[Congressional Record Volume 166, Number 208 (Wednesday, December 9, 2020)]
[Page H7060]
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                            COVID-19 RELIEF

  (Ms. SLOTKIN asked and was given permission to address the House for 
1 minute.)
  Ms. SLOTKIN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today because the American people 
and the people of Michigan need our help. They need Congress to pass a 
COVID relief package, and failing to reach a deal would be a shameful 
dereliction of duty here in the Congress.
  Just yesterday, my State confirmed its 10,000th death. I have 
hospitals in my district that are at 98 percent capacity, and local 
businesses face oblivion.
  The images of Americans in their cars lining up for hours to pick up 
their Thanksgiving meal should be seared into our memories. Make no 
mistake. These food lines are modern-day bread lines, and it is our job 
to do something about it.
  Platitudes won't feed a family, and empty words won't get folks 
together for the holidays. Frankly, it is a slap in the face to ICU 
nurses, our small business owners, and frontline workers doing 
everything they can do to weather the crisis.
  It is a slap in the face to the nurse in East Lansing who wrote to my 
office pleading for economic relief. Her husband had to stop working in 
the spring to take care of their kids, and every day she gets up 
worried she might bring COVID home to them. They are getting behind on 
their bills, on their rent, and they are taking out loans against their 
  Mr. Speaker, I ask the leaders of both parties and of both Chambers 
to witness these stories, do their jobs, and reach a deal, even if it 
is not perfect.