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                           ISSUES OF THE DAY

  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker's announced policy of 
January 3, 2019, the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Gohmert) is recognized 
for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader.

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  Mr. GOHMERT. Mr. Speaker, at this time it is an honor to yield to the 
gentleman from North Carolina (Mr. Walker), my friend that is 
apparently in his last term in this body. Hopefully, he will be serving 
in another body.

 Reflections on the Privilege of Service in the United States Congress

  Mr. WALKER. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman from Texas for 
  Today, as we wrap up three terms, we could not be more overwhelmed 
with the privilege that it has been to serve the people of North 
Carolina, specifically, central North Carolina, in the United States 
  I am the oldest of three boys, Mr. Speaker, of a Baptist preacher 
from the Panhandle of Florida and have had the privilege to live in 
North Carolina since 1991. Coming out of college, and having the 
opportunity to work, spending 16 years as a pastor, and then the last 6 
years of serving in a different capacity.
  What an honor to be able to walk the halls and to be able to think 
about the history that has made this country what it is today.
  We were blessed to hit the ground running, becoming the first Member 
since its inception in 1973 to be elected chairman at the end of their 
first term of the largest caucus, the conservative caucus of the 
Republican Study Committee.
  Recently, I have enjoyed extending and wrapping up a term as the vice 
chair of the GOP Conference. What a privilege it has been to serve the 
bulk of that time as cochairman with Senator James Lankford of the 
Prayer Caucus. It has been a wonderful time to gather each Monday 
evening--in fact, many people don't even know the Prayer Caucus 
exists--for us to gather on that Monday evening after we fly in and for 
many years to gather in room 219, right off to my right, and seek God's 
guidance as we prayed for constituents and we prayed for the Lord to 
give us the hope and direction for this country.
  I have lots of reflections over these last 6 years. I think of having 
a chance to be the starting pitcher for the Republican baseball team, 
an exhibition game for charity. Every year has been quite a treat.
  I am sure many of my Republican friends are glad to see that the 
Honorable Cedric Richmond is now senior adviser to another gentleman 
and no longer in the House.
  But what a privilege it has been to see the efforts that goes to the 
Boys and Girls Club, Mr. Speaker. And it has been neat that this has 
been a tradition since 1909.
  And there have been other times. There was the moment when I saw   
Steve Scalise, our whip, come back from our teammates being shot at 
that morning, and how he came back and has come back strong; and how he 
has always represented his faith in a way that I think has impacted 
potentially far beyond any political work that he may do in this House.
  There have also been times to engage in a more stern manner, serving 
on the House Oversight Committee with Chairman Jason Chaffetz. Chairman 
Chaffetz did a wonderful job as the House Oversight Chairman as we went 
after and questioned some of the unscrupulous behavior of James Comey 
and Pharma Bro. In fact, I still think Peter Strzok doesn't really care 
for me, but that is okay because sometimes the job requires it.
  One of the moments that stand out on the House Oversight Committee 
was questioning Cecile Richards, Mr. Speaker, when I asked her 
specifically: Does it bother you that there are more African-American 
babies aborted in New York State than actually born? I will never 
forget that she was not even aware of that statistic.
  Nor did I shy away from the fights on this floor. Probably the 
darkest or the heaviest moment was when we were working and going back 
and forth late into the night on the born alive amendment. And I cannot 
help remembering just the heaviness and the oppression of that night, 
as only three of my colleagues on the Democratic side stood up and said 
a baby that survives a botched abortion should have the right to stay 
  I struggled with that. I still struggle with it. In fact, I think it 
is apparently evil not to be able to stand up and fight for all of us 
who are created in the image of God.
  We have heard other comments. The dogma lives loudly. Even a good 
friend and colleague from Illinois that was pro-life, that was someone 
who advocated, is no longer part of the body and was basically run out 
of town. I struggle with those things.
  If our rights come from our Creator and, as our Founding Fathers said 
they have in the past, do they not also come from the Creator in the 
present and in the future?

