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[Public Notice 2162]

Shipping Coordinating Committee, International Maritime 
Organization (IMO) Legal Committee; Meeting

    The U.S. Shipping Coordinating Committee (SHC) will conduct an open 
meeting at 1:00 p.m., on Thursday, March 16, 1995, in Room 2415 of U.S. 
Coast Guard Headquarters, 2100 Second Street, SW., Washington, DC. The 
purpose of this meeting is to prepare for the 72nd Session of the 
International Maritime Organization (IMO) Legal Committee, to be held 
April 3-7, 1995, and to report on the results of the Seventh Session of 
the Joint Intergovernmental Group of Experts (JIGE VII), held December 
5-9, 1994, in Geneva.
    To facilitate the attendance of those participants who may be 
interested in only certain aspects of the public meeting, the first 
subject addressed will be the draft International Convention on 
Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage 
of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea (HNS Convention). The second 
major subject, which will be considered at approximately 2:30 p.m., 
will be possible revisions to the 1976 Convention on Limitation of 
Liability for Maritime Claims ('76 LLMC). The last major subject, which 
will be considered at approximately 3:00 p.m., will be the JIGE 
negotiations regarding possible revisions to the International 
Convention of the Unification of Certain Rules Related to the Arrest of 
Ships, 1952 (1952 Arrest Convention).
    The Current draft of the HNS Convention imposes strict liability 
upon the shipowner with an additional international fund (second-tier 
fund) modeled after the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund. 
The draft HNS Convention provides compensation for environmental damage 
as well as personal injury and property damage from a broad range of 
substances. At the 71st Session, the Legal Committee finalized 
decisions on several issues regarding the draft HNS Convention and 
agreed in principal on several others. However, other important 
questions remain to be resolved. Additionally, it is expected that the 
72nd Session of Legal Committee will complete a final review of the 
draft articles of the HNS Convention, making it the last session for 
substantive work on the Convention before a scheduled 1996 Diplomatic 
Conference. The views of the public are requested.
    The Legal Committee resumed deliberations on the '76 LLMC at the 
71st Session. Several decisions were made, and discussions centered on 
a draft protocol which provides for raising the limits of liability, 
changes made necessary by a decision to link the HNS Convention to 
other limitation of liability regimes, and a streamlined tacit 
amendment procedure. Work will continue at the 72nd session. Although 
the United States has not ratified the '76 LLMC, interests within the 
United States--such as owners of foreign flag vessels and passengers on 
foreign flag vessels--may be affected by changes to the Convention. The 
views of the public are requested.
    Several important decisions were made at JIGE VII regarding 
possible revisions to the 1952 Arrest Convention. The principle focus 
of JIGE VII was as follows: (1) Expanding of the list of maritime 
claims, consistent with the changes in the 1993 Maritime Liens and 
Mortgages Convention, for which a vessel may be arrested; (2) whether 
personal liability of the owner is a prerequisite to arrest, 
particularly when the claim is secured by a maritime lien; (3) whether 
the arrest should give the respective arresting court jurisdiction to 
decide the merits of the case; and (4) the extent to which the 
Convention should be applied to vessels of non-contracting states. The 
United States has not ratified the 1952 Arrest Convention. However, the 
interests of United States owners of foreign flag vessels, cargo 
owners, and maritime claimants and lienholders may be affected by 
changes to the Convention. The views of the public are requested.
    Member of the public are invited to attend the SHC meeting, up to 
the seating capacity of the room. For further information or to submit 
views concerning the subjects of discussion, contact either Captain 
David J. Kantor or Lieutenant Commander Steven D. Poulin, U.S. Coast 
Guard (G-LMI), 2100 Second Street, SW., Washington, DC 20593, telephone 
(202) 267-1527, telefax (202) 267-4496.

    Dated: February 1, 1995.
Charles A. Mast,
Chairman, Shipping Coordinating Committee.
[FR Doc. 95-3411 Filed 2-9-95; 8:45 am]