[Congressional Record Volume 142, Number 125 (Thursday, September 12, 1996)]
[Pages H10355-H10364]
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                              {time}  1315

  The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Cooley). Under the Speaker's announced 
policy of May 12, 1995, the gentleman from California [Mr. Dornan] is 
recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader.
  Mr. DORNAN. Mr. Speaker, before I begin my special order, which is on 
the multiple and expanding scandals of this administration, I yield to 
the gentleman from Pennsylvania [Mr. Weldon], my wing man who sits in 
the senior position to my left on the Committee on National Security, 
for a few more thoughts upon the constitutional crisis we are working 
our way through this very day, where Mr. Clinton has frozen out 100 
elected Senators and 434, with Bill Emerson in heaven, elected 
Representatives. I yield to the distinguished gentleman from 
  Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania. I thank my friend and colleague for 
yielding. I want to start off by just making one statement at the 
beginning here because, Mr. Speaker, while we cannot directly speak to 
those people who may be watching this at home, I can speak to you, Mr. 
Speaker. I can repeat what is, in fact, the case.
  As you know, I objected from a parliamentary standpoint to our 
colleagues who for the past hour or so have been raising questions 
about the ethics case of Speaker Gingrich. The reason I raise those, as 
you pointed out, Mr. Speaker, is we are not allowed to discuss an open 
ethics case in this body until it is concluded.
  The problem is that they can keep speaking. I have to sit here and 
every minute raise the objection again, and you would warn them, and 
that would just go back and forth all night. So we just sit down and 
let them speak.
  But I just want, Mr. Speaker, to remind everyone, including our 
colleagues, that we could have sat here and we could have discussed the 
ethics case against the gentleman from Michigan [Mr. Bonior], which to 
my understanding is still pending before the Ethics Committee, or 
perhaps to my understanding there was an ethics case, maybe it has been 
resolved, against the gentleman from Missouri [Mr. Gephardt]. But we 
did not choose to do that because we play by the rules and we know 
that, in fact, as a Member of this institution, any matter currently 
pending before the Ethics Committee is not to be discussed because the 
Ethics Committee is totally bipartisan, equal numbers of Democrats 
and Republicans, and until it is ultimately resolved and brought to a 
recommendation of this body, we are not supposed to respond.

  So we could have done the same thing. We could have got up here and 
laid out all the facts on the Bonior allegations and all the facts 
about the Gephardt allegations, but we did not choose to do that. We 
choose to just let them vent their frustrations, if you will, because 
of their concern of Speaker Gingrich's impact on revolutionizing this 
  So if, Mr. Speaker, there are those who think that we were not 
prepared to respond, that is why, because we, in fact, are abiding by 
the rules of theHouse. Just to further respond and thank my good friend 
and colleague who has been a leader in this body, I want to commend him 
for today passing one of the most historic and most important bills 
that this institution will pass in this session, and that is how POW 
Accountability Act, which the gentleman from California [Mr. Dornan] 
has worked on diligently for how many years?
  Mr. DORNAN. Obviously, I thank the gentleman for bringing it up.
  Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania. How many years have you worked on this 
  Mr. DORNAN. I started, believe it or not, when I was 19 years old, 
when I joined the Air Force. And while I was waiting to go to pilot 
training in July 1953, I had just turned 20 by then, I joined when I 
was 19 in October 1952. I served basic, waiting at Williams Air Force 
Base to go. And an Army psychiatrist who had interviewed all the men 
coming back from Korea, the first waves who had been brainwashed, 
tortured is the proper word, and broken, and given confessions, 21 were 
still sitting in China, young high school dropout enlisted kids. One 
committed suicide. All 20 saw the error of their ways, came home, our 
country forgave them.
  But I started then. But legislatively I have spent 31 years, since my 
best friend David Hurdlica was shot down. His wife Carol testified 
yesterday, my wife's best friend. We were neighbors, bridge partners. I 
checked him out in the F-100 HUN, the Super Sabre. For 31 years my 
interest has been intense.
  If I may say so, I won the Mendel Rivers award by testifying in that 
committee room today. I thought about it and thought, well, do not 
mention it. That was the summer of 1971. Pete Peterson, who was sitting 
in the room, was still in prison, and I was testifying, do not end 
Vietnam the way we ended Korea. And we did. More controversy, more 
conspiracy theories, more men left behind, certainly in Laos for sure. 
And as I said today in our Committee on National Security room, with 
all those battle streamers on our 4 services' flags, including the 
Coast Guard, our 5 services' flags, we left hundreds behind in Korea, 
so I thank the gentleman. It was H.R. 4000.

  Now comes the tricky part. That is, we have 2 weeks, maybe 3 if we do 
not get out on Friday the 27th, to find a vehicle, an appropriations 
continuing resolution, which was used as a vehicle to destroy my proper 
and fair HIV public law, signed the same day as all this POW-MIA 
protective laws. Clinton signed it February 10.
  Why we are stripping it out of law, because of one friend of ours who 
wants to put all of Vietnam behind us, normalize relations, trade, 
most-favored-nation status, forget the wounds of war, everybody is full 
of baloney, there are no traces of people left behind, when this good 
friend knows absolutely zilch about Laos or Cambodia and did not have 
the full picture on Vietnam.
  A hero, an 8-victory jet ace, severely tortured, Robbie Reisner, came 
home with the same opinions: We are all home. On the tap code we 
learned about everybody here. And he reversed himself and said, ``I 
don't know anything about Laos and Cambodia,'' and now I have no proof 
that there was not a second prison system, small, hidden, underground, 
shipping people to the Soviet Union as they shipped people from Korea 
to the Soviet Union, for sure.
  Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania. Your bill today, if I am not mistaken, 
passed with a unanimous vote. As you very eloquently put it, you were 
the author and the prime mover of this, but you had strong support from 
your ranking member, Owen Pickett, and you also did your legislation in 
total consult with, as you said, one of our most respected former 
POW's, Pete Peterson.
  Mr. DORNAN. And with Sam Johnson.
  Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania. And with Sam Johnson from this body, 
another POW. And you are to be commended for that because you have 
righted a terrible wrong in letting those families know that we are 
going to continue to persevere to force a full accounting and to force 
a full assessment and to have a process in place to make sure that what 
happened in Korea and what happened in Vietnam never happens again in 
this country. I commend you for that action. I wanted to mention that 
today. I know that is not the subject of your special order but so that 
all of those troops and all of those families across the country know 
that it was Chairman Bob Dornan who has been diligent and tireless in 
this effort to make sure that they are not forgotten.

