[Congressional Record Volume 144, Number 55 (Wednesday, May 6, 1998)]
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[Page E770]
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                       TRIBUTE TO GOODLOE SUTTON


                         HON. EARL F. HILLIARD

                               of alabama

                    in the house of representatives

                         Wednesday, May 6, 1998

  Mr. HILLIARD. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to offer my congratulations 
to one of Alabama's finest and most ethical journalists, Mr. Goodloe 
Sutton of Linden, Alabama.
  Mr. Sutton's series on police corruption in Marengo County, Alabama 
was recently entered into the competition for the prestigious Pulitzer 
Prize . . . the Academy Award of journalism.
  I am personally very proud for Mr. Sutton, but I am equally proud for 
the citizens of Marengo County because they have such a brave and 
fearless man of letters to look after their interests.
  Mr. Sutton's series of articles uncovered rampant law enforcement 
corruption, the misuse of public funds, and the uncovering of one of 
the largest drug rings ever revealed in the counties history.
  Because of Mr. Sutton's public integrity, he suffered many, many 
injustices at the hands of the Sheriff's Department, as well as many 
death threats.
  His story is a shining example of the best and the brightest which 
occurs in America when a single citizen has the bravery to stand alone, 
in the face of mounting pressure and odds, and stands up for justice 
and equality.
  Mr. Sutton's quest for both the truth, as well as for the principle 
of equal justice under the law is both laudable and meritorious.
  Mr. Sutton should be commended by the Congress and the American 
people for his truly American heroism and dedication to the truth. Well 
done, Goodloe Sutton.