  Not too far behind us here is the rotunda. There are eight pictures 
in the rotunda. The first four are depictions of our settlers, the 
people who founded this country who came here. In all four of those 
pictures, there is a depiction of Christianity.
  The other four are depictions of our Founding Fathers. The last one 
is my favorite. It is George Washington. The picture is of George 
Washington, December 23, 1783, and in his hand he has his resignation.
  For 8 years, he had been the commander in chief of the Revolutionary 
Army. Yet, in that letter he writes, though he had, potentially the 
ability, the military power behind him to be something of almost a 
monarch again, he captured something. He realized that if this country 
was going to be great, he had the foresight in that letter to write 
that the power had to come from we, the people. What a powerful 
  As I think back over the last 6 years, I have traveled different 
places, 20-something different countries. No place at all has impacted 
me more than standing there on the shores there at Normandy. And as our 
guide began to talk that day, I thought about this for the first time.
  History shows us that those young men were supposed to have air cover 
but, because of the horrific weather, there was none. That day wasn't 
won by military might; wasn't won by great generals or colonels and 
military genius. Our freedom today, we can trace back to that moment, 
was won by 18- and 19-year-old young men who kept running up that hill, 
one wave after the other. What a powerful place and what a privilege it 
is to see these real heroes.
  Arthur Ashe put it this way when he talked about heroism. He said: 
True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge 
to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve all 
others at whatever cost.
  In our 6 years, we have tried not to stick with the talking points. 
Maybe we have had a little bit of a different approach serving in 
Congress. I never surrendered my voting card either to the 
establishment, to leadership, or any special interest group.
  Mr. Speaker, I believe the best kind of representative that you could 
have is someone who is pledging to represent all communities. You see, 
America is the greatest country and the longest-lasting republic in the 
history of the world; but the truth is, we didn't get it all right to 
start with.
  We first launched this idea of individual liberty and opportunity, 
but it took a few people and a few years to get it right: The likes of 
Frederick Douglass, George White, Shirley Chisholm, Jackie Robinson, 
Mahalia Jackson, my friend, Clarence Henderson, and so many more 
heroes. But here's the cool part of the story: We never quit trying 
until our actions matched our words that in America all men would be 
created equal.
  One of the privileges that I have had is to serve with John Lewis and 
cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge and to spend some time hearing his story 
and hearing his history, because I believe this, whether Republicans or 
Democrats, relationship is the conduit for good policy. People before 
the politics.
  You don't have to throw out what you believe or your values or your 
principles. But are you genuine? Do we show up? Do we always have to be 
the keynote speaker at times?
  I was committed to doing this, to be both a conservative and a bridge 
builder, and our team committed to that. Hardly a week went by that we 
didn't answer the question, are we making an argument, or are we making 
a difference?
  In this town, those who make the most noise sometimes get the key 
roles. But in looking back, making the difference is ultimately the 
  The successes? I believe it is simple; staying close to the Lord and 

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the people pray and wrap their arms around us.
  So many times, after spending a week in this arena, this gladiator 
arena, you go back home depleted and kind of worn out. And I will never 
be able to express my gratitude to the people who lifted their arms up 
and prayed for us week after week.
  A couple of months ago, I met Freddy in New Bern, North Carolina. 
Freddy's a little street vendor with his guitar, and he had his guitar 
case open and was hoping to make a few bucks. I had a chance to 
harmonize with him as he played Let My Little Light Shine.
  What a reminder this season that, ultimately, what our calling is, it 
is to let our light shine.
  I think of Luke 2; I think of all the different things in this season 
that mean so much.
  In this city, there are some ups and downs, there are some double-
crosses, but I can tell you, I leave today with no bitterness, no axe 
to grind, not jaded, with a genuine love for my colleagues.
  I specifically have to point out three that I have had the privilege 
of getting to know and having dinner with, basically, for about 3\1/2\ 
years, almost once a week, Tuesday evenings with Trey Gowdy, Senator 
Tim Scott, and the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. I 
love these men. They have impacted my life. There were times the 
fellowship and the joy and the laughter, and even the merciless 
cutdowns from Mr. Gowdy, were incredibly rewarding and timely.
  But there are people behind the scenes here in Washington, D.C., 
names that you will never know, but people like Everette, Carmelita, 
Lloyd, the people behind the scenes that continue to impact.
  In closing today, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the 
people that made this possible, both in North Carolina and here in 
Washington, D.C. My appreciation to Janine, Grace, Joel, Bradley, Kyle, 
Phillip, Emily, Dwayne, Olga, Jerome, Amber, Cory, Ryan, Kevin, 
Madeline, Dan, Alexa, Carson, Sruthi, Sean, Janae, Alison, Rudy, Kate, 
Katie, Louis, Davis, Rusty, Zach, Scott, Arian, Josh, Carter, Keifer, 
Dwayne, Luke, Graham, Lauren, Brian, and two chiefs, Scott and Jack, 
and a deputy chief, Julie, who has been with me since the 
very beginning. I am proud of you guys. We made a difference.

