[Congressional Record Volume 151, Number 144 (Thursday, November 3, 2005)]
[Page H9560]
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                        THE WAR IN IRAQ IS JUST

  (Mr. PENCE asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. PENCE. Madam Speaker, it has been an extraordinary series of 
days: closed door sessions in the United States Senate, accusations and 
recriminations by a former President of the United States.
  President Jimmy Carter said in the last 24 hours that intelligence 
was ``manipulated'' in the runup to the war in Iraq. And yet, as the 
Wall Street Journal reports today, Madam Speaker, four separate 
independent investigations found otherwise.
  Let me say from my heart, I was here the night we voted to give the 
President the authority to go to war, and it was a combination: Saddam 
Hussein's rejection of over a dozen United Nations resolutions, an 
appalling record on human rights, and the complete agreement of every 
intelligence service in the western world that he possessed weapons of 
mass destruction, a confidence that was derived from the fact that he 
not only had possessed them before, but Saddam Hussein had used weapons 
of mass destruction against his own people, killing thousands in the 
early 1990s.
  There was no manipulation. The war in Iraq was just, is just, and the 
freedom of the teeming millions who established a constitutional 
republic 1 week ago supports that conclusion.