[[Page H10356]]

  Just before I let you complete you special order on what I think is 
an outrageous topic but one that needs to be aired, I just want to say 
that I hope you will join me in requesting answers from this 
administration on what our plans are the in Middle East, what our game 
plan is, what our strategy is. Are we, in fact, letting Saddam suck us 
into a tar pit where we are going to lose additional lives, where we 
are not going to have a clear way to get out? Why are we not getting 
the kind of support from our allies? Why is the President not 
consulting with the leadership of this body, both Republicans and 
Democrats, because it is not an urgent situation. He could have called 
them today. He could have come back from his campaigning. We are 
talking about kids' lives. Kids' lives are more important than 
campaigning out in California. If he is going to deploy them, he has a 
responsibility to let the intelligence leadership know, the leadership 
from both parties' standpoint, and the various committees, because we 
are the ones who have to answer when we go back home to our 
constituents, who have kids in the service, what is going on. I can 
tell you, I am frustrated. I go home, last weekend, I do not know what 
is happening, as a senior member of the security committee, I have no 
idea what is going on with this President and that is outrageous.
  I thank my colleague and friend for yielding. I wish him well in his 
deliberations this evening as he does a service for this country with 
his report.
  Mr. DORNAN. Stay in the well just one more second in this colloquy. 
Let us make a pact now as colleagues, because you are the leader on 
defending the American homeland from one or several or any number of 
missile attacks, nonpareil, as the French would say, without parallel, 
on both sides of the aisle, you are the leader. Let us make a pact that 
if, God willing and the wisdom of the voters sustaining us in our 
chairmanships on the election, which is 56 days away tomorrow, if we 
come back, whether it is President Dole--please, Lord--or President 
Clinton, that we will do a special order, if the first ceremonial day 
is too much family and friends or if Mr. Newt, our still Speaker and 
wants a day of action, on the next day, we will do back-to-back special 
orders. One on the 105th Congress' responsibility to not only have 
theater missile defense for our men and women in the field and our 
allies but that we will get to the job of defending the homeland of 
this country, even the big cities on the coasts, like Los Angeles and 
New York City where I was born. I will help you with that.

  Then you help me with a special order. We will crank in our 
professor, SteveHorn, get a moderate Republican voice, and start to 
talk about Lou Fisher, the professor and scholar, senior scholar at the 
Library of Congress, about the constitutional authority, the 
responsibility of this House, to decide when American men and women go 
and die in the alleys of Mogadishu, Somalia; or Haiti or Bosnia or in 
the skies over Iraq. God forbid if they get their hands on some female 
fighter pilot in this conflict. We have got to resolve that, because 
even if it is President Dole, although Bob did not want troops to go 
into Bosnia, he said to me, backed up by our colleague Vin Webber, who 
I served 10 great years with here, that Clinton had the right to put 
them in there without the authority of Congress, a Desert Storm type 
debate which I am going to open with because all the people objecting 
to what you were saying today all voted against, some of them voted 
against the sanctions, at least my pal Eliot Engel voted for the 
sanctions, all the rest voted against the sanctions, let alone taking 
hostile, aggressive, offensive combat action. We are going to have to 
discuss these authorities, because Senator Dole, then the leader, said, 
``Well, I don't want them there in Bosnia but he's got the right to 
send them there.''
  Thomas Jefferson, our third President, the one Kennedy said that when 
he had about 15 Nobel, Pulitzer Prize winners, ``This is the most 
intellect in the WhiteHouse except for when Thomas Jefferson dined 
alone.'' If Jefferson was that smart, we should listen to him when he 
said, I have no authority as President, talking about Barbary pirates, 
it is in the MarineHymn, shores of Tripoli, I have no authority as 
President under the Constitution to do anything except respond to 
direct attack defensively, is what he meant, I cannot send offensive 
action anywhere unless Congress orders me to. And we ordered his 
predecessor Adams, we ordered him, we ordered his successor James 
Madison, Monroe, 10 times this House said, ``go get them,'' referring 
to the pirates and brigands and cutthroats interrupting commerce in the 

  Now we have had a 6th Fleet there since World War II and we have got 
a 7th Fleet in the Pacific and it is still this Congress and you and I 
as chairmen, you as chairman of Readiness and Defense, Duncan Hunter of 
Acquisition/Procurement, Herb Bateman of Virginia on Readiness, Hefley 
to my right on Installations and me on Military Personnel, how we pay 
them, how we clothe them, how we feed them, the quality of life, the 
recruitment problem, the retention, the hollowing out problem, all of 
Floyd Spence, our great chairman, his five marshals--you can think of 
us as sphere marshals or western marshals--we are his gunsels in this 
House and likewise five marshals under Strom Thurmond in the Senate to 
decide when our men and women--our kids as you call them--go into 
combat. So we will do those 2-hour special orders and we will set the 
tone and resolve in the 105th Congress no matter which one of the 
Presidents prevail, Lord knows, it may be President Perot with his 
excellent Vice Presidential choice, we will make that vow to do that 
the first or second day we are sworn in.
  Mr. WELDON of Pennsylvania. I accept the gentleman's challenge. I 
will be happy to do those special orders with him. As the gentleman has 
pointed out, I hope it is under a Dole administration but we will do it 
under any administration, God willing, we come back. One quick final 
statement, Mr. Dornan, and I know you will agree with me. Why do we 
raise this issue as we are about to adjourn today for the weekend, and 
why would the Democrats characterize this as politics? It is not 
politics. In fact, what is our greatest concern, in the 4 years that I 
have served here under a Clinton administration, I think back to that 
outrageous moment when we were called down to the basement of this 
building for a briefing--and the gentleman was there--by Warren 
Christopher and Les Aspin, giving us a summary of what was occurring in 
Somalia. And there were a number of Senators, I think there were over 
300 of us all total in this one room and they said to us, asking us a 
question. ``What do we do next?'' They had no clear policy. And we had 
just lost 19 brave young Americans. When we finally got to the answers 
of why we lost those 19 brave young Americans, we were told that the 
commanding officer in Somalia had requested additional backup about a 
month before for his troops. He said he could not handle the situation. 
He was denied that request. And when Les Aspin was asked why he was 
denied that request, his answer was that he though there was not the 
appropriate political climate in this city to support the backup 
support for those troops.

                              {time}  1330

  Mr. Speaker, that is the only time in the 10 years I have been here 
that I have ever heard that we imposed a political decision on how to 
support and deploy American troops. It may have happened before I got 
here, whether it was Vietnam or Lebanon ow whatever, but it is the only 
time in the 10 years that I have been here that a political decision 
dealt with by this administration caused indirectly or directly the 
loss of 19 young American lives.
  Mr. Speaker, we could not even go into Mogadishu and pull those 
bodies out when they were being massacred. The reason why we are 
raising this issue today is we are not going to let this President 
repeat what happened in Somalia. We are going to demand that this 
Congress play its rightful role under the Constitution, under the War 
Powers Act, in having consultations on what our plans are, to make sure 
we are giving adequate backup.
  If this President thinks we should take some action, maybe it is to 
go in and get Saddam. Then he needs to sell that plan to the American 
people and the Congress, and not allow this to go day by day, step by 
step, into a bigger

[[Page H10357]]

and bigger conflict, and then all of a sudden next week we are into a 
wholesale war and the Members of Congress all of a sudden stand up and 
say, hey, what happened here. How did we get in this mess.
  We are saying up front now we are putting the administration on 
notice that we want to know the justification under the U.N. 
resolutions. We want to know we were in compliance with the War Powers 
Act. We want to know what the ultimate game plan here is. Is it just a 
short-sighted, 1-day plan? Or in fact is there a long-term scheme to go 
in and do something else besides enforce the U.N. resolutions that were 
passed when President Bush was in office?
  I thank my colleague and friend for yielding and wish him well in his 
special order.
  Mr. DORNAN. I thank the very, very distinguished gentleman from the 
great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  What Mr. Weldon brought up that happened in the national security 
room today, the reason we got a unanimous vote and six Democratic 
Members on the spot joined my bill, H.R. 4000, as cosponsors, was I 
opened by reading a letter, a speech, that I have been trying to get my 
hands on for years that Henry Cabot Lodge, then the permanent U.S. 
representative with ambassadorial title to the United Nations, 
delivered in New York on December 4, 1954. I had just had my last 
flight in a F-80 or T-33 jet in pilot training, then ahead of time had 
to wait a long, agonizing week's period to get my wings on February 7.

