[Congressional Record Volume 153, Number 85 (Wednesday, May 23, 2007)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Page E1137]
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                          PERSONAL EXPLANATION


                      HON. CATHY McMORRIS RODGERS

                             of washington

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, May 23, 2007

  Mrs. McMORRIS RODGERS. Madam Speaker, while I was absent from the 
House of Representative last week due to the birth of my son, I would 
like to state how I would have voted on the following pieces of 
legislation if I had been able to be present:

                               H.R. 1773

  To limit the authority of the Secretary of Transportation to grant 
authority to motor carriers domiciled in Mexico to operate beyond 
United States municipalities and commercial zones on the United States-
Mexico border.
  Rollcall No. 349--Yea

             H.R. 1585, National Defense Authorization Act

  Rollcall No. 351--Nay
  Rollcall No. 352--Nay
  Rollcall No. 355--Yea
  Rollcall No. 364--Nay
  Rollcall No. 365--Nay
  Rollcall No. 366--Nay
  Rollcall No. 367--Nay
  Rollcall No. 368--Yea
  Rollcall No. 369--Yea
  Rollcall No. 370--Nay
  Rollcall No. 371--Nay
  Rollcall No. 372--Yea
  Rollcall No. 373--Yea

                               H.R. 1427

  To reform the regulation of certain housing-related Government-
sponsored enterprises, and for other purposes.
  Rollcall No. 378--Yea
  Rollcall No. 379--Yea
  Rollcall No. 380--Yea
  Rollcall No. 381--Nay
  Rollcall No. 382--Yea
  Rollcall No. 383--Yea.