one payment is received, or other 
arrangements satisfactory to the Department of Commerce are made.
    Name Check Policy--All non-profit and for-profit applicants are 
subject to a name check review process. Name [[Page 24840]] checks are 
intended to reveal if any key individuals associated with the applicant 
have been convicted of or are presently facing criminal charges such as 
fraud, theft, perjury or other matters which significantly reflect on 
the applicant's management honesty or financial integrity.
    Award Termination--The Departmental Grants Officer may terminate 
any grant/cooperative agreement in whole or in part at any time before 
the date of completion whenever it is determined that the award 
recipient has failed to comply with the conditions of the grant/
cooperative agreement. Examples of some of the conditions which can 
cause termination are failure to meet cost-sharing requirements; 
unsatisfactory performance of the MBDC work requirements; and reporting 
inaccurate or inflated claims of client assistance. Such inaccurate or 
inflated claims may be deemed illegal and punishable by law.
    False Statements--A false statement on an application for Federal 
financial assistance is grounds for denial or termination of funds, and 
grounds for possible punishment by a fine or imprisonment as provided 
in 18 U.S.C. 1001.
    Primary Applicant Certifications--All primary applicants must 
submit a completed Form CD-511, ``Certifications Regarding Debarment, 
Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters; Drug-Free Workplace 
Requirements and Lobbying.''
    Nonprocurement Debarment and Suspension--Prospective participants 
(as defined at 15 CFR Part 26, Sec. 26.105) are subject to 15 CFR Part 
26, ``Nonprocurement Debarment and Suspension'' and the related section 
of the certification form prescribed above applies.
    Drug Free Workplace--Grantees (as defined at 15 CFR Part 26, 
Sec. 26.605) are subject to 15 CFR Part 26, Subpart F, ``Governmentwide 
Requirements for Drug-Free Workplace (Grants)'' and the related section 
of the certification form prescribed above applies.
    Anti-Lobbying--Persons (as defined at 15 CFR Part 28, Sec. 28.105) 
are subject to the lobbying provisions of 31 U.S.C. 1352, ``Limitation 
on use of appropriated funds to influence certain Federal contracting 
and financial transactions,'' and the lobbying section of the 
certification form prescribed above applies to applications/bids for 
grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts for more than $100,000, 
and loans and loan guarantees for more than $150,000 or the single 
family maximum mortgage limit for affected programs, whichever is 
    Anti-Lobbying Disclosures--Any applicant that has paid or will pay 
for lobbying using any funds must submit an SF-LLL, ``Disclosure of 
Lobbying Activities,'' as required under 15 CFR Part 28, Appendix B.
    Lower Tier Certifications--Recipients shall require applications/
bidders for subgrants, contracts, subcontracts, or other lower tier 
covered transactions at any tier under the award to submit, if 
applicable, a completed Form CD-512, ``Certifications Regarding 
Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion-Lower Tier 
Covered Transactions and Lobbying'' and disclosure form, SF-LLL, 
``Disclosure of Lobbying Activities.'' Form CD-512 is intended for the 
use of recipients and should not be transmitted to DOC. SF-LLL 
submitted by any tier recipient or subrecipient should be submitted to 
DOC in accordance with the instructions contained in the award 
    Buy American-made Equipment or Products--Applicants are hereby 
notified that they are encouraged, to the extent feasible, to purchase 
American-made equipment and products with funding provided under this 
program in accordance with Congressional intent as set forth in the 
resolution contained in Public Law 103-121, Sections 606 (a) and (b).

11.800  Minority Business Development Center

(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance)

    May 4, 1995.
Donald L. Powers,
Federal Register Liaison Officer, Minority Business Development Agency.
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