[Congressional Record Volume 143, Number 93 (Friday, June 27, 1997)]
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                         HON. THOMAS M. BARRETT

                              of wisconsin

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, June 26, 1997

  Mr. BARRETT of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker, I pay tribute today to one of 
Milwaukee's truly outstanding citizens, Rabbi Michel Twerski. On July 
6, 1997, Congregation Beth Jehudah will gather with friends from 
Milwaukee and around the world at Milwaukee's historic Pabst Theater to 
pay tribute to Rabbi Twerski. I would like to take a moment to reflect 
on Rabbi Twerski's contributions to Milwaukee, the Chassidic community, 
and the world of music.
  Rabbi Twerski has been an inspirational force in the local and 
international Chassidic

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community for many years. He is both a spiritual leader and a renowned 
composer, whose works have been listened to and enjoyed throughout the 
world of Jewish music. Indeed, on July 6, the Milwaukee Symphony 
Orchestra will be giving a concert in celebration of Rabbi Twerski's 
  In addition to his musical accomplishments, Rabbi Twerski has been a 
leader in his community throughout his lifetime. With the values 
instilled by his parents, he has reached out to his community to share 
the teachings of his faith. He led efforts to create an elementary 
school and Kollel audit learning program in Milwaukee, both of which 
have been significant to the Orthodox life in the city. Both he and his 
wife, Rebbetzin Feige Twerski, present programs throughout the world to 
those who want to learn more about traditional Jewish life and have 
become known internationally as counselors on difficult personal and 
religious matters.
  Rabbi Twerski not only serves Milwaukee as a religious leader but is 
a friend, counselor, and teacher to his community and a leader to the 
Milwaukee community as a whole. It gives me great pleasure to 
congratulate Rabbi Twerski on his many accomplishments and commend him 
on his service to Milwaukee and people throughout the world.