[Senate Report 113-297]
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                                                     Calendar No. 637
113th Congress  }                                           {  Report
  2d Session    }            SENATE                         { 113-297



               December 10, 2014.--Ordered to be printed


   Ms. Landrieu, from the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources,
                        submitted the following

                              R E P O R T

                         [To accompany S. 2031]

    The Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, to which was
referred the bill (S. 2031) to amend the Act to provide for the
establishment of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in the
State of Wisconsin, and for other purposes, to adjust the
boundary of that National Lakeshore to include the lighthouse
known as Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light, and for other
purposes, having considered the same, reports favorably thereon
with an amendment and recommends that the bill, as amended, do
    The amendment is as follows:
  Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the


  This Act may be cited as the ``Ashland Breakwater Light Transfer


  Public Law 91-424 (16 U.S.C. 460w et seq.) is amended as follows:
          (1) In the first section as follows:
                  (A) In the matter preceding subsection (a)--
                          (i) by striking ``islands and shoreline'' and
                        inserting ``islands, shoreline, and light
                        stations''; and
                          (ii) by inserting ``historic,'' after
                  (B) In subsection (a)--
                          (i) by striking ``the area'' and inserting
                        ``The area''; and
                          (ii) by striking ``; and'' and inserting a
                  (C) In subsection (b), by striking the final period.
                  (D) By inserting after ``1985.'' the following:
  ``(c) Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light.--
          ``(1) The Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light generally depicted
        on the map titled `Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light Addition to
        Apostle Islands National Lakeshore' and dated February 11,
        2014, located at the end of the breakwater on Chequamegon Bay,
          ``(2) Congress does not intend for the designation of the
        property under paragraph (1) to create a protective perimeter
        or buffer zone around the boundary of that property.''.
          (2) In section 6 as follows:
                  (A) By striking ``The lakeshore'' and inserting:
  ``(a) In General.--The lakeshore''.
                  (B) By inserting ``this section and'' before ``the
                provisions of''.
                  (C) By adding after subsection (a) the following:
  ``(b) Federal Use.--Notwithstanding subsection (c) of the first
          ``(1) the Secretary of the department in which the Coast
        Guard is operating may operate, maintain, keep, locate,
        inspect, repair, and replace any Federal aid to navigation
        located at the Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light for as long as
        such aid is needed for navigational purposes; and
          ``(2) in carrying out the activities described in paragraph
        (1), such Secretary may enter, at any time, the Ashland Harbor
        Breakwater Light or any Federal aid to navigation at the
        Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light, for as long as such aid is
        needed for navigational purposes, without notice to the extent
        that it is not possible to provide advance notice.
  ``(c) Clarification of Authority.--Pursuant to existing authorities,
the Secretary may enter into agreements with the City of Ashland,
County of Ashland, and County of Bayfield, Wisconsin, for the purpose
of cooperative law enforcement and emergency services within the
boundaries of the lakeshore.''.