[Congressional Record Index (1986)]
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INDOCHINA  related term(s) Kampuchea; Southeast Asia; Vietnam, 
    Socialist Republic of
  Bills and resolutions
      MIAs: commemorative stamp (see H. Res. 392)
  Remarks in House
      East Timor: human rights violations, 28665 [3OC]
      ------U.S. position on human rights (H. Con. Res. 244), 29117 
      Global Economic Action Institute: goals and achievements, 26564 
      Thailand: commend treatment of refugees (H. Res. 594), 32252 
        [16OC], 32253 [17OC]
      East Timor, Human Rights, 28665 [3OC]
      Human Rights in East Timor: Committee on Appropriations 
        (excerpt), 29118 [6OC]
      Human Rights in East Timor: Floyd Abrams, Asia Watch, 29118 
  Texts of
      H. Res. 594, commending Thai Government for humanitarian 
        contribution to refugee community, 32253 [16OC]