[Congressional Record Volume 168, Number 55 (Tuesday, March 29, 2022)]
[Page S1811]
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  The PRESIDING OFFICER. Today's opening prayer will be offered by our 
guest chaplain, Robert H. Thune, Pastor of Coram Deo Church, from 
Omaha, NE.
  The guest Chaplain offered the following prayer:
  Let us pray.
  Almighty God, every one of us in this Chamber now--whether Senator, 
staffer, or civilian--is, first of all, a human being made in Your 
image. And so we pray.
  Give us grace to acknowledge our limitations, admit our faults, and 
to affirm our fellow human beings despite our many differences. Let us 
always remember that to You and You alone, we must give account. Those 
who serve in this Chamber have been given a noble and weighty 
responsibility to seek and serve the common good of these United 
States. And so, as they attend to the work before them this day, grant 
them the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of Esther, the patience of 
Jeremiah, and the humility of Mary. May they be guided by Your 
providence and strengthened by Your common grace to fulfill Your 
purposes for this Nation.
  Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.