[Congressional Record Volume 147, Number 4 (Saturday, January 6, 2001)]
[Page H30]
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  (Ms. WATERS asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
  Ms. WATERS. Mr. Speaker, let the Record show that on today, Saturday, 
January 6, I am present on the floor of the House of Representatives 
prepared to object to the electoral vote count for the State of Florida 
at the proceedings that will take place at 1 o'clock.
  Let the Record show that the rules require all objections to be 
submitted in writing and signed by a Member of the House and a Member 
of the Senate. As of 11:00 today, I have not been able to identify any 
U.S. Senator prepared to sign any objections; therefore, all attempts 
to object may be denied. However, I am voicing my objections to the 
electoral votes submitted by Florida.
  Mr. Speaker, I believe these electoral votes to be illegitimate and 
unrepresentative of the true popular vote in Florida. Vice President 
Gore is leading in popular votes in excess of 500,000 votes in this 
country, and all of Florida's vote recounts are not yet tabulated. The 
recounts will document that Gore won Florida, despite voter fraud, 
despite voter intimidation, despite the butterfly ballots, despite the 
criminal recording of ID numbers on absentee ballots. History will 
record what really took place in this election.