  That was a Republican House then, Republican Senate. It was 
Eisenhower's second year. We had just lost theHouse in an election, 
just less than a month before. Henry Cabot Lodge got up and said these 
words. I think this is why it carried. Duncan Hunter asked for a 
recorded vote anyway, and I think this is why it carried unanimously. 
To keep until public law everything I fought for for 20 years here, in 
generalities, and specifically for the last 3 years, dotting the law, 
signed by Clinton February 10 of this year, 1996. And it was stripped 
out at 11:52 at night without a phone call to me to join the conference 
and fight for it.
  Here is what Ambassador Lodge said to the United Nations: Mr. 
President, referring to whoever was in the chair at the United Nations 
Building at the East River, it is an immemorial principle of human 
decency that a family looks after its own members. A nation must also 
look after its own if it is to continue to be a nation. And the United 
Nations must show an equal interest in these men who by their personal 
effort sought to repel an aggression which this United Nations itself 
was opposing.
  We did 98 percent of the fighting. You know that because you were on 
active duty then, Mr. Speaker, pro tempore.
  The thing that sustains the man in uniform, and now we would have to 
say woman in uniform, when he is so far from home, is the thought that 
he is being supported by those for whom he is fighting. We in the 
United Nations, of course by extension, America, cannot let these men 
down. They are United Nations men. They were sent to Korea in response 
to a request from the United Nations. Well, Harry Truman may have 
gotten ahead of the proposition there, but our troops were being 
overrun, the Tropic Lightning Division out of Hawaii and the 24th 
Division, rather, were being overrun, hundreds of men being taken 
prisoner in June and July of 1950.
  I had just graduated from high school. I could not believe what I was 
reading and seeing on the news in that we had just won the Second World 
War 5 short years before against Tojo and Mussolini and Adolph Hitler 
and Stalin. We had found out they kept killing and held back United 
States prisoners, those with the misfortune to have a Ukrainian, 
Russian, or any type of Slavic or Polish last name.

  Henry Cabot Lodge continues,

       For these reasons, the United States believes that the 
     proposed item before the UN agenda, placed on the agenda, 
     that the United Nations should act promptly and with 
     determination to bring about the release of the 11 airmen and 
     all other captured military personnel of the United Nations 
     command who are still detained.

  We got back in June 1955 an F-84 Thunderjet fighter and 3 F-86 Saber 
Jet pilots, and 11 of the 13 crew-members of Jack Arnold's B-29 shot 
down over North Korea, dropping leaflets, but the whole crew was taken 
around the Korean Gulf and taken to China, all the way to Beijing. They 
kept the two radio men and executed them, or they are rotting as men in 
their late sixties and seventies today in China, they kept back the two 
radar men who could pinpoint they were over North Korea, not invading 
China, which had invaded North Korea to support the Communist cause 
that they had instigated in that whole terrible war, that caused 
millions of Koreans to die. They held back 40,000 ROK forces, Republic 
of Korea forces, and 10,000 may be alive today still in North Korea.
  Mr. Lodge says the Soviet representative, Jacob A. Mallek, by the 
way, talks about confessions which had been obtained from American 
personnel, and that, let me say, is no new story here. Last year we 
demonstrated the way in which false confessions were extracted from 
U.N. military personnel, what can only be described as torture.
  I skip forward.
  We produced last year films showing some of the young Americans 
making these confessions from the Communist film that they took, and 
then showing the same man getting off the boat in San Francisco saying 
he had been tortured into making these so-called confessions.
  He uses the term ``brainwashing,'' which was a fairly new term then.
  Then he goes on with letters I have gotten hold of, to write on 
December 7 to the Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjold. Since it took me 
so long to get these records, and so that other people will not have 
that same problem, I will placeHenry Cabot Lodge's remarks and letters, 
starting from these U.N. documents, in today's Record, on the 12th of 
September, 1996.

  Now, Mr. Speaker, I am entering that period that 4 years ago started 
a series of discussions by me on theHouse floor, that then Governor and 
candidate Bill Clinton was not being candid with the American people on 
all the scandals that were swirling around him, scandals of a personal 
character nature, scandals which have come to be called Whitewater, 
that was broken way back in March 8, 1992, by no less a journal than 
America's wealthiest paper, the New York Times, and all of the other 
financial chicanery in a one-party city, putting a cloud over a whole 
great State that is as good as any other State. But Little Rock was a 
cesspool of intrigue because of one party rule ever since the tragic 
War Between the States, the Civil War.
  I was joined on the second or third night by Duncan Hunter, and then 
the next night by 7-year POW combat air combat veteran of both Korea 
and Vietnam, Sam Johnson, who spent as long in solitary confinement in 
his 7-year captivity in Hanoi, spent half of that, longer than World 
War II's total course for the United States of America, he spent in 
solitary confinement for being what they called ``uneducable,'' a hard 
head, a resistor, what I call being a patriot, living up to the code of 
  Then we were joined by the only aerial ace from World War I, there 
were no aces before World War I, or World War II or Korea, the only ace 
to ever serve in this House or the other Chamber, Duke Cunningham.
  After awhile I referred to us as Tiger Flight, using Sam Johnson's 
call sign in Vietnam, which amazingly he also used in Korea, Tiger 
Flight. Tiger Flight went right down to the wire into October, trying 
to get at the truth about Mr. Clinton's political career.
  Since then, the news media is always intrigued with this, Secret 
Service agents have told me that they have been in the Roosevelt Room 
when my name has come up. My pal that I served with here for years, 
Norm Panetta, has gotten a little rough in his language, and the 
President goes into one of his volcanic eruptions, Mr. Clinton does, 
when he hears my name.
  I had a newspaper guy from the Orange County Register call and ask me 
to give him the names of the Secret Service agents. One stopped me at a 
church in Virginia and one stopped me at a church in the DC area, to 
ask for an autographed picture no less. No, I am not going to give the 
names. Then they called the Secret Service and said, ``Which of your 
agents have been talking to Congressman Bob Dornan saying unkind things 
about Mr. Clinton?''

