[Congressional Record Volume 151, Number 154 (Friday, November 18, 2005)]
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[Page E2436]
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                           HON. RALPH REGULA

                                of ohio

                    in the house of representatives

                       Friday, November 18, 2005

  Mr. REGULA. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to congratulate Dr. W.A. Hayden 
Schilling, a professor from the College of Wooster, who was selected as 
a national winner of the U.S. Professors of the Year award. As a former 
educator, I know how important education is to the success of our 
  This is the only national award that recognizes college and 
university professors for excellence in undergraduate teaching and 
mentoring. I am pleased to say that Dr. Schilling was one of four 
national winners to receive this honor.
  After receiving his bachelors degree in history from Southern 
Methodist University, Dr. Schilling earned both his masters and Ph.D. 
in history from Vanderbilt University. I should also point out that he 
is a Fulbright Scholar.
  Dr. Schilling is a model educator who has spent his career dedicated 
to the success of our Nation's students. In fact, he was chosen over 
300 other candidates for the Professor of the Year award. Wooster 
President R. Stanton Hales summed up Dr. Schilling's achievements when 
he said, ``Besides being a superb lecturer and professor, Dr. Schilling 
gives generously of his personal time for students. There's no way you 
can try to calculate the hours that he does this. I have seen no one 
more passionate about student success in all my 27 years in higher 
  Helping the youth in the community excel has always been a passion of 
Dr. Schilling. He founded, directed and taught in the Wooster-
Youngstown Early Intervention program which brings students together to 
improve their proficiency in math, science and language skills. His 
program has been a tremendous success, as many of the participants have 
successfully enrolled in college and it now serves as a model for 
several area colleges.
  Lou Gerstner, former chairman of IBM said, ``If we don't step up to 
the challenge of finding the best teachers, we'll undermine everything 
else we are trying to do to improve our schools. That's a conscious 
decision that would threaten our economic strength, political fabric, 
and stability as a nation. It's exactly that clear cut.'' Dr. Schilling 
is an example of the type of teachers that Mr. Gerstner speaks of and 
this award serves as a testament to Dr. Schilling's outstanding career 
in education.
  I appreciate all that Dr. Schilling has done to improve the lives of 
students and extend my congratulations to him as a 2005 U.S. Professor 
of the Year.