[Congressional Record Volume 157, Number 197 (Tuesday, December 20, 2011)]
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[Page E2334]
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                        HON. CEDRIC L. RICHMOND

                              of louisiana

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, December 20, 2011

  Mr. RICHMOND. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life and legacy 
of Daniel Buckner Price and the steadfast faith and goodwill of the 
Price family. Daniel was brutally murdered at the age of 28 in San 
Francisco while trying to protect his high school sweetheart and wife, 
Sarah Abbott Price, from an attacker.
  A native of my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, Daniel was a 
loving husband, brother, son, and friend. During his short life, in 
addition to being remembered as a devoted family man, we remember 
Daniel as a talented artist and gifted athlete.
  Family, friends, and strangers alike remember Daniel for his 
infectious spirit and creativity.
  An inspiration to all whose lives he touched, Daniel had the ability 
to find beauty in even the simplest pleasures.
  Daniel's parents, Dr. Steve and Mrs. Catherine Price are great 
parents and loving members of the New Orleans community. Following his 
tragic death, his family created the Daniel Price Memorial Fund for 
Aspiring Artists to give talented fine arts graduates of the New 
Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) an opportunity to pursue 
higher educational studies in the arts. Instead of giving up on the 
good in people and becoming jaded, they doubled down on their faith and 
in the future of New Orleans' best product and our future: our 
children. The scholarship will enable future generations of young, 
talented artists like Daniel Price to follow their artistic passion 
while obtaining a college degree. One criterion for the scholarship is 
that the applicant must also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the 
New Orleans artistic community. This will ensure that the beneficiaries 
of the scholarship continue to contribute to New Orleans' future in the 
years ahead.
  While we continue to grieve the loss of such a precious and innocent 
life, let us find the strength to be inspired to be kind and generous, 
and to live our lives with the same vitality and integrity that Daniel 
Buckner Price lived his life. The Price family represents the best of 
what New Orleans has to offer. Their dedication to the city and its 
future brings hope and promise to ensuring that New Orleans remains one 
of the most beautiful and unique places in the world.