  Where do we get these reporters? I mean, is this child's play or 
what? I am

[[Page H10358]]

ready to polygraph, but they will have to torture and brainwash me to 
have me end the careers of Secret Service people. I mean, it is all in 
this book, Unlimited Access.
  The President is protected to some extent, Mr. Clinton, by rule 18. 
Just in the last year and 10 months I was against including my friend 
Al Gore or Mr. Clinton in on rule 18. But Hillary Clinton is not 
  In here, it has her using the F word. This is Unlimited Access by 
Gary Aldrich. Since I last brought up this book on the floor, I spent 
some time with him in San Diego, and he is an honorable quarter century 
retired FBI agent.
  She tells the Secret Service, ``Stay the F away from me.''
  ``Ma'am, we can't protect you from this distance.''
  ``I don't give a blank what you do. Get your blank-ing self out of my 
sight and get the blank over her.''
  This is a man who passed all the security checks of the Nation, that 
Mr. Clinton could not pass, because of what Mr. Clinton did at Oxford, 
in a foreign country, his resisting the draft, avoiding the draft, and 
then dodging the draft with an induction date notice July 28, 1969, he 
never could get a security clearance unless he got elected to theHouse 
or the Senate or the presidency. That is the only way he could ever get 
a top secret clearance.

                announcement by the speaker pro tempore

  The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Cooley of Oregon). The Chair would 
remind all Members that it is not in order to refer to the President in 
personal offensive terms.
  Mr. DORNAN. Would the Chair tell me if it is the words ``draft 
dodger'' that the Parliamentarian objects to? I thought we worked that 
out. ``Dodging the draft'' are simple English language words.
  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gentleman should refrain from using 
pejorative labels.
  Mr. DORNAN. Right. ``Draft dodger'' is certainly a pejorative label. 
If I moved it around and used gerunds and verbs and said ``dodging the 
draft,'' that is what he did.
  I went to the Cambridge cemetery at Cambridge, England, and looked up 
the grave just a few days ago, to be exact, September 1, to look at the 
grave of Bob Holmes, the younger brother of Col. EugeneHolmes, the man 
who was used so shamefully to enlist Clinton in the ROTC as a student 
about to enter law school, 1 year of graduate school, ditching class at 
Oxford, 1 year out of Arkansas with a degree from Georgetown, he was 
put back into an ROTC class with undergraduate college students, a 
brand new program which he used to have the draft induction date of 
July 29, 1969, and this is history, Mr. Speaker, crushed, suppressed, 
reversed; the only time I have ever heard of that in the history of my 
life, unless it was a hard football injury, like a broken leg or neck 
injury, or a car crash that was traumatic, and even then if you can 
recover from your injuries and pass a minimal buck private physical to 
enter the army, your induction date is merely postponed for a while.
  Never have I heard one politically suppressed by a Senator, Senator 
Fulbright, by a Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller, by the head of the 
draft board, being leaned on by Buick dealers related to Mr. Clinton. 
It is a scandal. And that, plus England, would have prevented him from 
ever getting a top secret clearance.
  But henceforth in this special order I will refer to him as the 
``unmentioned one.'' No, that is too cute. I will just talk about the 
Clintons as a team and as an administration. I will use the euphemistic 
term, ``the administration.''

                              {time}  1345

  Now, here is a chart. Yes, it is a political chart, and it has on 
here someone who I will not talk about, with a wife at his side, but 
here are the names of people associated--how is that camera 5 doing up 
there? I will turn this way.
  It says Whitewater's Most Wanted List. I will leave out two people 
and start up here. David Hale, key witness on his to jail. Jim Guy 
Tucker, convicted. Jim McDougal, convicted, and both of them are 
talking, what unkind people would say, singing to the prosecution. 
Susan Thomases, the enforcer.
  Vince Foster, deceased, still being discussed some of the mystery 
surrounding whether or not his body was moved, if not deeper fears. 
Webster Hubbell, convicted, in prison.
  Susan McDougal, in ankle chains and handcuffs, waddling off to prison 
as though she is a victim. All she had to do was tell the truth, and 
the grand jury that is empowered in Little Rock is there for over a 
year, and that is how long she is going to sit in prison and stop 
pretending to be a victim because if she wanted to say I know nothing 
and everybody you are questioning me about is innocent that is my 
belief and they were not involved, all she has to do is say that. But 
if she is afraid of perjuring herself to say that, then she does have 
information that the good citizens of Arkansas through their grand jury 
are allowed to hear the truth.
  Neil Eggleston, bagman. William Kennedy III, resigned in disgrace. 
Bruce Lindsey, they claim here he is another bagman. Maggie Williams, 
they claim she is a perjurer, but she sure had total amnesia without 
brainwashing of all her memory. Bernie Nussbaum, resigned in disgrace. 
David Watkins, fired and now I find out--I cannot get hold of 
everything--that in his memo that the gentleman from California, 
Christopher Cox and Dana Rohrabacher, discussed last night, which I am 
going to get to, Mr. Speaker, that David Watkins was brought up on 
sexual harassment charges as the chief administrator of the campaign of 
Bill Clinton in the war room at the old newspaper headquarters near the 
Excelsior Hotel in downtown Little Rock and that the campaign paid 
$37,000 of taxpayer matching funds to suppress and seal confidentially 
this woman working for the campaign that charged him with sexual 
harassment, and they listed it as a consulting fee to this woman, 
actually used another woman as a go-between, beard, and the FEC audit 
caught it. Finally they justified their huge salaries over there, and 
they wanted him to repay all of that and to have the campaign actually 
pay back in 1994, 2 years after the campaign ended, $3 to $4 million. 
And of course, and Americans should know this, Mr. Speaker, since the 
FEC is designed for deadlock, six people, 3 to 3, and they vote along 
political lines, they deadlocked at 3 to 3, no repayment by the Clinton 
campaign of $4 million. But it was so outrageous, some of these 
changes, that the three Democrats on the Federal Election Commission 
settled at about a million that they did pay back. Easy to raise money 
when you are an incumbent President with all that power.
  That was David Watkins, he of golfing fame. He would not resign in 
disgrace; he was fired in disgrace. Chris Wade, a father-in-law of Web 
Hubbell, convicted. Mark Fabiani, they designate him as attack puppy. 
Harold Ickes, consiglieer, good name made famous by Hollywood. Lloyd 
Cutler, a good man deluded and left with the broken heart, saying that 
he really thinks the Government has broken down.
  Jack Quinn, a fixer. Louis Freeh, whom I praised on this House floor, 
they are not so kind to him. Craig Livingstone, well they only have 
``heavy'' here but it is getting a lot worse than that. Patsy 
Thomasson, drug dealer's aide, head of administration at the WhiteHouse 
but was Miss Fix-It, while Dan Lasater was in prison for cocaine, the 
man who had gotten cocaine for the President's brother. He is the next 
one up. David Lasater, drug dealer pardoned by Clinton, sent to a 
halfway house, did not serve any of his serious Federal time.

  Arthur Coia, it just says ``wise guy.'' Seth Ward also named 
disgrace. Beverly Bassett Schaffer, a fixer. Then it mentions a 
Senator. I will respect House rules and skip over him. Just said 
``stonewall'' anyway. Then it has a couple of wanted. Then it has Tony 
Marseca today another fixer. Jim Blair, he of the cattle futures fame. 
Borrowed $1,000, rising to $100,000 in days and then cut off once the 
payback had taken place.
  Richard Ben-Veniste, boy, it hits him hard. David Kendall, another 
fixer. Harry Thomason, the player who is still the impresario arranging 
some of the--we did it too, the extended infomercials that both parties 
pulled off in the month of August.
  L. Jean Lewis, vindicated. That is the one good person on here. Ron 
Brown, still seven investigations going on with the deceased Ron Brown.

