[Congressional Record Volume 149, Number 92 (Friday, June 20, 2003)]
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                    IN HONOR OF MR. LLOYD MONSERRATT


                          HON. XAVIER BECERRA

                             of california

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, June 19, 2003

  Mr. BECERRA. Mr. Speaker, we, Ms. Roybal-Allard, Ms. Solis, and 
myself, rise today with emotions mixed with fond memories and profound 
sadness to pay tribute to a dear friend and people's champion, Mr. 
Lloyd Monserratt. Six months ago, on January 9, 2003, Lloyd 
unexpectedly passed away. His loss was a sudden and tragic one for all 
of us--we lost an inspirational leader. This upcoming Sunday, June 22, 
2003, we will have an opportunity to remember Lloyd and honor his life 
when the community gathers to break ground for The Lloyd Monserratt 
Pleasant House, a transitional living program designed to prevent 
foster youth from becoming homeless by providing them with a stable and 
secure environment; a fitting tribute to a great man.
  After 36 short but accomplished years of life, Lloyd Monserratt is 
survived by his mother, Olga Monserratt; his brother, Ernie Monserratt; 
his grandmother Consuelo Recalde; and his fiancee, Michele Ramos. Lloyd 
was predeceased by his father, Carlos Monserratt.
  Those of us who are fortunate to have called Lloyd friend remember 
him as a man who had passion for life, as a gentle man, and as someone 
who was always there for you with an enormous smile and a warm embrace. 
He devoted his life to helping others in the greater Los Angeles area 
and across the country. By using politics as a vehicle for change, 
Lloyd labored tirelessly to empower poor and underrepresented 
individuals to work together and make a difference in their own 
communities. Lloyd treated everyone with respect and made it his 
personal mission to provide opportunities, training and jobs for youth. 
Through his work and boundless love, Lloyd gave life to countless 
people. The lessons Lloyd shared and example he set will continue to 
live on--through the many family members, friends, young people, 
community activists and elected officials whose lives Lloyd touched--
long after he has left us.
  Mr. Speaker, on behalf of all who loved and respected him, we 
respectfully submit into the Congressional Record the following tribute 
to Lloyd Monserratt, shared by his family at his funeral on January 18, 
2003 at All Souls Church in Alhambra, CA.

       Los Angeles has lost an angel--Lloyd Monserratt, altar boy, 
     eagle scout, soccer coach, umpire, community organizer, chief 
     of staff, and young political leader.
       Lloyd Monserratt, the child of Carlos and Olga Monserratt, 
     was born on December 3, 1966 at California Hospital in Los 
     Angeles, California. A love and respect for the community was 
     instilled in Lloyd early in life. As a 9-year old, Lloyd 
     attended his first protest alongside his father in his 
     hometown of Alhambra.
       Lloyd was born to lead; he ran his first political campaign 
     while in the seventh grade where he was successful in getting 
     himself elected to be All Souls Elementary School Student 
     Body President. As a boy scout, he reached the rank of 
     Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop #203, and while in 
     college Lloyd became one of the few Latino USAC Presidents 
     at UCLA. An active member of the University of California 
     Student Association, he organized students across the 
       Lloyd was a role model. He was an altar boy at All Souls 
     Church. He was a member of several of All Souls' sports 
     teams. He played T-ball, little league, and West Valley AYSO 
     soccer. Lloyd was the assistant coach of his brother Ernie's 
     soccer team. He later became a little league umpire for 
     several years for West Alhambra Little League. As an All 
     Souls Panther, Lloyd earned MVP honors for ``B'' basketball 
     and took his team to the city championship.
       Lloyd attended Saint Francis High School where he was an 
     honor student. As a senior in high school, Lloyd applied to 
     only one college--UCLA. Lloyd was proud to be a Bruin. He was 
     a leader in the student movement, as a student commissioner 
     and later student President, and as a MEChA leader and co-
     founder of MEChA class.
       Lloyd was the community. He created the Parents Institute 
     while working for Los Angeles School Board Member Vicki 
     Castro, and designed the National Association for Latino 
     Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) national program for 
     newly elected and appointed officials. Widely respected and 
     admired by all who met him, Lloyd gave people the tools to 
     change their lives. He made a difference in the lives of 
     youth, seniors, and residents across the state. A community 
     organizer and political veteran, he managed and directed 
     political campaigns from San Diego to San Francisco and 
     beyond. As a Latino Campaign Director for the Democratic 
     Congressional Campaign Committee, he led all six of his 
     congressional candidates to victory simultaneously. As a 
     chief of staff to Los Angeles City Councilman Nick Pacheco, 
     he impacted countless people across the eastside and 
     northeast Los Angeles. Lloyd can be remembered as a 
     motivator, a peace keeper, a visionary, and a gentle man. 
     Lloyd was the heart of the district, and the heart of 
     Councilman Pacheco's office. He was the visionary, the mover, 
     the motivator and the implementer.
       Lloyd made a lasting impact on everyone he met. Lloyd 
     accomplished more in 36 years than many others accomplish in 
     three lifetimes. Lloyd was a leader of his generation. We 
     will miss him greatly.

  Mr. Speaker, the voice of family always speaks with conviction and 
from the heart. The sentiments expressed by Lloyd's family are also 
ours. We, too, know them to be true. We wish to thank Father Richard 
Estrada of Jovenes, Inc., for our newly named The Lloyd Monserratt 
Pleasant House. June 22 offers us another chance to commemorate the 
life of our friend Lloyd Monserratt.
  Mr. Speaker, we ask that all of our colleagues join with us today to 
salute Mr. Lloyd Monserratt and honor his life. He will forever remain 
in our thoughts.