[Congressional Record Volume 160, Number 25 (Tuesday, February 11, 2014)]
[Page H1728]
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  (Mr. BYRNE asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
  Mr. BYRNE. Madam Speaker, I rise today in recognition of National 
Marriage Week.
  Every year, in the lead-up to Valentine's Day, we recognize the 
importance of the institution of marriage and the stability it brings 
to the American household. Married couples lead longer lives, have 
greater financial and emotional stability, and are healthier and 
generally happier than their unmarried counterparts. However, only 52 
percent of adults in America are married today--a steep decline from 80 
percent in 1970.
  Children who grow up in a two-parent household generally perform 
better in school, stay out of trouble, and are on track to live a 
healthier and happier life. Yet today, over 40 percent of babies are 
born out of marriage, compared to only 5 percent in 1960.
  I have been married to my wife, Rebecca, for 32 years. We have 
enjoyed raising our four wonderful children together, the oldest of 
whom is now married himself.
  I believe promoting the positive benefits of marriage is important 
for the happiness, stability, and well-being of the next generation. I 
am proud to recognize National Marriage Week, and I am honored to be 
married to Rebecca and be the father of Patrick, Kathleen, Laura, and