[Congressional Record Volume 143, Number 62 (Tuesday, May 13, 1997)]
[Extensions of Remarks]
[Pages E901-E902]
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                            HON. SAM JOHNSON

                                of texas

                    in the house of representatives

                         Tuesday, May 13, 1997

  Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Speaker, as this Congress deliberates 
the issues facing our Nation and the world today, I would like to bring 
to your attention a group of young people and families who are taking 
significant steps to strengthen society in our country and around the 
globe. In particular, I would like to commend 384 such individuals who 
have recently returned from Moscow, Russia, where they have been 
involved over the 1995-96 school year in providing character education 
for orphans, public school children, college young people, juvenile 
delinquents, and families. They have been serving at their own expense 
under the authority and official invitation of the Moscow department of 
education. Their success continues to be heralded throughout Moscow by 
television, newspaper, and word of mouth among the citizens and leaders 
of Russia. Furthermore, the credentials and strengthening that this 
experience provides for those who have taken part will heighten the 
success of their work in their own home communities as they continue to 
serve families and young people through positive character training and 
practical assistance.

       John Arnett (NC), Breton Alberty (LA), Evangeline Alexander 
     (AL), Adam Allen (CA), Hugh Allen (CA), Karen Allen (CA), 
     Matthew Allen (CA), Rachelle Allen (CA), Charles Astone (AZ), 
     Jeri Lynn Backus (AR), Jerome Backus (AR), Martha Backus 
     (AR), Sunny Barja (NC), Donny Barr (GA), Lindsay Bain (NZ), 
     Simon Bain (NZ), Aileen Bair (OH), David Bair (OH), John Bair 
     (OH), Peter Bair (OH), Robert Bair (OH), Stephen Bair (OH), 
     Kelly Battson (CA), James Beaird (TX),

[[Page E902]]