[[Page H10359]]

Cisneros, Espy, Betsey Wright, the bimbo fixer. That is her own title, 
bimbo fixer. She is sort of on the out.
  Carolyn Huber, a decent woman who told the truth, how documents 
mysteriously appeared on coffee tables at the family level of the 
WhiteHouse. Mack McLarty, demoted. They needed a slicker and younger 
guy in there. George Stephanopoulos, attack puppy who came to the 
Republican Convention. The press said are you going to the Democratic 
Convention. I said I do not rain on their parade because Dodd and 
Stephanopoulos, showed up at ours to try to spin things.
  Roger Altman, resigned in disgrace. Josh Steiner, who denied his own 
diary and left in disgrace. Jean Hanson, resigned in disgrace. Don 
Tyson, well, he has changed sides now. He is for Bob Dole. The chicken 
czar of Arkansas.
  And Bob Bennett, my pall bill's Brother Bob as he calls him, who is 
one of the tougher hired gun consiglieres in town here.
  If you go back over the Clinton record, this came in the mail, in 
what we call my ``white mail,'' people who just do not send me a small 
donation but want to talk to me out of frustration. Mr. Speaker, they 
listed this: Whitewater, the Ron Brown scandal, historic world tax 
increases, the Vince Foster so-called suicide, the Zoe Baird scandal, 
Nanny-gate, the cattle futures deal, Travel-gate, the FEC election 
fraud that I just mentioned, General Janet Reno and Waco, not to 
mention other things that happened on her watch.
  In Great Britain she would have honorably resigned the day after 
Waco, with 3 pregnant women and over 20 children and several teenagers, 
some of them choked to death on gas, mercifully being spared being 
burned to death.
  Joycelyn Elders' resignation. The woman who said, ``If I could wear a 
condom on my head as a crown, I would do it.'' That is how she picked 
up the name, the condom queen. Then she said it was a proud moniker.
  Shredded evidence, disappearing documents, disappearing memories.
  The Paula Jones lawsuit, which we will have to suffer through in the 
spring of next year whether Mr. Clinton wins or not.
  Savings and loans problems. Still, that is a bipartisan scandal 
there, but I know where most of the votes were when my good friends on 
the other side were in the majority.

  TheHazel O'Leary fiascoes. The Michael Espy resignation. The Roger 
Altman resignation. The shadowy finances. TheHenry Cisneros scandal. 
The national debt, at record high and still going up. And that is 
pretty much bipartisan.
  And then, as my writer says, and the list goes on, and on, and on.
  Here is a document, a political document. Looks like a Federal 
document, but it is not. I do not even know the group that sent it out, 
but it says ``Murder in the First Degree: Interim Report on the Death 
of commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 Other citizens''. And in the 
first paragraph, and I am going to check this, as the chairman of an 
Armed Services subcommittee and Committee on National Security, it says 
all 35 people were dead at the crash except for a stewardess. That is 
not the right title. They are sergeant attendants. Shelly Kelly, who 
was riding in the tail, sustained only minor cuts and bruises; that she 
was well enough to get out as sole survivor of the 35 on the plane; 
that she climbed on the helicopter itself, it says here. This goes on 
for 37 pages. And that she died on the helicopter mysteriously.
  I flew four times with Sergeant Shelly Kelly. Her husband is an Air 
Force sergeant. Two children. And in the PX, where we went to get some 
supplies, some toiletries for a trip into Bosnia with Shelly Kelly on 
this very same airplane, she was in the line ahead of me. Intelligent, 
strikingly professional, good looking lady sergeant. And I said why are 
you buying those wine bottles; is my crew partying tonight? Oh, no. I 
always bring home two wine bottles from everywhere I go as air mobility 
command member, Congressman. And she said my husband does the same. He 
is up at Ramstein. And when I get home, we have one bottle of wine at 
dinner, and then we save the other one. We have quite a collection to 
give to our children.
  Well, Shelly Kelly is in heaven now, Mr. Speaker, and her husband is 
left with that wine bottle collection from all around the world. These 
two excellent servants of the people in the Air Mobility Command. And I 
am going to have to find out if there is any truth that she survived 
that crash, less than a month after CODEL members, the gentleman from 
Alabama, Sonny Callahan, the gentleman from Arizona, Bob Stump, myself, 
and four or five other Members flew four times on that aircraft, from 
Aviano to Zagreb to Tuzla and other flights in that area just March of 
this year.
  Now, last night, on this floor, two Californians who had joined my 
district, Christopher Cox has the coastline, Dana Rohrabacher has the 
coastline just north of Huntington Beach on the inland land-locked 
Democrat majority district by about 10 points. They had a special order 
because Mr. Cox got hold of a memo, which I guess the dominant media 
culture, liberal to the core, at least in New York and Hollywood and 
D.C., has not really printed this full memo; that somehow or other was 
obtained by House committees through document searches and demands.
  They have been stonewalling, most of the records that the gentleman 
from Pennsylvania [Mr. Clinger], doing a great job in his last few 
months serving this House, serving the people of Pennsylvania, and it 
is a task list and it is dated December 13, 1994.
  This is the culmination of the first 2 years of the Clinton 
administration. It is only 35 days after the historical election of 
November 8, 1994, which turned this House over from Democrats, from 40 
years of rule, most of it liberal leadership. And I repeat, referring 
to that Henry Cabot Lodge speech on the Senate floor, that was my first 
election. The age was 21 then. I had gotten my wings just past 21 and a 
half years of age, and I watched theHouse go the other way in my first 
election. Everything else in California went the other way, too. I 
voted absentee.

  And after 40 years, we take theHouse and here is a memo 35 days later 
called task list. It sounds like the pejorative politically inspired 
documents, but also seeking the truth, that I just read. This is a 
Clinton administration document. They use the alphabet instead of 
numbers. So here are 26 items, and then they follow with double 
letters, 13 more. So here is 39 steps to Pennsylvania Avenue.
  A. Foster document handling, and it assigns it to somebody named 
Nemetz, N-E-M-E-T-Z.
  Travel office, assigned.
  WhiteHouse, treasury contacts.
  Obstruction of justice.
  Criminal referrals, the Jay Stephens thing. RTC whistle-blower 
  E. Use of WhiteHouse resources for response efforts. Give that one to 
Nolan, wherever he is.
  Foster suicide. Nemetz again.
  Epsy, ethics, expanded Smaltz inquiry in relation to: Tyson's Hatch 
  Cisneros, Brown, Hubbell. Those are all separate items.
  Ickes, union representation.
  Stephanopoulos and his NationsBank problem.
  State Department. The passport files.
  Archives. Abuse of the personnel system.
  Legal defense fund.
  Health care task force.
  WhiteHouse operations. Passes, drugs. Drugs, helicopters. That is a 
reference to David Watkins again.
  Residence renovations. That goes to Neuwirth.
  Presidential immunity goes to Sloan.
  WhiteHouse, Arkansans. That is Thomasson, Nash, Rasco.
  PIC surplus. I do not even know what that is. I will find out.
  Improper electioneering.
  GSA. That is the Orange County guy that endorsed Clinton, Roger 
Johnson. His life has never been the same.
  Value partners.
  Presidential campaign. The FEC audit.
  See, December 13, 1994. They are talking about this $37,000 payoff 
fund to cover up a sexual harassment case against the chief 
administrator of the Clinton campaign, David Watkins.
  Commodities. That goes to Kendall, whoever he is.
  Then they start the double A, double B numbering.
  Gubernatorial campaigns. Lindsey Wright. Record keeping.
  Gubernatorial something else.