  Mr. Speaker, I would also like to conclude by thanking my family, 
Ryan, Rachel, Anna Claire, and Kelly. Thank you for allowing me to do 
something that is considered pretty special by many.
  To my mom and dad, thank you for investing in me and putting in the 
  So, Mr. Speaker, I would like to close right now by expressing it may 
be in the words of Andrae Crouch:
  ``How can I say thanks for the things You have done for me? Things so 
undeserved, yet You gave to prove Your love for me; the voices of a 
million angels could not express my gratitude. All that I am and ever 
hope to be, I owe it all to Thee. To God be the glory.''
  Mr. GOHMERT. Mr. Speaker, I thank my friend. He has been a real asset 
here in the House, and I look forward to more accomplishments in the 
days to come.
  Speaking of people I have served with, now she is a Senator, Marsha 
Blackburn of Tennessee, very proud of her home State. She is doing a 
great job as a Senator, just as she did a great job in the House.
  She has become the object of ridicule by a Chinese state-owned media 
editor. This article was written by Christina Wong, December 3. It 
says: The European Union Bureau Chief and columnist for Chinese state-
run media outlet China Daily lodged a profane insult at U.S. Senator 
Marsha Blackburn, Republican from Tennessee, on Thursday in a tweet.
  Blackburn, a respected conservative Senator who is a hawk on China, 
tweeted Thursday: China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and 
stealing. Some things never change.

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  Chen Weihua, EU bureau chief and columnist for China Daily, then 
responded to her tweet with: Witch, spelled with a B, Senator 
  Chen then followed up with another tweet that said: This is the most 
racist and ignorant U.S. Senator I have seen. A lifetime witch, spelled 
with a B at the start of the word.
  The gentlewoman retweeted his one-word reply to Blackburn. Blackburn 
responded a couple of hours later in a statement. She said: ``From 
Tiananmen Square to Uighur genocide, Communist China is an expert at 
slaughtering populations. America will not bow down to sexist Communist 
  Breitbart News' James Pinkerton profiled Chen in May. He wrote: 
``Chen Weihua works for the government-owned China Daily, reliably 
cranking out articles with headlines such as `White House must 
concentrate on fighting outbreak, not China-bashing,' and, `Washington 
must stop making decisions which undermine WHO.'
  ``In other words, his journalistic output nicely coincides with the 
People's Republic of China's propaganda plans, from deflecting blame 
for the coronavirus away from Beijing to defending Beijing's minions at 
the World Health Organization.''
  Chen has previously tweeted: ``Trump and Pompeo are not even good 
  Pinkerton noted that Chen bashes the President and his administration 
reliably, but also eagerly, echoing top Democrats and leading never 
  Chen has also called Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, 
another leading China hawk in the Senate, ``ignorant.'' Hawley 
responded: ``#China not happy about my call to confront their economic 
imperialism by ending the WTO and replacing it with a system that is 
good for American workers. I love being insulted by #China state-run 
  Pinkerton noted that Chen has been the beneficiary of many liberal 
programs in the U.S.
  Chen lists on his blue-checkmark verified Twitter bio he was a John 
S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford and a World Press Institute 
Fellow at Macalester College in Minnesota. He also listed the Freedom 
Forum in Washington, D.C.
  So isn't that special. Perhaps one of these institutions is where he 
learned to call women witches, spelled what a B wherever it was. He is 
not a very polite person and is very defensive of being part of a 
misogynistic, sexist, racist, and religion-hating administration. He is 
apparently proud of that. It is very unfortunate.
  But I am proud of Senator Blackburn. We are known by our friends, but 
we are known even more by our enemies, and Senator Blackburn has a real 
enemy there.
  I was reminded back early on in my time in China when we went to 
China. She and I, the two of us, personally confronted, in Beijing, the 
Chinese bureaucrat in charge of enforcing copyright and patent fraud, 
which was just overwhelming in China. The amount that the state 
appeared to not only allow but actually be involved in was pretty 
staggering. At one point, either Marsha or I asked: Why do you allow 
all of this patent fraud and copyright theft to go on?
  The Chinese bureaucrat indicated that, actually, they don't. They 
step in, and, in fact, he said the year before, they had seized the 
assets from 500 different vendors who were selling copyright- or 
patent-infringed goods. Whether DVDs, CDs, things that violated 
Americans' patents, they seized them.
  I said: So what did you do with what you seized?
  I don't know Chinese law, but his indication was that, well, under 
Chinese law, we can't just destroy goods that have value, so we had to 
do something with them.
  It appeared very clear that they seized these assets that were 
violating international trade, copyright, and patent laws. If they are 
not allowed to destroy such goods, then, obviously, they had to get rid 
of them since they felt they had value. So, the Chinese Government must 
have gotten into the business of selling copyright- and patent-
infringed goods. So, there is not a lot of comfort there.
  Marsha and I did talk back then, and once you get away from the 
center of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing and you get around to 
different cities in China, Mr. Speaker, we were both reminded they were 
so hospitable, so gracious, and so wanting you to

