[House Report 108-125]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

108th Congress                                            Rept. 108-125
                        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
 1st Session                                                     Part 2




                  June 4, 2003.--Ordered to be printed


 Mr. Sensenbrenner, from the Committee on the Judiciary, submitted the 

                          SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT

                        [To accompany H.R. 1086]

    On May 22, 2003, the Committee on the Judiciary filed House 
Report 108-125, Part 1, relating to H.R. 1086, the ``Standards 
Development Organization Advancement Act of 2003.'' In the 
report, one paragraph of explanatory language was erroneously 
printed. This supplemental report contains the corrected 
language for that paragraph.
    The fourth paragraph of the matter under the heading 
``Section 3. Definitions'' in the Section-by-Section Analysis 
and Discussion portion (p. 10) of the report should read as 
    ``The Act seeks to encourage disclosure by intellectual 
property rights owners of relevant intellectual property rights 
and proposed licensing terms. It further encourages discussion 
among intellectual property rights owners and other interested 
standards participants regarding the terms under which relevant 
intellectual property rights would be made available for use in 
conjunction with the standard or proposed standard.'' \1\
    \1\ The italicized portion shows the language that was corrected.