[[Page H10360]]

  Whitewater and MGSL. The Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan. That goes 
to Kendall.

                              {time}  1400

  Other Madison Guaranty, that cost the taxpayers $60 million, and 
McDougal. That went to Kendall, too. He ought to be subpoenaed before a 
House committee before we close here. Rose law firm, we have a statute 
of Mr. Rose who founded that law firm, one of Arkansas's two allowed 
statues in Statuary Hall here. He must be turning in his grave the last 
3 years and 10 months.
  Then under the same heading as the Rose law firm is HRC work for, 
that is the Rose firm work for Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan. The 
Frost case. FSLIC representation. Kendall got that. David Hale, Susan 
McDougal, small business, she is going to jail. David Hale is on his 
way. Well, he has given testimony. That went to Kendall. Tucker sits 
all by itself. He is going to jail. Lasater, he got a better break than 
Susan McDougal. He is under house arrest without an anklet. For 4 years 
he cannot leave his home because he does have serious health problems. 
What a lucky guy.
  African-Americans all across the country said, let some African-
American get a phony loan for $300,000, rip the taxpayer off, and they 
gave the case in Arkansas where a gentleman was sick and he was sent to 
jail anyway and he died a year later. He was in wheelchair. So they are 
not too happy about that. Lasater, bond deals. This is their memo, 
their memo. Task list, December 13, 1994. Under I, issues, it says, ah, 
that is item 35, Lasater, open parentheses, bond deals, cocaine; Roger 
Clinton, close parentheses. Next one, use of loans to achieve 
legislative initiatives. Talk about campaign reform. ADFA, aid to 
families, political favors, Larry Nichols. Larry Nichols was the 
original whistleblower in all of Clinton's last gubernatorial campaign. 
Mena Airport, CBS, ABC, NBC, and even CNN have assiduously disregarded 
anything to do with this infamous airport in West Arkansas near the 
Mississippi River, and yet they have it on a WhiteHouse memo, Mena 
Airport. And this one is a small ``t,'' troopers, trooper-gate.
  Because one year before, on December 20, as this member sat in for 
the incomparable Rush Limbaugh, the Rush man, I introduced because Rush 
was in the Caribbean on his well-earned first vacation in years with Ed 
McLaughlin, his discoverer, I got to introduce the trooper-gate mess on 
the Rush Limbaugh show coast to coast to a rolling audience then of 15 
to 20 million people.
  So it says troopers. And then, item am, No. 39 numerically, it simply 
says, small ``w,'' women. Women. The unmentioned one will not be 
mentioned. Open parentheses, Kendall/Bennett, that has to be Bob 
Bennett, assigned it to him. Then it starts and he switches from a 
Roman numeral to an Arabic numeral 2, new category titled 
Preliminaries. Identify the key Republican objectives and reasons for 
achieving them; that is, sustain the shadow on WJC character.
  Mr. Speaker, could that be William Clinger? Hype theHRC threat to 
white men, traditional women. Identify guiding principles for 
  These are all items. Nothing to hid, stick to the facts, get it right 
the first time. Keep it simple, stupid. That sounds like Carville 
writing this memo. It goes on and on and on and on through a whole 
page, surrogate roles, and then it comes over to an entire, you know 
how the Congressional Record has tiny print, send for this 
Congressional Record, folks, those leaving up in the gallery, then it 
comes down to item 18, they keep changing, they did not Jesuit 
outlining skills taught to them. I wonder if Clinton got that at 
Georgetown. Here is No. 18 of about the fifth category, it says FEC 
audit, determine congressional interest. Somebody should have written 
``intense'' next to that. This is, again, the disgraced David Watkins. 
Assembled binders with summary and key documents. Media let them get 
off on that. They would have hammered war hero George Bush or the 
beloved Ronald Reagan if they had him on that. Then it comes down to 21 
other preinaugural items, (a), Lindsey role, Betsey Wright, role of the 
Bank of Cherry Valley, that is one where one of the juries that let off 
people on blatant evidence, but that is our jury system. Starr is 
looking at 1984, 1986, 1990, these are guberatorial elections in 

  Then it comes down to 21, subcategory (b), negative associations, Jim 
Guy Tucker, year and a half later he is convicted, any number of 
felonies. David Hale, Small Business Association loan. He is talking to 
the prosecutors, to Kenneth Starr. Then he goes to jail. Jim McDougal, 
talking, Dan Lasater, dodged everything, got that house arrest and a 
pardon by Clinton. It says there, bond deals, cocaine, Roger Clinton. 
Then Mena Airport again, a line item. Then it goes on and on.
  And then troopers, troopers. Identify the issue. Job for silence. And 
then this young guy, Buddy Young, the captain of the troopers, who 
literally whored out for Clinton, I deliberately use that tough word 
because his salary was more than doubled from $45,000 as captain of the 
troopers to way over $95,000 to go to Denton, Texas and take over a 
FEMA, a Federal Emergency Management key spot in this country with no 
experience whatsoever for threatening some of the troopers and actually 
silencing some, particularly one who had 5 children and triplets, 
unbelievable disgrace.
  Then Mr. Cox goes on, this memo is quite extraordinary. It is single 
spaced. Goes on for 12 pages. As I said, lists 39 scandals, most of 
which now, 2 years later, are at least known to American people. Yes, 
those that follow these important things.
  My point is, as I said, last week on this, America has an IQ test 
that it is going to have to take on November 5. Today is the 12th. We 
are not in Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. No votes Tuesday until 
late. That is 5 more days gone in this month. So that is 17 days. We 
have 13 days left in September when the next special order takes place. 
I hope I will be up for one. I will continue with Tiger Flight and 
recruit my combat tested friends, Hunter, Sam Johnson.
  I will be back next week with 5 more days gone, 12, that is 17, so 
that means 13 days in this 30-day month; 31 next, that is 44. When we 
come back in for legislative business, there will be 49 days left in 
the presidential election, 49 days before Gil Gutknecht rides to glory 
with a 60, 70 percent election up there in God's country in the 
northwest of our great country, middle northwest it should be called 
  Mr. Speaker, here is why this is so important to me, all these 
scandals. It is because we are faced with a constitutional crisis right 
now. Last Sunday, a few days ago I was in my district. I went to the 
back of the church, St. Columbans, great Irish saint that turned wild 
blue-faced Picts in Scotland into Christians, brought the word of 
Christ to Scotland with St. Kevin and St. Columba. But this is 
  In St. Columbans in Garden Grove, CA, at the back of the church is a 
plaque and it says on the plaque that these men, the following, died in 
the service of their country in the war in Vietnam. And it lists six 
names and then it says, may their souls repose in peace, or words to 
that effect.
  I said to my wife, it is time for me to write down these names and go 
to the Vietnam Memorial at the kiosk, because I had done this at 
Cambridge, England to look at Colonel EugeneHolmes' kid brother, Bob, 
as I mentioned earlier who, and last week I mentioned him, who had died 
from his wounds at altitude, German fighter aircraft and flak tearing 
up the B-17, died of his wounds on the aircraft, but the aircraft made 
it safely back to his base and he was buried the next day on Veterans 
Day of 1943. The air war had been canceled over Germany because we were 
losing so many airplanes, 2 raids, we lost six four-engine ten- or 11-
man crewed bombers over Schreinford and then Regensburg-Schreinford. So 
we ended the air war from October, so he must have been hit over 
France. We did not start up again until February. We started. We could 
still lose the air war. Germans had not even put their jets in the 
field yet. But since I have looked up and I had forgotten how easy is 
to get a man's date of death and birth and age, so forth, and I took 
down these 6 names and my Sally reminded me yesterday. So I could not 
get off the floor so I sent a staffer down to the Vietnamese Memorial. 
Within minutes he was back with their names, I mean the barest of 
statistics on their death.