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have a good experience in their towns. It reminded us both of Southern 
hospitality here in the U.S. The people were absolutely wonderful, Mr. 
Speaker. You just had to get away from the central government before 
you saw just how wonderful and fantastic the Chinese people are.
  But in Beijing, you have the hotbed of Communist Party activity. 
Although there are some in the United States who are wanting to get to 
being a Communist nation as quickly as possible, we see, anytime there 
is a Communist government, it is not good for the people at all.
  Another story from Simon Kent, December 1: ``No Twitter `Fact-Check' 
Warning on Chinese Official's Fake Photo of Australian Soldier 
Beheading Child.''
  A lot of people have seen the photo, yes, but the Chinese produced a 
photo that was falsified. The Australian soldier was not about to 
behead a child. It is just more fake information out of the Chinese 
Communist Party.
  I guess if you are Twitter, Mr. Speaker, that is not something you 
would fact-check. You only want to fact-check honorable and honest 
people with whom you have disagreements. You wouldn't want to fact-
check someone who is providing you a lot of money despite their 
retraining camps, their lies, and their official misrepresentations. 
You wouldn't want to do that because they might be tempted to cut back 
the revenue to your form of business.
  So, as Chris Plante says, if it weren't for double standards, they 
would have no standards at all there at Twitter.
  Twitter expands hate speech rules. Well, of course, you are not going 
to go after people who truly are full of hate, Mr. Speaker. They think 
conservatives are hateful. As a Christian, we are admonished by Jesus 
to love one another. We were admonished by Jesus Himself to love the 
Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. The second is like 
it: Love your neighbor as yourself.

  So, Christianity is truly a religion based completely on love. It is 
such an incredible thing to base a religion on, but that is what it is. 
God so loved the world He gave His Son; His Son so loved the world He 
gave His life. Then, you have people saying: Well, these Christians and 
these churches are full of nothing but hate, when actually that is 
doing what the Chinese Communist Party does. You are taking something 
out of context and actually perverting the actual beliefs of 
  Twitter is expanding hate speech rules that will allow them to 
continue to produce things and get revenue from the Chinese Communist 
Party and not call into question their true hate of groups that might 
disagree with them. You run over them with a tank if they disagree with 
you even though they are unarmed. That is the kind of thing that 
Twitter is embracing here.
  But this story from Lucas Nolan, 3 December, says: ``Twitter has once 
again expanded its hate speech policies to `prohibit language that 
dehumanizes people on the basis of race, ethnicity, or national 
origin.' ''
  That is really rich coming from Twitter since they embrace the 
Chinese Communist Party and their hatred and their dehumanization of 
Uighurs, Christians, and people who want to have more than one child, 
and based on race, ethnicity, and national origin.
  ``Engadget reports that social media platform Twitter has expanded 
its hate speech policies again, this time to `prohibit language that 
dehumanizes people.' ''
  And on it goes: ``The change in policy comes more than 2 years after 
Twitter said that it intended to ban dehumanizing language and over 6 
months from that last change to the site's policies that banned hate 
speech relating to age, disability, and disease.''
  So, anyway, again, if it weren't for double standards, Twitter would 
have no standards at all.
  This article from Rich Noyes, November 24, ``The Stealing of the 2020 
Presidency: The Media Kept the Truth From Americans'': ``A new study 
shows that if the media didn't apply a leftist bias to its Presidential 
news coverage, Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as 
  ``To measure the true effect of the media's censorship on the 
election, the Media Research Center asked The Polling Company to survey 
1,750 Biden voters in seven swing States--Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, 
Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin--six of which, all 
but North Carolina, were called for Biden. We tested these voters' 
knowledge of eight news stories, all important topics that our ongoing 
analysis had shown the liberal news media had failed to cover properly. 
We found that a huge majority, 82 percent, of Biden voters were unaware 
of at least one of these key items, with 5 percent saying they were 
unaware of all eight of the issues we tested.
  ``This lack of information proved crucial: One of every six Biden 
voters we surveyed, 17 percent, said they would have abandoned the 
Democratic candidate had they known the facts about one or more of 
these news stories. A shift of this magnitude would have changed the 
outcome in all six of the swing States won by Joe Biden, and Donald 
Trump would have comfortably won a second term as President.''
  Now, that is from Newsbusters. I really like those folks, but they 
are wrong about that. As we saw from the results and what occurred, and 
we are seeing more evidence every day, this concludes Donald Trump 
would have won comfortably. But as many of us know, there would have 
been more trucks with more fake ballots that would have been brought 
in, so the claim would have been made anyway that Donald Trump did not 
win because they just needed to know how many ballots they needed to 
overcome and they would bring them in to do so.

