[Congressional Record (Bound Edition), Volume 153 (2007), Part 23]
[Page 32005]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

                          NATIONAL BIBLE WEEK

  Mr. ENSIGN. Mr. President, I rise to speak on behalf of the National 
Bible Association and the most influential force ever known to mankind, 
the Holy Bible.
  Each day, about 168,000 Bibles are sold, given away, or otherwise 
distributed in the United States. November 18 through 25 was National 
Bible Week, which, along with the National Bible Association, I hope 
increased that exposure to help spread the Good News contained within 
its pages.
  The timing of National Bible Week couldn't be more appropriate since 
it encompasses the Thanksgiving Holiday. As you know, Thanksgiving 
commemorates the story and the plight of the Pilgrims, who fled to the 
New World to escape religious persecution and joined with their new 
neighbors to give thanks for offering their friendly aid and for coming 
to their rescue in a dire time of need. Like the Pilgrims, the Bible 
recounts numerous cases of religious persecution of the children of 
Israel and the extreme hardships suffered by many over thousands of 
years. But the Bible also gives us hope, and the comfort of knowing God 
will help us to persevere and endure.
  The theme of neighborly assistance and thanks, as well as the many 
other valuable and moral lessons or guidance for treating one's 
neighbor and fellow man, are imparted in the Bible and even served as a 
moral compass to our Founding Fathers. The Judeo-Christian Bible became 
the cornerstone of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  As we now find ourselves in the midst of the Christmas season, 
National Bible Week should serve as an important reminder to always 
turn to the Bible, recognize its wisdom and Divinely inspired words, 
and reflect on its meaning in our own lives, especially in how we 
interact with and treat our neighbors.
  Beyond serving as a personal moral compass on how to become a better 
person and neighbor, the Bible reassures us of God's infinite love for 
His creation. I encourage you to pick up and read the Bible and become 
awed by the history, lessons, and adventures found within its pages. As 
we celebrate National Bible Week, let us share the positive message of 
the Holy Bible with our families, friends, and neighbors.