[[Page H10361]]

  Here they are. In my parish church, here is the names of six young 
Americans who died serving their country in Vietnam. I will make a 
point on this. J. Patrick Fitzsimmons, lance corporal Marine Corps, 
died a month past his 21st birthday, May 18, 1967, he was born in 1946, 
I guess that is the beginning of the baby boom. His dad was probably a 
veteran who came home from the war and count back 9 months from 1946 
and that is certainly a child brought into the world at the end of our 
victorious allied effort of World War II. George Xavier Rocha, private 
first class, born February 3, 1946. He was conceived after the war in 
Europe ended, the very month, VE day. May of 1945. Birthday February 3, 
1946. Died 21 years old, 10 and a half months, on December 18 of 1967. 
Bill Clinton is starting his 3 months into his senior year at 
Georgetown, getting ready to use graduate school to avoid his first 
draft notice which, by the way, was not right because graduate school 
deferments ended in 1967.
  Then David Simmons, born in Grand Rapids but died as a citizen of 
Garden Grove, sergeant, Army, date of birth, August 16, 1944. Probably 
his dad home on leave. He died March 16, 1968, 23 years and one month 
to the day.
  Patrick F. Scharosch, spec 4, U.S. Army, born December 18, 1945, war 
had been over just a few months when his mother went into labor and 
brought him into what looked like a very promising world, Christmas of 
1945, the world at peace for the first time in six horrible 
bloodletting years, 55 million dead in all the extended families with 
broken hearts that their loved son or daughter, in the case of European 
Jewry, the whole extended families gone up literally in evil smoke from 
Hitler's crematoria. He died April 15, 1968. I know exactly where I was 
that day, on the way to Vietnam as a reporter.
  He was 22 years, 4 months, J. Michael Foster, another marine, 
corporal, he was born on VE day itself, May 8, 1945. In between his 
mother's birth pangs, no TV in the hospital rooms then, but I am sure 
proud dad and brothers and sisters bringing her newspapers, the war is 
over in Europe. Well, it ended the day before, it ended on the sixth, 
Ike took the unconditional surrender, would not even show up, he so 
disrespected General Yodal and then declared May 8 the VE day. Some 
prisoners were still dying. Some people liberated in camps were still 
dying but at least they knew freedom, breathed free for a day or two 
before their emaciated bodies gave up their souls to God and in Russian 
camps that had been overrun, U.S. prisoners, I repeated from earlier, 
those with the Slavic names died in the Gulag camps over the next 
  Let me please give this last name, Mr. Speaker, J. Michael Foster, 
died March 24, 1969, 23 years, 10 months and, thank you for the 
courtesy of the one officer, major, Marine Corps, Robert M. Fitzgerald, 
born in Yonkers, NY, date of birth, January 3, 1936, the year of my 
brother's birth. His death was June 1, 1970, 34 years, 5 months, the 
year Bill Clinton returned from his triumphal tour of Prague, Moscow, 
and Scandinavia.
  Mr. Speaker, I include for the Record the following information:

                    [From POLI news, Sept. 10, 1996]

  From Watergate to Whitewater to Filegate, There May Not be a Santa 
             Claus, but There's Definitely a Law of Karma!