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  Consistent with that, from Just the News, David Payne--it is a story 
about what has been going on.
  Sworn testimony of several whistleblowers on Tuesday--and this isn't 
like the fake whistleblower against President Trump that didn't 
actually hear the conversation. He was basing it on double hearsay. 
These are actually whistleblowers who had firsthand knowledge of what 
went on. And when they testified under oath from those who say there is 
no evidence, it is unfounded to say there was fraud, it is not their 
fault they are saying that, it is just they are very uneducated.
  So to help with that, when a witness has firsthand knowledge, 
personally observe, personally saw something occur, and they put that 
in a sworn affidavit, then we have evidence. It is not unfounded. I 
know people that have said that. It is not their fault. They are just 
ignorant, uneducated on what is evidence and what isn't. But sworn 
testimony is evidence when it is first person.
  And there are some exceptions to the hearsay rule that lots of 
articles have been written about and discussed in legal treatises. But 
in this case, it is not hearsay for most of these things that have been 

       But sworn testimony of several whistleblowers alleged what 
     one election integrity activist is calling ``potential ballot 
     fraud on a massive scale,'' with multiple eyewitnesses 
     testifying to alleged suspicious behavior in Pennsylvania and 
       In a press conference in Arlington, Virginia, the Amistad 
     Project--a civil liberties initiative of the Thomas More 
     Society--presented the testimony of three individuals who 
     claim to have witnessed apparent voting malfeasance--that 
     means wrongdoing for those that don't know about evidence--
     during the 2020 election.
       One, Jesse Morgan, a truck driver for a subcontractor with 
     the United States Postal Service, claimed that a trailer he 
     was driving, one full of potentially upwards of 288,000 
     ballots, disappeared from its parked location at Lancaster, 
     Pennsylvania, U.S. Postal Service depot after Morgan dropped 
     it off there. Morgan had transported these ballots from 
     Bethpage, New York.

  Well, that is interesting. You could have 288,000 voting ballots that 
were produced in Bethpage, New York, and supplied to Pennsylvania--
apparently, having already been voted in. And it is possible that 
people would want to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is possible 
they had 288,000 people from Pennsylvania just temporarily residing in 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and wanted to vote absentee in the 
Pennsylvania election.
  So, yeah, maybe it is possible that 288,000 Pennsylvanians were not 
in Pennsylvania pursuing homemade pumpkins pies--Perry Como used to 
sing--that they were actually in Bethpage, New York.

       The subcontractor also reportedly experienced ``odd 
     behaviors'' from U.S. Postal Service personnel, behaviors 
     which postal experts have said in sworn statements, ``grossly 
     deviated from normal procedure and

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     behavior,'' according to a press release from the Amistad 

  Mr. Speaker, by the way, for anybody that might be uneducated on the 
ways of court evidence, in a civil matter such as this, the normal 
standard of proof is a preponderance of the evidence, just the 
slightest evidence more showing that conduct probably was in 
appropriate. That is enough. It does not have to be beyond a reasonable 
doubt unless you are getting ready to prosecute people under criminal 
  Once you move into the criminal realm to prosecute people guilty of 
election fraud, then it does need to be beyond a reasonable doubt but 
not to establish a standard for an injunction to prevent 
decertification or to force decertification after certification, or to 
actually declare an election invalid, even. That is a burden of more 
probable than not, or probable cause rather than beyond a reasonable 
       Another whistleblower, Nathan Pease of Madison, Wisconsin--
     himself also a subcontractor for the U.S. Postal Service--
     alleged that he was told that the postal service was planning 
     to backdate tens of thousands of ballots in the days after 
     the November 3 election in order to circumvent the ballot 
     submission deadline.
       A third witness, Gregory Stenstrom--who testified at a 
     Pennsylvania legislature hearing in Gettysburg last week--
     claimed to have witnessed a Dominion Voting Systems vendor 
     inserting jump drives into voting aggregation machines in 
     Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