     Amy Beckenhauer (CA), Gail Beckenhauer (CA), Kurt Beckenhauer 
     (CA), Adam Bell (TX), Anthony Bender (CA), Patricia Bender 
     (CA), Steven Bender (CA), Karine Bergeron (Canada), Matthew 
     Berholic (WA), Jason Beverly, Richard Blair (CA), Nicole 
     Blockeel (Canada), Dean Boehler (CO), Justin Boehler (CO), 
     Rebekah Boehler (CO), Stacy Boehler (CO), James Brock (GA), 
     Joshua Brock (GA), Sandra Brock (GA), Vann Brock (GA).
       Paul Brooker (GA), Calyton Browning (NY), Rachel Browning 
     (NY), Ralph Browning (NY), Robert Browning (Canada), Sandra 
     Browning (NY), Wanda Browning (NY), Christopher Brudi (MI), 
     Nathan Bultman (MI), Reuben Burwell (TX), Laura Grace Butler 
     (AL), James Cade (MS), Laura Cade (MS), Melonie Cade (MS), 
     Andrew Campbell (NZ), Daniel Campbell (NZ), Holly Cannon 
     (OK), David Carne (OR), Adriane Cecil (GA), Andy Cecil (GA), 
     Angela Chetta (GA), Marc Chetta (GA), Marc A. Chetta (GA), 
     Matthew Cheeta (GA), Christel Clark (MI), Daniel Clark (MI), 
     James Clark (MI), Lisa Clark (MI), Susan Clark (MI), Nathan 
     Clausen (MN), Michael Clement (NE), David Coggin (VA), David 
     Cohen (ND), Matthew Coker (OK), Jonathan Cole (ID), Alan Buck 
     Collie (CA), David Collie (CA), Sarah Collie (CA), Susan 
     Collie (CA), Timothy Collie (CA), Ryan Costello (FL), Richard 
     Coulson (KS), Aarie Courneya (MN), Annalisa Craig (NE).
       Daniel Craig (NE), David Craig (NE), Mary Craig (NE), Neil 
     Craig (NE), Stephen Craig (NE), Timothy Craig (NE), James 
     Crenshaw (FL), Kerri Lynn Crist (CA), Jonathan Davis (CA), 
     Denise Diouhy (MN), Steven Diouhy (MN), Reuben Dozeman (MI), 
     Annie DuBreuil (IL), Joshua Dunlap (FL), Bruce Eagleson (PA), 
     Naomi Ellis (OR), Joseph Farley (CA), Jana Farris (CA), 
     Alyson Fitch (NC), Tory Francis (KS), John French (CA), Jesse 
     Fuqua (CA), Doran Gaines (TN), Terrianne Gaines (TN), Thomas 
     Gaines (TN), Gerald Garcia (WI), Kriselda Garza (TX), Deborah 
     Geiger (NC), Rhiannon Geraci (OH), Vicki Geraci (OH), William 
     Geraci (OH), Charles Gergeni (IN), Jeremy Goertz (Canada), 
     Jenna Golman (VA), William Gothard (IL), Alison Gracom (CA), 
     Robert Greenlaw (TX), Christine Griesemer (SC), Andrew 
     Griffin (TN), Craig Guy (MO), Peter Guy (CA), Marie Hackleman 
     (MI), Ronald Hair (GA), Tamala Hair (GA).
       Susan Hall (MI), James Harper (CA), Shirley Harper (CA), 
     Natalie Harper (CA), Sally Hawkins (OR), Susan Hawkins (OR), 
     Tim Hayes (NY), Louise Henne (MI), Clinton Hilman (OR), Judy 
     Himan (OR), Kaarina Hilman (OR), Alan Holmes (NC), Julie 
     Howard (FL), Kristen Howard (FL), Spencer Howard (FL), Walter 
     Howard (FL), Walter S. Howard (FL), Aimee Howd (IA), 
     Christonpher Hulson (OK), Terrill Hulson (OK), Wil Hunsucker 
     (NC), Julianne Hunsucker (NC), Wilburn Hunsucker (NC), James 
     Hynes (IN), Blayne Hutchins (ON), Judith Hynds (TX), Michael 
     Jacquot (SD), Brian Jacynyk, Christina Jare (LA), Matthew 
     Jett (AL), Anna Jones (GA), David Jones (CA), Donald Jones 
     (MT), John Jones (GA), John D. Jones (GA), Joseph Jones (GA), 
     Pamela Jones (GA), Elizabeth Joyner (NC), Christopher Keller 
     (TX), Jessica Keller (TX), Judith Keller (TX), Robert Keller 
     (TX), Stephanie Keller (TX), Joshua Kempson (NJ), Cara Kerr 
       Corrine Kerr (FL), Mary Ann Kerr (FL), W. Randall Kerr 
     (FL), Dean Kershner (MD), Jason Kingston (TX), Daniel Koller 
     (MO), Hermann Koller (MO), C. John Krabill (OR), Michael 
     Krabill (OR), Candace Lacey (FL), Cherie Lacey (FL), Aaron 
     Laird (MT), Dacon Laird (MT), Katherine Laird (MT), Nena 
     Laird (MT), Zachary Laird (MT), James Lane (FL), Sondra 
     Lantzer (MI), Amy Lee (CA), David Lee (CA), Katie Lee (CA), 
     Cecelia Leininger (TX), James Leininger (TX), Kelly Leininger 
     (TX), Tracey Leininger (TX), David Lent (GA), Deena Lent 
