[Congressional Record Index (1985)]
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  Articles and editorials
      Henry Liu Murder, 14671 [6JN]
  Bills and resolutions
      China, Republic of: extradition agreement (see H. Con. Res. 110)
      ------extradition of suspected persons (see S. Con. Res. 10)
      ------Government cooperation in criminal case (see H. Con. Res. 
      Murder of Henry Liu: sundry Members of Congress, 7984 [16AP]
  Remarks in House
      China, Republic of: extradition agreement (H. Con. Res. 110), 
        7980-7986 [16AP]
      Murder: investigation, 3082 [21FE]
  Remarks in Senate
      China, Republic of: proposed extradition of convicted murderers, 
        14670 [6JN]
      Human Rights Violations in Republic of China Denouncement (H. 
        Con. Res. 49): Representative Mineta, 3082 [21FE]
  Texts of
      H. Con. Res. 110, extradition agreement with the Republic of 
        China, 7980 [16AP]