[Congressional Record Volume 163, Number 12 (Monday, January 23, 2017)]
[Page S391]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]

                       HONORING OUR ARMED FORCES

                 Chief Petty Officer Charles Keating IV

  Mr. McCAIN. Mr. President, today I wish to honor an American hero, 
Navy Seal Charles Keating IV, who died in service to his country.
  On January 13, 2017, the Navy awarded its highest honor, the Navy 
Cross, to CPO Charles Keating IV for heroism demonstrated in combat 
against the Islamic State in northern Iraq. Our Nation lost a great 
patriot and American hero in Charles, who was only 31 when he succumbed 
to injuries sustained during an attack on his team. Charles, a Navy 
SEAL special warfare operator chief petty officer, was part of a quick 
reaction force that was called upon to aid U.S. military forces and 
Kurdish Peshmerga allies when they came under heavy fire by a large 
force of Islamic State fighters north of Mosul. Tragically, we lost 
Charles on May 3, 2016.
  Charles enlisted in the Navy in 2007, leaving Indiana University 
where he was a long-distance runner. He went on to graduate from the 
basic underwater demolition/SEAL training in 2008, joining an elite 
group. He served one tour in Afghanistan in support of Operation 
Enduring Freedom and two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  Previously awarded the Silver Star for his actions in the line of 
duty, Chief Keating was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously for his 
demonstration of extraordinary heroism and valor when he was the 
decisive repellant of an overwhelming enemy force, assuring the lives 
of his team and coalition counterparts. According to his award 

       Keating's courageous leadership, tactical acumen, and 
     physical courage were the key factors in defeating an assault 
     on friendly lines by more than 100 enemy fighters. He 
     continually exposed himself to enemy automatic weapon, 
     mortar, and rocket propelled grenade fire as he diligently 
     maneuvered between fighting positions to stop enemy advances. 
     The enemy then attempted to flank his position with a 
     vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. At great personal 
     risk, Chief Keating led a team into the open to intercept and 
     neutralize the rapidly closing VBIED threat with precise 
     sniper and rocket fire. His personal bravery throughout the 
     engagement inspired his comrades to vigorously defend their 
     position and repel the enemy's assault.

  Nowadays, the words ``hero'' and ``heroism'' are used so often that 
they tend to lose some of their meaning. For this reason, it is so very 
important that we identify heroism and honor heroes when they truly 
present themselves. There can be no greater hero among us than those 
like Chief Keating, who gave their lives for their fellow man in 
support of ideals greater than their own self-interest. With this in 
mind, I ask my fellow Members of Congress to join me as we honor the 
life of Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer Charles 
Keating IV and his legacy, who will stand forever in our memory as an 
illustrious example of each and every man and woman in our Armed Forces 
and those in harm's way supporting them, who give the ultimate selfless 
sacrifice in service to our great country.