     (GA), George Lent (GA), Marywinn Lent (GA), Michael Lent 
     (GA), Rachel Lent (GA), Elizabeth Long (GA), James Long (GA), 
     John Long (GA), Jadon Lord (KS), Mark Maier (WA), John 
     Mardirosian (OK), Todd Marshall (MI), Joshua Martin (PA), 
     Joshua Mather (NY), George Mattix (WA), Patricia Mattix (WA), 
     Aaron Mattox (MO), Jennifer Mattox (MO), Kathleen McConnell 
       Benjamin McKain (IN), Patricia McKain (IN), Sarah McKain 
     (IN), Shannon McKain (IN), Thomas McKain (IN), Sonshine 
     Meadows (GA), Charles Mehalie (NY), Debra Mehalie (NY), 
     Rachel Mehalie (NY), Rebekah Mehalie (NY), Sandra Mehalie 
     (NY), Sarah Mehalie (NY), T.C. Mehalie (NY), Stephen Midkiff 
     (WA), Sarah Millard (OR), Amy Miller (MN), Rachel Miller 
     (MT), Alan Mills (IN), Nancy Ruth Mirecki (Canada), Ira Moore 
     (AL), Julia Moore (AL), Owen Moore (AL), Sarah Moore (AL), 
     Robert Moore (AL), Joy Morgan (TN), Ann Phyllis Murphy (AR), 
     Garland Doty Murphy (AR), Phyllis Murphy (AR), Zachary Murphy 
     (AR), Kathleen Nicolosi (TX), Jerome Nicolosi (TX), Regina 
     Nicolosi (TX), Vanessa Nicolosi (TX), Veronique Nicolosi 
     (TX), Rachel Noel (OH), Hannah Oehlschlaeger (OR), Anne 
     Oldham (TN), Alicia Olson (WY), Vladimir Osherov (Aust.), 
     Jonna Patterson (GA), Glory Perkins (GA), Heather Perkins 
     (GA), James Perkins (GA), Lea Perkins (GA), Timothy Peters 
       Janice Petersen (GA), John Petersen (GA), Timothy Petersen 
     (GA), Gregory Phillips (WA), Beverly Pike (FL), Joshua Ramey 
     (CA), Randall Rankin (AL), A. Marie Ratcliff (NC), Carolyn 
     Ratcliff (NC), Paul Ratcliff (NC), William Ratcliff (NC), 
     Christianna Reed (TX), Mary Regenold (TN), Jessica Reiter 
     (CA), Beryl Richards (MI), Jerome Richards (MI), Jerome 
     Richards, Jr. (MI), Veronica Richards (MI), Benjamin 
     Riddering (CO), Jessica Riness (MI), Lindsay Rink (KS), 
     Russell Risona (CA), Forest Robertson III (IN), Leigh Anne 
     Robinson (TN), Debbie Rogers (LA), Deborah Rogers (LA), 
     Jonathan Rogers (LA), Steven Rogers (LA), Charles Rogers III 
     (LA), Charles Rogers, Jr. (LA), Joann Roof (NY), Charles Ross 
     (IN), Charity Ross (IN), Jedidiah Ross (IN), Mary Ross (IN), 
     Stephen Ross (IN), Rebekah Ross (IN), Rebecca Rowe (PA), 
     Keith Rumley (MI), Laura Rumley (MI), Peter Rumley (MI), 
     Holly Rupp (IL), Stacey Rupp (IL), Stephen Sallows (IL), 
     Shanon Schneider (KS).
       James Schroeder (TX), Molly Schultz (OR), Ashley Sell (WY), 
     Harry Shedd (ME), Robert Sherwood (CA), Cherylynn Sherwood 
     (CA), Valerie Sherwood (CA), William Sivells (TX), Cynthia 
     Smith (PA), Daniel Smith (PA), Elizabeth Smith (PA), Timothy 
     Smith (PA), James Sneed (MO), Laura Spencer (NC), Jesse 
     Spivey (LA), Robert Spivey (LA), Wendi Sundsted (TX), Beau 
     Taylor (WI), Jonathan Trotter (MO), Mark Trotter (MO), Daniel 
     Truitt (TX), Jeffrey Truitt (TX), Harold Veltkamp (MT), 
     Jennifer Waite (IL), Kenneth Waite (IL), Matthew Waite (IL), 
     Nancy Waite (IL), Sarah Waite (IL), Dane Walker (VA), Jamie 
     Walker (VA), Sarah Walker (VA), Thomas Walker (VA), Nicholas 
     Wall (CO), Laura Warren (FL), William Warren (FL), Matthew 
     Watkins (CA), William Watkins (LA), Aaron Watson (WA), David 
     Watson (WA), Jonathan Watson (WA), Virginia Watson (WA), 
     Matthew Webster (CO), Emily Weidler (NY), Shannon Welborn 
     (FL), Heather Wenstrom (FL).
       James Whitfield (KY), Daniel Whitten (CO), Jamie Whitten 
     (CO), Jesse Whitten (CO), Jon Whitten (CO), Josiah Whitten 
     (CO), Kim Whitten (CO), Linda Whitten (CO), Manoah Whitten 
     (CO), Ryan Whitten (CO), Seth Whitten (CO), Stephen Whitten 
     (CO), Susannah Whitten (CO), Daniel Wideman (Canada), Ted 
     Williams (CT), Adam Wolsfeld (IL), Barbara Wood (VA), Harold 
     Wood (VA), Timothy Wood (VA), John Worden (CA), Angela 
     Zimmerman (NC), Christine Zimmerman (NC), John Zimmerman