[Congressional Record Volume 143, Number 46 (Thursday, April 17, 1997)]
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[Pages E694-E695]
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                                AND BALL


                          HON. ROBERT MENENDEZ

                             of new jersey

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, April 17, 1997

  Mr. MENENDEZ. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to the Pulaski 
Cadets, Inc., an organization which will be celebrating its 164th 
anniversary on April 19, 1997. This momentous occasion will recognize 
the contributions of Danuta Sieminska, operations manager of the Polish 
and Slavic Federal Credit Union and Thomas Wojslawowicz, president of 
the Pulaski Day Parade at the annual Military and Review Ball to be 
held in the Crystal Ballroom of the United Poles in America in Perth 
  The Pulaski Cadets, Inc., have a long and distinguished history of 
service to their fellow Americans. This independent company, named 
after the famous Revolutionary War Gen. Kazimierz Pulaski, was 
incorporated in 1833. Its roots extend back to March 1778 when General 
Pulaski, commander of the American Cavalry, received permission from 
the Continental Congress to form an independent legion headquartered in 
Baltimore. During the War for Independence, the Pulaski Legion 
participated in a number of battles including Egg Harbor, Yorktown, and 
Savannah where General Pulaski was mortally wounded.
  After the Revolutionary War, the Pulaski Legion was ordered to report 
to New York to defend that region of the new nation. In 1833, some 
descendants of the Pulaski Legion veterans decided to organize their 
own unit and named it the Pulaski Cadets. The official title of New 
York City Guard was bestowed upon the Pulaski Cadets in 1839. This 
elite military unit was attached as 1st Company to the 11th Regiment 
and later to Company G of the 55th Regiment, which caused an awkward 
situation since the 55th Regiment spoke mostly in French. They were 
subsequently granted a

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transfer to the 9th Regiment. During the Civil War, many of the 
commissioned officers served with honor and distinction. The 
organization of the Militia--now called National Guard--made it 
possible for the company to continue on an independent basis. This 
tradition was kept alive until shortly after World War I.
  The organization of the Pulaski Cadets was revived in 1985 by Brig. 
Gen. Jan K. Krepa and his Adjutant LTC Dziekanowski. The mission of 
this newly revitalized group included providing educational opportunity 
for the young people of the area through the Pulaski Cadets Scholarship 
Fund. Over the past 12 years, more than $12,000 has been distributed to 
qualified students attending American colleges and universities. This 
financial assistance has made a real contribution to the academic 
success of many fine young men and women.
  It is an honor to have such an exceptional organization working on 
behalf of the residents of my district. The Pulaski Cadets, Inc.'s 
efforts to promote the educational achievement will be long remembered. 
I am certain that my colleagues will rise with me and pay tribute to an 
important piece of our American history.