[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 48 (Wednesday, March 26, 2014)]
[Page H2650]
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  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from 
California (Mr. Swalwell) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. SWALWELL of California. Madam Speaker, today I rise to celebrate 
the work and achievements of a local Hayward veteran and businesswoman, 
Graciela Tiscareno-Sato. I was honored to meet with her yesterday in my 
  Before coming to my office, Graciela was recognized by the White 
House as one of 10 Women Veteran Leader Champions of Change for the 
work of her Hayward business, the Gracefully Global Group. It produces 
books and educational materials highlighting the positive contributions 
of Latinos.
  The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Graciela received an Air Force 
ROTC scholarship to attend the University of California Berkeley, where 
she obtained a degree in environmental design and architecture.
  Graciela then served 9 years on Active Duty in the Air Force as an 
officer, receiving the Air Medal for combat air operations during the 
Iraq war.
  Graciela is also a mom, and a fierce advocate for her oldest 
daughter, who has been blind since birth. I asked Graciela how she has 
accomplished so much for being so young. She gave me one word: 
  Graciela brings her heritage and experience to work writing 
educational books for children. One of her most recent bilingual books 
is titled ``Good Night Captain Mama,'' and it tells the story of a 
mother's service as a pilot in the Air Force, and it is the first 
bilingual children's book about a woman serving in the military.
  Graciela is also committed to bringing jobs and economic development 
to her hometown of Hayward. I look forward to working together with her 
to accomplish this goal. Graciela's story is truly one of resilience 
and determination, or, as she would put it, tenacity. Thank you, 
Graciela, for bringing positive examples of Latinos to schools and 
inspiring young students across the world. And congratulations on your 
much-deserved recognition by the White House.
  I am proud to represent Graciela Tiscareno-Sato: veteran, business 
owner, daughter of immigrants, mother. Your work is inspiring to the 
next generation of leaders who want to dream big and reach for the