[Congressional Record Volume 156, Number 128 (Wednesday, September 22, 2010)]
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                       HON. MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO

                                of guam

                    in the house of representatives

                     Wednesday, September 22, 2010

  Ms. BORDALLO. Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor the 
accomplishments of Team Guam at the 7th Micronesian Games which took 
place in Koror, Palau in August of this year. The Micronesian Games are 
a quadrennial sporting event that unifies the islands of the central 
and western regions of the Pacific through friendly competition. The 
2010 Micronesian Games featured more than 1,000 competitors from the 
Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Kosrae, Yap, the Northern Mariana 
Islands, Palau, and Guam. Athletes from across Micronesia competed in 
the sports of Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Canoe (Va'a), Fast pitch 
Softball, Micro All Around, Spearfishing, Swimming, Table Tennis, 
Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.
  At the end of the ten day competition, the 200-member Guam Team 
garnered a grand total of 66 medals, including 20 Gold, 25 Silver, and 
21 Bronze medals. I commend the athletes of Team Guam for their 
performances at the Micronesian Games and for representing the island 
of Guam with great pride, promoting the values of sportsmanship and 
dedication to fitness. I would like to recognize the following 
individuals and teams who achieved Gold medals in their respective 
  Amy Atkinson: Women's 1500m Run; Derek Mandell: Men's 800 Meter Run, 
1500m Run, and 10,000m Run; Michael Gaitan: Men's 5000 Meter Run; 
Women's Basketball; Men's Basketball; Women's V6 15km Canoe; Susanna 
Schlub: Women's V1 10k Canoe; Men's 500m Canoe; Justin Dugan and Alea 
Dugan: Mixed Tennis Doubles; Justin Dugan and Wendell Roden: Men's 
Tennis Team; Justin Dugan and Wendell Roden: Men's Tennis Doubles; Jay 
Sternadel and Michael Todd Genereux: Spearfishing Team Event; Women's 
Volleyball; Men's Volleyball; Maria Dunn: Women's 63kg Freestyle 
Wrestling, Women's Light Weight Beach Wrestling, and Women's Overall 
Heavy Weight Beach Wrestling; and Raymond Tenorio Jr.: Greco Roman 
Wrestling 66kg.
  The following individuals and teams achieved Silver medals:
  Naomi Burke: Women's 100m Sprint; Naomi Blaz: Women's 200 Meter 
Sprint; Amy Atkinson: Women's 800 Meter Run; Nicole Layson: Women's 
5000 Meter Run and Women's 10,000m Run; Gerardo Genie: Women's Shot 
Put; Naomi Blaz, Noreen Ericsson, Nicole Layson, and Amy Atkinson: 
Women's 4x400m Relay; Michael Herreros: Men's 110m Hurdles; Jeofry 
Limtiaco: Men's 1500m Run; Toby Castro: Men's 5000 Meter Run; Women's 
V1 500m Canoe; Women's 500m Canoe; Women's 1500m Canoe; Men 1500m 
Canoe; Women's Tennis Team Event; Ayuri Sugahara: Women's Tennis 
Singles; Alea Dugan and Terea Tapu: Women's Tennis Doubles; Women's 
Fast Pitch Softball; Men's Fast Pitch Softball; Mark Walters: Men's 
Triathlon Individual Event; Theodore Tamashiro: Men's 55kg Freestyle 
Wrestling and Greco Roman Wrestling 55kg; Raymond Tenorio Jr.: Men's 
66kg Freestyle Wrestling; and Patrick Camacho: Men's 120kg Freestyle 
Wrestling and Greco Roman Wrestling 120kg.
  The following individuals and teams earned Bronze medals:
  Naomi Burke: Women's 200 Meter sprint; Naomi Blaz: Women's 400m 
Sprint and Women's Triple Jump; Nicole Layson: Women's 1500m; Women's 
Sheena Subido: 10,000m Run; Genie Gerardo: Women's Discus Throw; Noreen 
Ericsson: Women's Long Jump; Jeofry Limtiaco: Men's 400 Meter Hurdles; 
Michael Gaitan: Men's 800 Meter Run; Toby Castro: Men's 1500m and 
Men's10,000m Run; Albert Juan III: Men's Triple Jump; Derek Mandell, 
Michael Gaitan, Jeofry Limtiaco, and Keith Muna: Men's 4x400m Relay; 
Men's Baseball; Men's V1 500m Canoe; Edwin Adag and Arlene Taitague: 
Mixed Doubles Table Tennis; Edwin Cadag, Arman Burgos, and Prudencio 
Burgos: Men's Team Table Tennis; Edwin Cadag and Arman Burgos: Men's 
Double Table Tennis; Michael Todd Genereux: Men's Individual 
Spearfishing; Mark Avery Sasai: Men's 60kg Freestyle Wrestling; and 
Cliffourd Kusterbeck: Men's 74kg Freestyle Wrestling.
  I join our community in congratulating the men and women of Team Guam 
for their accomplishments at the 7th Micronesian Games in Palau, and I 
look forward to Team Guam's continued success in international