  And for those that don't know, that is not appropriate under the 
situation, as was here. And it really shouldn't be appropriate in any 
situation. We need to do away with the ability to have some foreign-
owned counting service, like we have had in Texas, in the big cities--
no county that wasn't a big city controlled by Democratic officials 
would ever allow that to happen in east Texas, west Texas, south Texas, 
north Texas. But in our big cities, yes, they will hire foreign firms, 
as they have, or firms funded by foreign money. They will hire them.
  But they should not be, number one, connected to internet, should not 
ever be susceptible of foreign ability to access information, which 
means also to manipulate information if they are good hackers. And just 
as I said in 2001, back when I was a felony judge in Texas and Congress 
overstepped what was appropriate and ordered that every county in 
America had to give up what system of voting, no matter how effective 
and appropriate and protected it was, and all by electronic voting 
machines, it costs, seemed like $2 billion or so dollars. It was an 
unfunded mandate. But worse to me is someone who worked in our county 
courthouse--I said back in 2001, this means because of Congress' 
inappropriate bill they passed, that eventually elections will go to 
the best--the person with the best hacker. And now, 19 years later, 
that is what we have.
  Mr. Speaker, but it wasn't just hacking. It was also manipulation 
that wasn't hacking. There were doors to which electronic experts could 
go to manipulate things. It was creating fraudulent ballots. It was--
also, as I recall, the Texas constitution itself requires that ballots 
are to be numbered sequentially, and I don't believe that has been done 
in quite some time.

  So Texas, even though President Trump won and we picked up Republican 
seats there, I would submit it would be potentially even better results 
if we had ballots that comported with the Texas constitution. And I 
would submit that everybody ought to be having sequentially numbered 
ballots just to protect the election and voting process.
  ``In its press release, Amistad Project director, Phil Kline, said 
the testimonies are `compelling.' ''
  You see, testimony means things that were said under oath, which 
means it is evidence. It is a foundation for the claims of election 
  `` This evidence joins with unlawful conduct by State and local 
election officials, including accepting millions of dollars of private 
funds, to undermine the integrity of this election, Kline said.' In 
this press release, the Amistad Project says it has collected sworn 
expert testimony alleging that `over 300,000 ballots are at issue in 
Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in 
Pennsylvania.' ''
  And in case there is wondering about whether or not that would affect 
the election, that would absolutely affect the election in each of 
those states.
  The story from PJ Media, Tyler O'Neal, December 1, again, talks about 
the truck driver that testified--which means it was under oath and it 
is evidence--``He had driven thousands of ballots from Bethpage, New 
York, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 2 weeks before Election Day. Phil 
Kline, a former attorney general of Kansas and director of the Amistad 
Project of the Thomas More Society, said that the Amistad Project 
corroborated the truck driver's story.''
  So that is evidence.
  This story by Jim Hoft: ``Colonel Phil Waldron''--that I believe he 
has some former NSA folks that work with him--``tells Michigan 
lawmakers truckloads of ballots for Joe Biden were inserted into the 
Michigan 2020 election.''

       Colonel Phil Waldron spoke tonight--this is dated December 
     2--at a Michigan hearing following his explosive testimony in 
     Arizona on Monday on the voting machines used in U.S. 
     elections. The Dominion systems were connected to the 
     internet as well, despite Dominion's claims to the contrary.

  And that also--let me insert here--that also helps explains the U.S. 
Government's director that was suppose to have been protecting our 
election, cybersecurity, making sure it was secured. There was a puff 
piece done on the director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security 
Association--or agency. Krebs was his name, Christopher Krebs. He had 
indicated in an article on Election Day that he wanted to thank his 
partners in Silicon Valley. And he was also grateful--I am sure he had 
someone in Dominion advising him, but Krebs said everything is good 
because he talked to people that might have been involved in the fraud 
and they assured him everything was good. So he said everything was 
  Also, with our Attorney General Barr, he said he had seen no evidence 
of fraud. And there are others that have said the same thing. And I 
would humbly submit that all you have to do is close your eyes, stick 
your fingers in your ear, and sing ``la la la'' for a long period of 
time. Keep it up and you will neither see nor hear any evidence of 
  So if our Attorney General can keep that up, then he will continue 
not to see or hear any evidence of fraud. So, hopefully, he has not 
been listening to what I have had to say here in the House because, 
here, again, it would cause him to demand to see and hear the actual 
evidence, and he may not want to do that so he can stay consistent.
  But the evidence is there. It is evidence. It is sworn. And as this 
article points out:

       According to Waldron, the United States has a copy of the 
     traffic and the packets of information that were sent to 
     Germany on election night.
       Yesterday, the first expert at the Arizona State 
     Legislature hearing with Rudy Giuliani was U.S. cybersecurity 
     expert, Colonel Phil Waldron.

