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[Federal Register: June 6, 1994]



First Commonwealth Financial Corporation; Formation of, 
Acquisition by, or Merger of Bank Holding Companies; and Acquisition of 
Nonbanking Company

    The company listed in this notice has applied under Sec.  225.14 of 
the Board's Regulation Y (12 CFR 225.14) for the Board's approval under 
section 3 of the Bank Holding Company Act (12 U.S.C. 1842) to become a 
bank holding company or to acquire voting securities of a bank or bank 
holding company. The listed company has also applied under Sec.  
225.23(a)(2) of Regulation Y (12 CFR 225.23(a)(2)) for the Board's 
approval under section 4(c)(8) of the Bank Holding Company Act (12 
U.S.C. 1843(c)(8)) and Sec.  225.21(a) of Regulation Y (12 CFR 
225.21(a)) to acquire or control voting securities or assets of a 
company engaged in a nonbanking activity that is listed in Sec.  225.25 
of Regulation Y as closely related to banking and permissible for bank 
holding companies, or to engage in such an activity. Unless otherwise 
noted, these activities will be conducted throughout the United States.
    The application is available for immediate inspection at the 
Federal Reserve Bank indicated. Once the application has been accepted 
for processing, it will also be available for inspection at the offices 
of the Board of Governors. Interested persons may express their views 
in writing on the question whether consummation of the proposal can 
``reasonably be expected to produce benefits to the public, such as 
greater convenience, increased competition, or gains in efficiency, 
that outweigh possible adverse effects, such as undue concentration of 
resources, decreased or unfair competition, conflicts of interests, or 
unsound banking practices.'' Any request for a hearing on this question 
must be accompanied by a statement of the reasons a written 
presentation would not suffice in lieu of a hearing, identifying 
specifically any questions of fact that are in dispute, summarizing the 
evidence that would be presented at a hearing, and indicating how the 
party commenting would be aggrieved by approval of the proposal.
    Comments regarding the application must be received at the Reserve 
Bank indicated or the offices of the Board of Governors not later than 
June 30, 1994.
    A. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (John J. Wixted, Jr., Vice 
President) 1455 East Sixth Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44101:
    1. First Commonwealth Financial Corporation, Indiana, Pennsylvania; 
to merge with United National Bancorporation, Chambersburg, 
Pennsylvania, and thereby indirectly acquire Unitas National Bank, 
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
    In connection with this application, Applicant also proposes to 
acquire Unitas Mortgage Corporation, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and 
thereby engage in mortgage banking activities, including the making or 
acquiring, for its own account or for the account of others, loans and 
other extensions of credit secured by real estate pursuant to Sec.  
225.25(b)(1) of the Board's Regulation Y.

    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, May 31, 1994.
Jennifer J. Johnson,
Associate Secretary of the Board.
[FR Doc. 94-13644 Filed 6-3-94; 8:45 am]