[Congressional Record (Bound Edition), Volume 145 (1999), Part 20]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Page 29641]
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                           HON. BRAD SHERMAN

                             of california

                    in the house of representatives

                      Wednesday, November 10, 1999

  Mr. SHERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today and ask my colleagues to join 
me in recognizing the vision and commitment of brothers Jesse and 
Edwardo Martinez, founders of Picosito.com, who have created a 
bilingual Internet website tailored to the U.S. Hispanic/Latino 
community. These first generation Mexican-American brothers established 
their parent company, VivaMedia Incorporated, in 1998 with the focus on 
educating, promoting and cultivating the online Hispanic/Latino 
community--regardless of income level or education.
  Picosito.com provides free access to engaging, dynamic and culturally 
driven content including free email, news, entertainment, health, 
business and communications resources tailored to the needs of the 
growing online Hispanic/Latino community.
  The stories featured on Picosito.com are exclusively written or 
selected because they address issues that affect the U.S. Hispanic/
Latino population. The company is dedicated to identifying stories that 
will inform, educate and inspire Hispanics to make a difference in 
their lives and their communities.
  Quizito, Person of the Day, and the Daily Fact are some of the unique 
features that allow users to test their knowledge and gain insightful 
information about their history, heritage and the vibrant culture of 
``la gente bonita.''
  Jesse and Edwardo Martinez are the first in their family to graduate 
from college, Jesse with a mechanical engineering degree from Texas A & 
M University and Edwardo with an electrical engineering degree from 
Stanford University. They credit their parents, Alfred and Socorro, who 
never graduated from high school, with instilling in them the courage, 
strength and determination to achieve academic success. Now they want 
to give back to their community and believe Picosito.com is the 
appropriate vehicle for this journey.
  Picosito.com's first step at bringing technology into the Hispanic 
community is being demonstrated by the ``Gift of Information'' program, 
which involves donating computers to organizations that need computers 
and offer training in the usage of computers and the Internet 
throughout Los Angeles, New York and Miami.
  Joining the entire Picosito.com team at the House of Blues in Los 
Angeles to help launch the ``Gift of Information'' program are Edward 
James Olmos and many personal and corporate friends from throughout the 
United States and around the world.
  Mr. Speaker, Please join me in honoring Jesse Martinez and Edwardo 
Martinez as they pursue their dream--which is now reality: providing 
the resources to empower Hispanics to make a difference in their own
lives, in their communities and in our country. They have earned our
praise and respect.