  And Phil is an impressive man, an impressive person when it comes to 

                              {time}  1515

  ``Colonel Phil Waldron spoke first at the Arizona hearing about the 
voting machines used in the U.S. election. The Dominion systems were 
connected to the internet as well, despite Dominion's claims to the 
contrary. The records within the system can be manipulated by outside 
parties and insiders as well.
  ``On Wednesday night, Colonel Waldron told the committee that they 
have witnesses now who delivered truckloads of ballots for Joe Biden 
from New York to Pennsylvania. Waldron said they likely did the same 
thing in Wisconsin.
  ``Waldron explained that Democrats inserted truckloads of fraudulent 
ballots into the fraudulent 2020 election.''
  Many people saw the video from Georgia that was played yesterday, 
last evening. This article from The Gateway Pundit, December 3, says: 
``Earlier today Cristina Laila reported on the explosive video that was 
revealed during the Georgia ballot counting at the State Farm Arena 
where crooked Democrats pulled out suitcases full of ballots and began 
counting these ballots without election monitors in the room.
  ``Trump's legal team showed a video from the State Farm Arena 
tabulation center when poll workers were told to leave at 10:25 p.m.

[[Page H6855]]

  ``A few `workers' stayed behind and were seen pulling suitcases of 
full of ballots out from under tables to be tabulated.''
  So that seems strange, if you believe that the mainstream media never 
reports anything but facts, because you can, as I did yesterday, go 
online and put into Google anything about vote counting being suspended 
during election night. All of the first entries you get tell you that 
it was fact-checked; it is not true; it is fraudulent representation. 
It is not true; there was never any suspension of vote counting for 
anytime in the swing States.
  In other words, even though you heard it and you saw it happening on 
TV, don't believe your lying eyes and ears; believe what we tell you, 
because we are coming to you through the internet, so you can trust us, 
but don't trust your lying eyes or ears.
  Anyway, in that video, it is very clear, they did pull out suitcases 
full of ballots that were--whether intentional or not, they were hidden 
under tables, and they weren't pulled out until after the monitors and 
the other vote counters were ordered to leave, that they were stopping 
the vote counting, and they did leave. That is when the ballots come 
out from under the table and the counting of those ballots begins. It 
is absolutely extraordinary.
  But some of us have known that this kind of activity has been going 
on. We know that there were electronic manipulations in Dallas County 
in 2018. It is really unfortunate. Our Texas Attorney General had a 
chance to be a national hero, had they stepped in, utilized evidence 
from there. And I have heard people say, Well, I heard about that. 
There was really nothing to that.
  Well, I have been following that for two years and trying to get 
people in law enforcement to do something about it. But they avoided 
the chance to be a national hero and refused to go after the fraud that 
existed in the 2018 primary and general election in Dallas County, 
again, by a firm that had foreign money supporting it, and they did the 
counting for Dallas County. But since nothing was done there, then the 
people were free to continue that type of operation in the national 
  Here is an article from Joel Pollak. ``Attorneys Sidney Powell and 
Lin Wood told a rally in Atlanta, Georgia . . . Republicans should not 
vote in the January 5 runoff election for U.S. Senate unless State 
authorities rectify problems in the State's voting system.''
  And I haven't talked to Lin Wood or Sidney Powell about that, but I 
would imagine, knowing them, that they were trying to make the point 
that this system needs to be cleaned up before the election on January 
5, because we do need people to vote in that election--not multiple 
times, but legally; not people come in and illegally vote, but people 
vote legally as to who they want to represent them in the U.S. Senate.
  So here is a story from the Epoch Times, Christina Kim, November 28: 
``The complaint against Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson 
and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, marks the beginning of Powell's lawsuit 
against the State.
  ``Some of the allegations are repeated claims from Michigan and other 
States. Republican challengers were unable to `meaningfully observe,' 
and workers were instructed to backdate ballots.
  ``Other claims are newer.
  ``Expert witness, Russell James Ramsland, Jr., works with the Allied 
Security Operations Group. In the past, he has worked with NASA and 
  ``Ramsland said there were four `physically impossible' `spikes 
totaling almost 385,000 ballots allegedly processed in a combined 
interval of 2 hours and 38 minutes.' He concluded that `Dominion alone 
is responsible for the injection, or fabrication, of 290,000 illegal 
votes in Michigan that must be disregarded.' This is nearly twice the 
number of ballots by which Biden is leading Trump, which is 
approximately 150,000 ballots.
  ``Dr. David Keshavarz-Nia has a Ph.D. in engineering and technology 
and received advanced training from the CIA, NSA and DHS. In his sworn 
statement . . . ''--and again, since it is a sworn statement, it means 
the allegations are not unfounded and there is evidence of what is 
alleged--`` `that USB memory cards were used to facilitate 
administrative' backdoor access `to disrupt polling operations and 
impact ballot counting across Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona 
and Wisconsin.'
  ``He also said, after a detailed analysis of the New York Times data, 
in his expert judgment, `the vote count distribution in Pennsylvania, 
Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, are not based on 
normal system operation. Instead, they are caused by fraudulent 
electronic manipulation of the targeted voting machines.'
  ``Another affidavit was submitted by someone whose name and personal 
information was redacted. This person was an electronic intelligence 
analyst with extensive experience as a white hat hacker used by some of 
the top election specialists in the world.

