[Congressional Record Volume 142, Number 76 (Wednesday, May 29, 1996)]
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                              VALLE, INC.


                         HON. SOLOMON P. ORTIZ

                                of texas

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, May 29, 1996

  Mr. ORTIZ. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend and pay tribute to 
Enriqueta ``Queta'' Jimenez, selected as La Gran Amiga by a local 
organization in my district, Amigos del Valle, Inc.
  Queta Jimenez, ``La Prieta Linda'', was born in Salamanca, 
Guanajuato, Mexico. As a child her dream was to become a great singer. 
She went on to become one of Mexico's greatest artists in the fields of 
music and film.
  At the age of 14, she made her debut at the Mariscala Theater. For 
her, this was the most important day of her career. Soon she began to 
appear daily at Garibaldi or the Plaza De Los Mariachis. It was here 
that she met Silvestre Vargas, director of the grand Mariachi Vargas, 
who gave her the first opportunity to sing with a musical group.
  During this time she arranged her radio and television debut on 
Mexico's most popular stations, XEQ and XEW. A year later, while 
working in XEW, she succeeded in having her first radio and TV program. 
It is here that she met Lola Beltran, who not only became her best 
friend, but helped her make her first record. Her recordings rose to 
the top of the charts, and she became one of Mexico's most popular 
  Today, she has recorded 40 albums, starred in 58 Mexican and United 
States films, and performed in 60 different countries. She has also 
given private performances for President John F. Kennedy, Prince Felipe 
of Spain, French Prime Minister Charles deGaulle, President Lyndon B. 
Johnson, and numerous Mexican Presidents. Though all her memories are 
fond, her two most cherished performances took place at the 
Metropolitan Opera House in New York City and the Hollywood Bowl in Los 
  Through her hard work, she has become one of Mexico's most popular 
television personalities, starring in both dramatic and musical 
performances. In 1981, she hosted her own television special in 
Hollywood on the ABC network, titled ``The International Show of La 
Prieta Linda.'' which was made for the Mexican-American population in 
the United States.
  ``La Prieta Linda's'' success as an artist is recognized through the 
numerous awards bestowed on her in Mexico and abroad, including: 
Mexico's top singer of ``Cancion Ranchera,'' three gold records in 
Hollywood, two Golden Globes for greatest performer of Latin music, 
three Aztec calendars which signify Mexico's singer of the year, and 
the Artist of the Year Award from Colombia.
  Queta Jimenez ``La Prieta Linda'' has not only achieved her childhood 
dream of becoming a renowned artist, but has fulfilled her personal 
dreams of having a family. She is married to Paul Vieyra, a journalist 
with the Excelsior, the newspaper of Mexico City, and has three 
daughters whom she loves very much.
  I would like to join Los Amigos del Valle, Inc. in recognizing Mrs. 
Enriqueta ``Queta'' Jimenez ``La Prieta Linda.'' She has brought much 
artistic enjoyment to south Texas through her influence in attracting 
other world-renowned Mexican entertainers such as Mr. Lalo Gonzalez 
``Piporro,'' Mrs. Maria Victoria, Mrs. Lucha Moreno, Mr. Jose Juan, the 
unforgettable and beloved Mr. David Reynoso ``El Mayor,'' and Mrs. Lola 
Beltran ``Lola La Grande.''
  I ask my colleagues to join me in extending congratulations to 
Enriqueta ``Queta'' Jimenez for being honored with the special