[Congressional Record (Bound Edition), Volume 145 (1999), Part 13]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Pages 19089-19090]
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                        THE SOUTH PACIFIC GAMES


                        HON. ROBERT A. UNDERWOOD

                                of guam

                    in the house of representatives

                         Monday, August 2, 1999

  Mr. UNDERWOOD. Mr. Speaker, one of the largest regional multi-
sporting events in the Pacific, the South Pacific Games, was recently 
hosted by the island of Guam. The 11th South Pacific Games consisted of 
roughly 6,000 athletes and officials. Athletes from 22 countries 
competed in 26 sporting events over a 15 day period in May and June.
  Once again, athletes from the North and South Pacific gathered and 
engaged in various sporting events--a celebration of goodwill, cultural 
exchange, brotherhood and healthy competition. This year's competitors 
represented the geographic locations of Melanesia, Polynesia and 
  The island of Guam was responsible for all aspects of the 
organization of the 11th South Pacific Games. Every effort was made to 
make this year's Games the most memorable in the history. Organizers 
developed and implemented a Master Plan that guided the Games to a 
successful conclusion. The 1999 Guam South Pacific Games Commission 
consisted of the chairman, executive chairman,

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eleven board members, and the commission staff. As chairman, the 
island's governor, the Honorable Carl T.C. Gutierrez, committed 
extensive resources in support of the Games. It was all a great 
  Competing on home turf, Guam athletes gave their best performance 
yet. I would like to commend and congratulate Team Guam for their 
superb performance, efforts and contributions toward the success of the 
Games. Participating in regional competitions such as the South Pacific 
Games strengthens our relations with our neighbors and prepares our 
athletes for higher levels of competition.
  I am pleased to submit for the Record the names of the Guam athletes 
who have distinguished themselves by winning medals in the 11th South 
Pacific Games.

                             Track & Field

     Brent Butler: 10k--Men: Silver
     Debra Cardenas: 5000m--Women: Bronze
     Brent Butler: 5000m--Men: Silver
     Susan Seay: Marathon--Women: Silver
     Debra Cardenas: 1500m--Women: Silver
     Anthony Quan: 1500--Men: Silver
     Neil Weare: 1500--Men: Bronze


     Guam Team: Gold


     Guam Men's Team: Silver
     Guam Women's Team: Bronze


     Nomer Alegre: 57 kg: Silver
     Tana Meafou: 91kg: Silver
     Duane Roberts: 91 kg: Bronze


     Guam Women's Team: Women's 2500 Meter G6: Bronze


     Guam Men's Team: Bronze
     Teresita Blair: Women--Individuals: Gold


     Kazuhiro Sonoda: 60 kg: Bronze
     Patrick Fleming: 66kg: Bronze
     Caesar Whitt: 90 kg: Bronze


     Pan Kim: 60 kg: Silver
     Roger Nochefranca: 65 kg: Silver
     Rickey Flores: 75 kg: Bronze
     Atsuyoshi Shiroma: 80 kg: Gold
     Atsuyoshi Shiroma: Open Category Bronze


     Roxanne Vertulfo:--53 kg: Silver
     Dolores Flores: 60 kg: Silver
     June Uson: 60 kg+: Bronze
     June Uson: Open Category: Bronze
     Guam Team: Silver


     Brett Chivers: Laser--Men: Gold
     Erik Lewis: Laser--Men: Silver
     Michele Jacobs: Laser--Women: Silver
     Guam Team: Laser--Men Team: Gold
     Guam Team: Boards--Lightweight Men Team: Bronze
     Guam Team: Boards--Women Team: Bronze


     Guam Team: Fast Pitch--Men: Silver
     Guam Team: Slow Pitch--Men: Silver
     Guam Team: Slow Pitch--Women: Bronze


     Darrick Bollinger: 50m Freestyle: Bronze
     Peter Manglona: 100m Breaststroke: Silver
     Darrick Bollinger: 100m Freestyle: Bronze
     Daniel O'Keefe: 200m Butterfly: Silver
     Daniel O'Keefe: 200m Medley: Silver
     Daniel O'Keefe: 400m Medley: Silver
     Daniel O'Keefe: 400m Freestyle: Bronze
     Darrick Bollinger, Daniel O'Keefe, Joshua Taitano, Mushashi 
         Flores: 4x100 Medley Relay: Silver
     Joshua Taitano, Peter Manglona, Daniel O'Keefe, Darrick 
         Bollinger: 4x100 Freestyle Relay: Silver

                              Table Tennis

     Guam Team: Bronze


     Vincent Flores: 58 kg: Gold
     Joe Daryle Cruz: 62 kg: Gold
     Christian Lee: 67 kg: Silver
     Sonny Chargualaf: 72 kg: Silver
     Ken Orland: 84 kg: Bronze
     Guam Team: Bronze


     Eleanor Minor: 57 kg: Gold


     Kari Wicklund: Women: Gold
     Alison Ward: Women: Silver
     Guam Team: Bronze


     Anthony Santos: 54 kg: Gold
     Regel Agahan: 58 kg: Bronze
     Melchor Manibusan: 69 kg: Silver
     Ben Hernandez: 76 kg: Bronze
     Joseph Santos: 85 kg: Gold
     Drew Santos: 97 kg: Bronze
     John Meyenberg: 130 kg: Silver


     Anthony Santos: 54 kg: Gold
     Regel Agahan: 58 kg: Silver
     Melchor Manibusan: 69 kg: Gold
     Ben Hernandez: 76 kg: Silver
     Joseph Santos: 85 kg: Gold
     Joaquin Dydasco: 97 kg: Bronze
     Jose Dydasco: 130 kg: Silver