[Congressional Record Volume 169, Number 81 (Monday, May 15, 2023)]
[Pages H2318-H2319]
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                          PRIORITIZING ETHANOL

  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentlewoman from 
Iowa (Mrs. Miller-Meeks) for 5 minutes.
  Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to discuss the 
importance of prioritizing ethanol as we move toward a cleaner, more 
renewable energy future.
  Today, I am introducing the Fuels Parity Act legislation that would 
allow ethanol from cornstarch to qualify as an advanced biofuel. 
Removing legal barriers that limit the use of corn-based ethanol will 
bolster American energy production and support our agriculture 
industry, all while lowering emissions.
  The Biden administration continues to tout its focus on clean energy, 
yet routinely leaves ethanol and other biofuels out of the equation. 
Transitioning to 100 percent electric vehicles is simply not feasible 
at this point in time. Our energy demands as a Nation are increasing 
every single day, and our grid cannot support this transition.
  Instead of naively pushing for a change without considering the 
potential side effects, the Biden administration should be promoting 
all kinds of renewable energy, whether wind and solar to support our 
power grid, or advanced biofuels to reduce carbon emissions without 
forcing the purchase of expensive EVs while not having the grid to 
support them.
  My bill is proof that Republicans and Democrats from all different 
regions are supportive of a cleaner energy future. I am proud to be 
joined by Representatives Bice, Hunt, Sorensen, and Budzinski, and I 
look forward to continuing our efforts to prioritize American energy 

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                          National Police Week

  Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize National 
Police Week.
  Our officers do their job because they are committed to serving and 
protecting their communities. It is a selfless profession filled with 
brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect others 
and keep order in society. They deserve recognition for their tireless 
efforts, yet are oftentimes met with hatred.
  Maintaining public safety is the key to thriving communities and our 
Nation as a whole. In the last few years, our officers have been 
constantly attacked and defunded in many major American cities. 
Progressive district attorneys are contributing to the problem by 
refusing to prosecute crimes, leaving criminals on the street who are 
highly likely to re-offend. We have all

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heard stories far too often about serious crimes committed by people 
who have been arrested countless times before being let back out on the 
streets. Unfortunately, this has become the norm in too many cities.
  Our law enforcement officers have been left with policies that leave 
them feeling powerless to do the job they selflessly dedicate their 
lives to. Whether on the border or in major cities, we need serious 
bipartisan police reform that holds bad officers accountable and 
dedicates resources to help good officers do their jobs.
  I am grateful for the men and women in law enforcement for their 
commitment to keeping us safe. I thank them for all they do.

               Congratulating Thomas Gibson of Iowa City

  Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Thomas 
Gibson of Iowa City for winning a Congressional Bronze Medal. I had the 
pleasure of presenting the award to Thomas last week in front of his 
friends and family at Iowa City West High School. Thomas is an 
outstanding young man, deserving of the award given to him to recognize 
the dedication to service and achievement in our Nation's youth.
  In order to earn a Congressional Bronze Medal, participants must set 
and achieve goals in public service, personal development, physical 
fitness, and exploration. Thomas fulfilled his goals by restoring a 
native prairie to its original beauty, volunteering at a community 
garden that gave all of the food to people in need, and becoming a 
senior patrol leader for his Boy Scout troop, serving as a role model 
for younger Scouts and learning valuable lessons in leadership.
  Thomas is also a member of Iowa City West's most advanced jazz band 
and spends his free time working at a local ice cream shop. His peers 
speak very highly of him and recognize him as a valuable member of the 
  Madam Speaker, I wish Thomas the very best of luck as he continues to 
be a leader and role model in the community. He represents the very 
best of Iowa and the rest of the country.

           Congratulating Hailey Whitters of Shueyville, Iowa

  Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Hailey 
Whitters of Shueyville, Iowa, for being named the Academy of Country 
Music Awards' New Female Artist of the Year.
  Hailey had a farm-town upbringing before moving to Nashville to 
pursue a career in music. She spent the next 10 years honing her craft 
and finding her true voice before her breakout album ``The Dream'' 
caught national attention and The Washington Post called it 2020's 
``deepest country album.''
  Hailey's next album titled ``Raised'' drew inspiration from her 
upbringing in Iowa and focused on her childhood adventures in 
Shueyville. This album introduced the world to her own, unique brand of 
Iowa country music. Her song ``A Beautiful Noise'' was a 2022 Grammy 
nominee for Song of the Year, and she solidified her spot in the 
country music scene with her Academy of Country Music Awards' New 
Female Artist of the Year title earlier this month.
  Hailey's success is a testament to her hard work and dedication to 
her craft. I wish her the best of luck as she goes on tour to showcase 
the new album. I know she will continue to make the people of 
Shueyville and Iowa proud.

                             World Beer Cup

  Mrs. MILLER-MEEKS. Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize 
Backpocket Brewing Company from Coralville, Iowa, for winning first 
place for their Pumpkin Ale at the 2023 World Beer Cup. They have set 
the bar for excellent beers worldwide. They already had a gold coin. 
Now they have a gold medal.
  When I first put together my draft remarks, I knew any praise I 
heaped on Backpocket would pale in comparison to their actual 
accomplishments. So I will let their beer speak for itself and simply 
say: congratulations.
  I also encourage all the breweries who won silver or amber: Do not be 
sour. You were stout competitors.