[Congressional Record Volume 144, Number 51 (Thursday, April 30, 1998)]
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[Page E725]
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                           HON. BRAD SHERMAN

                             of california

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, April 30, 1998

  Mr. SHERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to Carolyn and Aris 
Anagnos, two preeminent philanthropists and community leaders, for 
their tireless efforts on behalf of Hellenic American causes and human 
rights and democracy across the world.
  For decades, Aris and Carolyn have worked to advance the political, 
social, educational and cultural interests of the Hellenic American 
community in Southern California. The Hellenic American Council has 
given the community an effective voice in domestic and foreign policy, 
championing freedom and sovereignty in Cyprus, the Aegean and Northern 
Greece and promoting awareness of Turkish injustices, past and present. 
The Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies at Loyola Marymount 
University, the Archbishop Makarios Center of St. Sophia Senior 
Citizens Residence and a host of other community organizations have 
benefited from their philanthropy.
  This weekend the Friends of Hellenic Studies and the Basil E. 
Caloyeras Center at Loyola Marymount University are honoring Carolyn 
and Aris for their years of service to the Hellenic-American community 
and their exemplary support of Modern Greek Studies at Loyola 
Marymount. I would like to underscore the importance of supporting 
Hellenic Studies programs and the teaching of Modern Greek history, 
culture and language in our universities.
  In addition to being great Hellenes, Carolyn and Aris are great 
democrats and humanitarians. It is not incidental that those who uphold 
the Hellenic ideals of democracy would be champions of peace, human 
rights and civil liberties, both here in the United States and abroad. 
As board members and executive officers of the American Civil Liberties 
Union and the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action, Aris 
and Carolyn have worked to promote democracy and human rights in all 
parts of the world.
  Mr. Speaker, we owe a debt of gratitude to Carolyn and Aris for their 
dedication and their humanity.