[Congressional Record Volume 142, Number 87 (Thursday, June 13, 1996)]
[Page S6218]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]


  Mr. NICKLES. Mr. President, I want to take this opportunity to 
congratulate the Close Up Foundation on the celebration of its 25th 
  I would like to start this tribute by recognizing Close Up's Oklahoma 
roots. A fellow Oklahoman, Harry Janger, encouraged and guided his son, 
Steve, in the creation of the Close Up Foundation. While we are 
saddened by Harry's passing earlier this year, his legacy lives on. 
Steve Janger, the president and founder of Close Up, is a native 
Oklahoman. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, the former 
president of the university's alumni association, and a continuing 
supporter of the university. Steve's family still resides in Oklahoma 
and he visits home as often as possible.
  The strength Oklahoma gives to Close Up does not end with Steve 
Janger. He has involved many other Oklahomans on the foundation's board 
of directors. From the beginning, Close Up has benefitted from several 
distinguished graduates of the University of Oklahoma--Tom Kenan, Max 
Berry, and Gordon Zuber. Several years later, Joel Jankowsky, another 
distinguished Oklahoman, joined the Close Up board. These Oklahomans 
and the other board members serve without compensation and devote many 
hours of work to ensure the well-being of the foundation.
  Their hard work and commitment has paid off. Close Up is the Nation's 
largest civic education organization, bringing approximately 25,000 
participants a year to Washington for its various citizenship education 
programs. Close Up has participants from all 50 States, the District of 
Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Island territories. Their 
principal program is the Washington High School Program. In addition, 
Close Up has developed programs for various special constituencies, in 
keeping with their mission of trying to reach at-risk or underserved 
students. This commitment has resulted in the creation of the program 
for new Americans, the program for Older Americans, a program for 
American Indians and Alaska Natives, and a program for Pacific 
  Close Up's participants include all kinds of kids, from the 
academically gifted to those who struggle to stay in school. There are 
students with disabilities, students from inner cities, rural areas and 
suburban areas. There are students from all ethnic backgrounds and from 
all economic situations that are served by Close Up's efforts. Congress 
has appropriately recognized the importance of Close Up Foundation's 
work with students from virtually every background imaginable.
  The uniqueness of Close Up is that it takes all of these students and 
puts them together for a week of learning. What results are strangers 
becoming best friends, young people breaking down stereotypes, and all 
of them learning the important lesson that as different as we all are, 
we all share the common bond of American citizenship and the 
responsibility for ensuring its continued greatness.
  Mr. President, I want to congratulate Steve Janger, all of the other 
Oklahomans, and the thousands of people who have been associated with 
Close Up for the past 25 years. I wish them great success as they begin 
their work for another 25 years.