       When Hillary Clinton and Bernie Nussbaum were manipulating 
     the law to continue their vendetta against Nixon, which 
     eventually brought the word `impeachment' into everyday 
     usage, who thought the law of Karma, AKA The Law of Return, 
     would come into play some 25 years later? One may well wonder 
     if HRC had been studying Eastern Philosophy instead of 
     cranking out McGovern posters, would the WhiteHouse be the 
     Sing-Sing on-the-Potomac?
       Let's take a brief stroll down felony lane and look at the 
     Clintons' Legacy:
       Trooper-Gate, our randy President-to-be uses state 
     employees, State Police to be exact, to pimp for him, rating 
     the women on a scale of one to ten, (with HRC un-listed) with 
     basement `soirees' as HRC slept upstairs and even an 
     assignation at 4:45 am on the very morning he left for D.C. 
     According to Trooper Roger Perry, Clinton offered him a 
     federal job in return for his silence. Candy may be dandy, 
     and liquor, quicker, but a Federal job has real appeal! Among 
     those supposedly given jobs-for-sex: the infamous Gennifer 
     Flowers, who replaced a black woman for a administrative post 
     for which Ms. Flowers had no expertise. Now there's a new use 
     for tax dollars.
       Nanny-gate, with a full 27 nominees for high office 
     disqualified for not paying Social Security taxes. Among 
     these, Zoe Baird, who with her husband, both high-priced 
     lawyers, failed to take a few bucks out of their annual 
     $500,000 income to pay the green carded nanny's way.
       Haircut-gate, where his royal highness Bill tied up the Los 
     Angeles airport while he got a $250 haircut which cost the 
     airport thousands of dollars, while delaying the busy lives 
     of actual `little tax-paying people.' Looking at our 
     President's bushy hair, I think the cut was overpriced.
       Travel-gate, where seven loyal WhiteHouse workers were not 
     only fired, which the Clintons had every right to do as these 
     people served `at the pleasure of the President' but against 
     all laws of the land, the First Lady and the First Bill 
     brought in the FBI and the IRS to trash the reputations of 
     innocents to save their own, since the `Haircut' had 
     previously left a bad taste in the public's mouth. Clinton 
     so-called `cousin' (because no one can find her lineage 
     actually connecting her, by blood or marriage, to the family) 
     young, blonde and inexperienced, (at least in the travel 
     business), Catherine Cornelius was hired to run the Travel 
     Office. Unbeknownst to them, but latter knownst to us, their 
     stalling on document-releases in this affair, gave Rep. 
     William Clinger the power to threaten Contempt of Congress, 
     thereby yielding a treasure trove of documents. Among the 
     papers, it was learned that, yet another scandal, involving 
     the FBI and secret documents, was to be revealed.
       File-gate, where, in true Clinton style a ``few,'' then 
     ``about 300, from A to G,'' to the current `over 1,000' 
     classified personal FBI files, mostly of Republicans who had 
     served in the Reagan and Bush administrations. Incredibly, we 
     have learned that those in charge of this enemies list were 
     never, themselves, able to pass a security clearance for such 
     reasons as drug use, including, marijuana, cocaine, crack-
     cocaine and other `hard drugs', theft, including thousands of 
     dollars of lap-top computers stolen after the campaign, (with 
     surveillance camera videos of the actual stealing!), and 
     other past histories of the criminal kind.
       Mena-gate, which is currently being worked on, Mena being 
     an airport in Arkansas, under the direction of FOB (formerly, 
     Friend-of-Bill, now Felon-of-Bill) Dan Lassiter, used to 
     traffic an estimated $110 MILLION/month of cocaine into the 
       Foster-gate, in which for the first time in this century, a 
     dead body smells up the WhiteHouse. Vince Foster, one-time 
     `special' friend of Hillary and family lawyer, was 
     suspiciously found dead, jurisdiction was given to `park 
     police' to, contrary to all the evidence (e.g., clean, 
     polished shoes, after a long walk through a dusty brush-
     filled park, unexplained carpet fibers on the dead man's 
     clothing, blonde hair and semen stains on the underclothes, 
     non-functioning gun found in the wrong hand, absence of 
     bullet, spent shell, skull-fragments and other forensic 
     evidence, fingerprint-less `suicide note' w/o any words of 
     love for family, torn into 27 pieces (try this at home), 
     gravity-defying blood-stain on face, impossibly small amount 
     of blood for a `head shot' etc., etc.) rule `suicide' and 
     then the body was quickly cremated before extensive 
     examination would be done.
       Lest we forget to note the, shall we say, interesting list 
     of Presidential appointees:
       Joycelyn (the Condom Queen) Elders, who suggested 
     prostitutes be implanted with `Norplant' to enable them to 
     ply their trade, wanted ``safer bullets'' (!?!, Ed.) Most 
     famous quote, ````If I could wear a crown on my head with a 
     condom on it. I would.''''
       Henry Foster, who said he had performed ``a few'' 
     abortions, then continued to lie to Congress as it was 
     revealed that ``a few'' equaled over 700. Dr. Foster claimed 
     those opposing his nomination were ``racists.''
       Web Hubbel, former FOB and Hillary's Rose Law partner, 
     actual un-appointed Attorney General, responsible for the 
     Waco Massacre, now serving time in the penal Club Fed, who 
     let the blame for the dead children fall on the broad 
     shoulders of
       Janet Reno, Attorney General, most famous quote ``My 
     highest priority is not to convict criminals, but to protect 
     their rights.'' Ms. Reno was also given `what-for' in a 
     Senate vote of 100-0 when she tried to overturn George Bush's 
     position on child pornography.
       Ron Brown, deceased Commerce Secretary, formerly under 
     investigation by: Department of Justice; Special Prosecutor; 
     FDIC; Congressional Reform and Oversight Committee; FBI; DOE; 
     Senate Judiciary Committee; Commerce Dept.; and Inspector 
     General. At the time of the plane crash which reportedly 
     killed Sec'y. Brown, there were 22 Congressmen demanding 
     Brown's removal and prosecution. Among the major scandals in 
     which Brown was involved: Whitewater; Mena Drug smuggling; 
     the Denver Airport mess; The Keating Five; Haitian Madame 
     Lillian Madsen's prostitution ring; $700,000 received from 
     Russia and deposited in a Singapore Bank to drop trade 
     embargo with Viet Nam (which was accomplished), thereby 
     propping up the Viet Nam Communists; Special `favors' (tax 
     and regulatory) breaks given by Brown to Democrat Party 
     and Clinton Victory Fund (to re-elect Clintons) Influence 
     Peddling by Cabinet Official $12.5K/mo. from Haitian 
     dictator-in-Exile Duvalier; $50M sent to Viet Nam 
     Communist gov't.; $360,000 town house for the 
     aforementioned Mme. Madsen; illegal ChemFix Waste Mgt. 
     account with

[[Page H10362]]

     former NYC Mayor David Dinkins, worth millions; Capitol/
     Pebsco illegal pension fund account with DC Mayor Marion 
     Barry; sale of gas-turbine engine to China for use in 
     cruise missiles; illegal Iranian Muslims weapons deal into 
     Bosnia against US/Ally Trade Embargo, money for which came 
     from Depts. of Commerce and Agriculture slush funds, and 
     supplied helicopter gunships, stinger missiles, land 
     mines, anti-aircraft guns, anti-tanks weapons, grenade 
     launchers and over 20,000 muslim troops, including their 
     elite Mujahedeen; illegal $500,000 cash with gov't loans 
     money deal with Yolanda Hill to fund Democratic National 
     Committee; illegal $6 Billion Saudi deal for military 
     aircraft and hardware coupled with illegal $4 Billion AT&T 
     contract, of which DNC and Bill Clinton were 
     beneficiaries. Now here lies a busy, busy capitalist!
       Henry Cisneros, Sec'y of HUD, under investigation for lying 
     to FBI in matter involving money and mistress.
       Mike Espy, former Sec'y of Agriculture, resigned after 
     Tyson (FOB) Food Giant `bought influence,' with this case 
     still active.
       Ira Magaziner, Health Care Czar and Friend of Hillary, 
     investigated for spending a bit over budget for the now 
     infamous, socialist Health-Care Task-Force fiasco. A bit over 
     budget, you ask? Well, for an original estimate of $300,000 
     to become an actual bill of over $15 Million from the 
     taxpayers, I, for one, would like my money back. It would 
     seem the `Force' was `tasked' to redistribute wealth from the 
     tax payer to their private Swiss accounts, non? Ooh la la!
       Hazel O'Leary, Energy Secretary, who has shown she can 
     overspend with the best of 'em. Hazel took 68 of her closest 
     friends on a Madonna-like tour, using theHollywood and Rock 
     stars' favorite transport jet, (complete with gold toilet 
     fixtures and hot tubs) claiming billions of business garnered 
     for the US, which was proven to be less than millions.
       Donna Shalala HHS Sec'y and another `special' friend of 
     Hillary, famous for the television and radio, condom 
     campaign, at tax-payer's expense, spending over $1 Million 
     thus far.

           9. H.J. Res. 77. Use of force Against Iraq/Passage

       Passage of the joint resolution to authorize the use of 
     military force if Iraq has not withdrawn from Kuwait and 
     complied with U.N. Security Council resolutions by Jan. 15. 
     The resolution authorizes the use of force and the 
     expenditure of funds under the War Powers act and requires 
     the president to report to Congress every 60 days on the 
     efforts to obtain Iraqi compliance. Passed 250-183: R 164-3; 
     D 86-179 (ND 33-147, SD 53-32); I 0-1, Jan 12, 1991. A 
     ``yea'' was a vote supporting the president's position.

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