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Office of the Secretary


Privacy Act of 1974; Altered System of Records

AGENCY: Office of the Secretary, HHS.

ACTION: Notification of altered system of records.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act, the 
Office of the Secretary (OS) is publishing a notice of altered system 
of records. The purpose of the alteration is to add a new routine use 
to 51 Office of the Secretary Privacy Act systems of records.

DATES: OS invites interested parties to submit comments on the proposed 
routine use on or before December 9, 1994. OS has sent a Report of 
Altered System of Records to the Congress and to the Office of 
Management and Budget (OMB) on November 2, 1994. The new routine use 
will be effective 40 days after the date of publication unless OS 
receives comments that would result in a contrary determination.

ADDRESSES: Please submit comments to: HHS Privacy Act Officer, Room 
645-F, Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 
    Comments received will be available for inspection at this same 
address from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

address listed above. (Telephone: 202-690-7453; not a toll free 

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: OS is proposing to add a new routine use to 
51 Office of the Secretary Privacy Act systems of records listed below. 
This routine use will permit the disclosure of information from these 
systems to certain individuals working in various OS offices but who do 
not have the status of agency employees and, in many instances, do not 
receive pay for their work. Examples of such categories of non-employee 
workers are:

Individuals working under a personal services contract.
Student volunteers engaged under 5 U.S.C. 3511.
Job Corps enrollees engaged under the Job Training Partnership Act.
Older American Community Service Employment Act enrollees.

    Some OS offices that use these non-employee workers may wish to 
have them perform functions that require access to records in Privacy 
Act systems of records. Therefore we have decided to promulgate a new 
routine use rather than rely on subsection (b)(1) of the Privacy Act, 
which authorizes access to officers and employees of the agency who 
need the records in the performance of their duties.
    The records will continue to be adequately protected, since the 
individuals to whom the information will be disclosed work under the 
supervision of agency employees. They must observe the same safeguards 
that agency employees do in the maintenance of Privacy Act records.
    The proposed new routine use is compatible with the data 
collection, since the disclosures are being made for the very purpose 
for which the information was collected, i.e., to carry out the 
particular agency or program function for which the specific system of 
records was established.

    Dated: November 2, 1994.
Avis LaVelle,
Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.

Altered Systems

09-90-0001  Telephone Director/Locator System, HHS/OS/ASMB
09-90-0002  Investigatory Material Compiled for Security and 
Suitability Purposes, HHS/OS/OIG
09-90-0003  Criminal Investigative Files of the Inspector General 
09-90-0005  Safety Management Information System, HHS/OS/ASMB
09-90-0006  Applicants for Employment Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0007  Complaints and Inquiries Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0008  Conflict of Interest Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0009  Discrimination Complaint Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0010  Employee Assistance Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0011  Employee Appraisal Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0012  Executive Development Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0013  Federal Employees Occupational Health Program Records, 
09-90-0014  Grievances Filed Under Part 771 of 5 CFR, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0015  Grievance Records Filed Under Procedures Established by 
Labor-Management Negotiations, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0016  HHS Motor Vehicle Operator Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0017  Pay, Leave, and Attendance Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0018  Personnel Records in Operating Offices, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0019  Special Employment Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0020  Suitability for Employment Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0021  Training Management Information System, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0022  Volunteer EEO Support Personnel Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0023  Departmental Parking Control Policy and Records Systems, 
09-90-0024  Financial Transactions of HHS Accounting and Finance 
Offices, HHS/OS/ASMB
09-90-0025  Central Registry of Individuals Doing Business with HHS, 
09-90-0027  Congressional Correspondence Unit, HHS/OS/ASL
09-90-0028  Biographics and Photographs of HHS Officials, HHS/OS/
09-90-0036  Employee Suggestion Program Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0037  Secretariat's Correspondence Control System, HHS/OS/ES
09-90-0038  Secretary's Official Files, HHS/OS/ES
09-90-0041  Consumer Mailing List, HHS/OS/OCA
09-90-0046  Consumer Complaint Correspondence System, HHS/OS/OCA
09-90-0049  Departmental Appeals Board Case and Appeal Records, HHS/
09-90-0050  Case Information Management System, HHS/OS/OCR
09-90-0101  Health Care Program Violations, HHS/OS/OIG
09-90-0051  Complaint Files and Log, HHS/OS/OCR
09-90-0058  Freedom of Information Case File and Correspondence 
Control Log, HHS/OS/ASPA
09-90-0059  Federal Advisory Committee Membership Files, HHS/OS/
09-90-0062  Administrative Claims, HHS/OS/OGC
09-90-0064  Litigation Files, Administrative Complaints, and Adverse 
Personnel Actions, HHS/OS/OGC
09-90-0065  Conflict of Interest--Standards of Conduct Records, HHS/
09-90-0066  OGC Attorney Applicant Files, HHS/OS/OGC
09-90-0068  Federal Private Relief Legislation, HHS/OS/OGC
09-90-0069  Unfair Labor Practice Records, HHS/OS/ASPER
09-90-0072  Congressioanl Grants Notification Unit, HHS/OS/ASL
09-90-0079  Welfare Fraud Detection File, HHS/OS/OIG
09-90-0080  The Secretary's Advisory Committee Candidate Files, HHS/
09-90-0083  Jobs Opportunities and Basic Skills Evaluation Data 
09-90-0088  National Long-Term Care Channeling Demonstration, HHS/
09-90-0095  Management Information System Efficiency Reporter 
09-90-0100  Civil and Administrative Investigative Files of the 
Inspector General, HHS/OS/OIG
09-90-0101  Health Care Program Violations, HHS/OS/OIG
09-90-0150  Research and Demonstration Data System, HHS/ACF/OCSE
* * * * *
    The following routine use should be added as the last routine use 
in all systems listed above:
* * * * *

Routine Uses of Records Maintained in the System, Including Categories 
of Users and the Purposes of Such Use

    Records may be disclosed to student volunteers, individuals working 
under a personal services contract, and other individuals performing 
functions for the Department but technically not having the status of 
agency employees, if they need access to the records in order to 
perform their assigned agency functions.

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