[House Report 106-801]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

                                                 House Calendar No. 271
106th Congress                                            Rept. 106-801
                        HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
 2d Session                                                      Part 2


                          CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS


                October 26, 2000.--Ordered to be printed


  Mr. Young of Alaska, from the Committee on Resources, submitted the 

                          SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT

                             together with

                            DISSENTING VIEWS

    [Report on the Refusals to Comply with Subpoenas Issued by the 
                        Committee on Resources]

    The reason for this supplemental report is to comply with 
clause 3(a)(1)(B) of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of 
Representatives, requiring a report of a committee on a measure 
or matter shall be printed in a single volume that ``shall bear 
on its cover a recital that such supplemental, minority or 
additional views * * * are included as part of the report.''