[Congressional Record Volume 143, Number 69 (Thursday, May 22, 1997)]
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[Page E1024]
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                        HON. BARBARA B. KENNELLY

                             of connecticut

                    in the house of representatives

                         Thursday, May 22, 1997

  Mrs. KENNELLY of Connecticut. Mr. Speaker, today, I rise to recognize 
the Day of Portugal celebrations taking place in the First 
Congressional District of Connecticut and throughout the world.
  Every year on June 10, the date of the birth of Portugal's greatest 
poet, Luis de Camoes, who lived from 1524 to 1580, people of Portuguese 
descent around the world honor their heritage on Day of Portugal. It is 
a time to pause and reflect on the many achievements of that great 
nation over the centuries and to celebrate the strong friendship 
between the United States and Portugal.
  Thousands of Connecticut residents are proud of their Portuguese 
heritage and share their cultural traditions with their neighbors and 
communities in which they live. The example of family unity, pursuit of 
education and respect for the elderly set by the Portuguese are 
profound lessons for all of us. Many Portuguese-Americans have 
contributed significantly to the development of the United States, 
including Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo, navigator Pedro 
Cabrillo, and Marine Corp band director John Philip Sousa.
  As one of the founding members of NATO, Portugal is a highly valued 
ally and close friend. Portugal is a vital link of security for Europe 
and the Mediterranean Sea, and a longtime host of the United States Air 
Force base on Lajes, Terceira, and Azores. Additionally, trade between 
our two nations is active and continues to grow.
  I congratulate the organizations from the First Congressional 
District that are dedicated to promoting Portuguese cultural heritage 
and expanding educational opportunities throughout the State of 
Connecticut: the Holy Ghost Portuguese Society, Our Lady of Fatima 
Church and School, the Portuguese Club of Hartford, and the Portuguese 
Foundation of Connecticut. I support the efforts to expand the 
opportunities for cultural and trade exchanges between the United 
States and Portugual and the continuation of this historical