  ``The expert alleged that a search of Edison Research showed they had 
an Iranian server and there are records showing China accessing 
Dominion Voting's servers.'' Wow. ``Edison Research reports the vote 
count tabulation to Decision Desk HQ for election results.
  ``According to the affidavit, the digital forensics analysis shows 
there is `unambiguous evidence that Dominion Voter Systems and Edison 
Research have been accessible and were certainly compromised by rogue 
actors, such as Iran and China.' ''
  Now, this is an area that does require expertise, and that is why you 
need experts to come in and testify about it. It is true that simply 
making a statement under oath in an area that requires expertise may 
not be considered evidence until a judge--going back to the Merrell Dow 
decision of the U.S. Supreme Court--the judge became the gatekeeper, 
had to make inquiries of the expert outside the hearing of the jury, 
and determine whether or not this person was expert in an area in which 
he was proffered as a witness, and if the judge so finds, then that is, 
indeed, sworn evidence before the court.
  ``The complaint asks the Court to provide emergency relief to de-
certify Wayne County's results, stop Benson and Whitmer from 
transmitting the State's certifications to the Electoral College, and 
`to transmit certified election results that President Donald Trump is 
the winner of the election' in Michigan, among other requests.
  ``Michigan's Senate Committee is set to meet next Tuesday, December 
1, to hear testimony about absentee ballot counting at Detroit's TCF 
  You know, this is a matter that should be thoroughly investigated by 
all areas of the Government, the three branches of Government, 
including--for those who we are told are recent college graduates that 
know the Three Stooges' names better than the three branches of 
Government--it is the executive branch, from the President all the way 
down; the legislative branch, including Congress and the Senate; and 
also the judiciary branch, where you would ultimately come to have 
judicial decisions made over these things.
  Those are all important. We all ought to be investigating this. It is 
part of our job as Members of Congress. That is what we need to be 
  Yet, it is worth noting--and I think important to note--that as we 
heard the majority leader talking about concerns about COVID and 
businesses going bankrupt and not being able to operate and, of course, 
the unconstitutional shutdown of churches, where the Government does 
prohibit the free exercise of religion, those matters should concern 
everybody and especially about who you place as your servant in the 
  But we hear the words from some people in this body about how 
critical it is that we do something about COVID. One of the first 
things we should have done--we had over $120 billion that was unused 
that was authorized and appropriated in the original Payroll Protection 
Program. It is just sitting there. All we have got to do is say yes, go 
back and allow that to be used by businesses in trouble under the same 
conditions, or we can modify them, and we have a bill.
  And Republicans have been, We don't care. Put a Democrat name on 
there. That is fine. Let's just do it to help businesses avoid going 
out of business. Instead, what we took up was the tiger bill. We took 
that up pretty quick this week.
  And as my friend, Dr. DesJarlais, pointed out, if you look at the 
time that we spent in here voting on the

[[Page H6856]]

tiger bill, that, as I understand, only pertains to one place that 
keeps tigers, that during that period we voted on the tiger bill, there 
have been more people die of COVID than have died from tigers over the 
last 25 years. Yet, we rush in here to do the tiger bill.
  I know there is a lot of use, metaphorically, of the red pill/blue 
pill from The Third Eye or The Matrix. And it is intriguing. You know, 
the red pill is supposed to show you truth, what is really going on, 
and the blue pill, you will just be in blissful ignorance. I couldn't 
help but be reminded of that.
  When we are in here, we are not passing anything to help with COVID, 
not to help businesses going out of business. We are passing what ought 
to be called the blue pill law. We are not going to fix your problems, 
but we are hoping you will smoke dope so that you can--marijuana. So we 
are--I didn't vote for it--but appropriating a bunch of money to make 
marijuana more accessible, not for medicinal purposes--a lot of us are 
okay with that--but for widespread recreational use.
  So that if you are bothered--whether it is seeing an election stolen 
or seeing your business go bankrupt, because the Government won't you 
let you open, or seeing your church being closed and the preacher being 
taken down for someone who failed to wear a mask--smoke some dope. That 
is the message of the week. And that is what we did this week.
  So that is the message from the majority. Go smoke some dope, take 
the blue pill, and you will enjoy life so much more.
  Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.
  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Members are reminded to refrain from 
engaging in personalities toward Members of the Senate or the 
President, including by repeating remarks made elsewhere that would be 
improper if spoken in the Member's own words.